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6 Categories of Students you will See in a Medical School

For many reasons, Medicine and Surgery is a one-in-a-million course. Because of the peculiar nature of the course, you find different categories of students in a typical medical school. These are students who adopt different attitudes and behavioral dispositions to guarantee their survival in the school. So do join me in this article as we take a look at these students and their signature behaviors.

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Of course, this article is for aspirants seeking admission into the college medicine and surgery. My intention is to make you aware of the different characters and attitudinal dispositions you will encounter in any medical school. So that when you meet them, none of their actions will come as a surprise to you.

Okay. Let’s get into it…

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6 Categories of Students you will See in a Medical School

Here is a comprehensive list of the types of students you will encounter in a typical medical school.

1. The Geniuses

This category of students display super human ability. They read Guyton, Ganong, Robbins once and they do not forget a single thing. These are people that you can safely say that their brains are specially wired for the course Medicine and Surgery. They have robust reading stamina and a rare ability to retain larger volumes of information. Of course, they top the class in every course assessment and MBBS exams. Usually, they are not chronic readers but their study schedule for a short time is bulky.

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2. The Bookworms

This category of students read from dusk to dawn. Mehn… these type of guys read consistently. Every time you go to the school library, you are sure to find them reading. With any little break in lectures, they devour their books like there’s no tomorrow. Yet, their study desk at home is not void of their presence.

They carry their big textbooks around and don’t have time for socializing. In fact, frivolity is their arch enemy. All that they care about is their lectures and their books. Sometimes, they get to the point of forgetting or neglecting the basic things of life like dressing fine, eating well and exercising.

3. The religious

They are the executives in their respective fellowships. For them, God is the giver of academic success. You gain nothing by bagging an MBBS certificate at the expense of your soul. So they cease every lecture free period to preach and win souls for Christ.

Whether or not they have assessments the next day, they do not miss their fellowship meetings. Interestingly, they feel a sense of pity and concern for others who are not like them. They perceive them as unsaved and would do their bit to bring them salvation. So don’t feel embarrassed when they keep coming to preach to you or invite you to their fellowship meetings.

4. The Lecturers’ Kids

For your own good, try to get close to these ones. They are always up to date with useful information about the career you all are pursuing.

Interestingly, they hardly fail although they don’t have leaked question papers. They just know how to navigate through the stormy sea of medical school ‘wahala’. They know the right texts to read, have the right links and always obtain favor from the colleagues of their parents.

5. The Revelers

This guys are very ‘dangerous’. They are frivolous, flirtatious and brilliant. Imagine such crazy combination!

They have info about the next party and social functions. And they don’t miss any. They use most of their spare time to gist about past and coming social events. If you need current celebrity gist, just reach out to them.

Shockingly, these guys don’t fail any exam in the medical school. Somehow or the other, they always scale through though they may not be the best.

6. The Selfish

These are the ones that hoard past questions and other learning materials. They keep useful information to themselves. They sincerely desire to be the best but go about it via the wrong route.

In these selfish guys, you find the awkward belief that by holding back materials, ideas and information, you will outclass others.

Some of these people incur hatred for themselves in the college. Once their character has become known, people treat them with levity.

The selfish ones do not know that true success is achieved through teamwork and healthy competition.

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