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Share Your 2020 JAMB Score, Prospective Course, Let me Guide You

Since the release of JAMB 2020 UTME results, many candidates who have checked their results have been calling and asking questions on the possibility of gaining admission into their desired course given their UTME scores and what should be their next line of action. I want to handle all that here so that candidates can benefit both from the answers given to their question(s) and those given to other candidates’ questions.

Here, you will get to know your chances of securing admission and whether or not you need a change of course and institution (Please note that change of course/institution for 2020 has not started. We will inform you when it starts). If you are yet to check your result, please see instructions on How to CHECK 2020 UTME Results Here.

Share Your 2019 JAMB Score, Course & School, Let's Guide You

In your question, indicate your genuine JAMB score and your prospective course, among other concerns you may have, and will respond to you accordingly giving you guides based verified information like stipulated admission guidelines and requirements of the school.

Meanwhile, your favorite SURE SUCCESS UNN Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers is now available in our various distribution outlets. To find the SureSuccess distribution outlet very close to you, please visit this link.

Please note that you comments are approved before they show up.


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About Henry Divine

HENRY DIVINE is a dynamic young man with a vision and passion to affect his generation, especially the youth. He is an author, a psychologist, a blogger and the Initiator/Coordinator of The Sure Success Project.

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  1. Chinemerem Juliet

    Asking for my younger sis, she scored 190. From cross river state. Aspiring for med lab, pls sir what is her chances of gaining admission

    • The truth is that, for now, we don’t know what the 2020 JAMB cutoff mark for UNN would be. If it happens to be below 190, then your sister would be given the opportunity to partake in the screening exercise. The implication is that her admission chances would depend largely on her performance in the Post UTME.

      If the poor UTME score of 190 is a pointer to her level of intelligence, then I suggest a change of course and/or institution.

  2. sir, i scored 222 in jamb 2020, and i want to study medicine surgery, in UI, is my admission secure, can i go further for the post utme form when is out, pls i really need a great answer form you, because i really love this course with all my heart and really want to study it, if yes, i thank God, if No sir, tell me the course that is really close to this course have choosen,sir i dont want any thing Nutrition to study. pls sir you can reply to my email to make it private to me ,

  3. Favour Chinemerem Ekuruekwe

    score :196
    school :university of Benin (uniBen)
    which school and course do you advice me to change to am really confused…I need help please

    • 196 is not a good UTME score for a course like nursing. I will advise you to change both your institution and course. Change to a state school and find a course that is less competitive. You might still be able to gain admission this year.

  4. Pls Sir
    I scored 191 in UTME examination
    Is there any chance for me tobsit for UNN post UTME
    My prospective course is medicine and surgery
    I need advice please

    • The truth is that you may not have qualified for the post utme. The JAMB cut-off mark for UNN is likely to be 200 as usual.

      But even if it is, say, 180, there is nothing you can score to get you medicine and surgery on merit. A utme score of 191 is too poor for an aspirant of medicine in UNN.

      In order to increase your chances of getting admission, you must change something – the course or the institution or both.

      Best wishes.

  5. Score: 285
    Course : Radiography
    Advise please!

    • Courses in the health science and tech faculty are quite competitive but you made a good start with 285 in JAMB. With more effort in UNN post-utme, you will get a high aggregate that may give you admission.

      UNN merit cut-off mark for radiography last year was 292. This year’s may not be too different from that. So you can still make it if you work harder.

      • Ijeoma Deborah Mmerichukwu

        Score: 240
        Course: Medicine and Surgery. I know my chances of getting this course is a fifty fifty kind of thing. Please sir I need your advice.

        • If you score 400/400 in post utme, your aggregate would be 320.

          UNN merit cut off mark for medicine and surgery was 327 in 2018, 323 in 2019 and this year’s is likely to be around that or even higher.

          As far as merit admission is concerned, your admission chances into medicine and surgery is less than 50%. That’s the reality considering your jamb score. But don’t relent. Keep working hard, it’s not over till you win.

    • Pls Sir
      I scored 191 in my UTME
      Is there any chance for me to sit for the UNN post UTME examination to study medicine and surgery
      I need advice pls Sir

      • The truth is that you may not have qualified for the post utme. The JAMB cut-off mark for UNN is likely to be 200 as usual.

        But even if it is, say, 180, there is nothing you can score to get you medicine and surgery on merit. A utme score of 191 is too poor for an aspirant of medicine in UNN.

        In order to increase your chances of getting admission, you must change something – the course or the institution or both.

        Best wishes.

  6. Hello sir
    Enquiry about shopping

    • You can go ahead with your inquiry.

      • Sir, I wanted to be get something straight based on the supplementry issues because many people are saying different things, if I’m to shop into another course and it happens that they school as well decided to admit back to my dream course, will it still be possible since I have shopped into another course .

        Secondly, I have an aggregate of 248
        From Delta State
        Aspiring for pharmacy
        Do I stand any chance on the supplementry list ?

        If I’m to shop, advice me on which course to shop into .
        Thank you sir

        • If you did not see your name on the primary admission list, it means that you did not merit the course you applied for. Ordinarily, there is nothing that would make the school ‘decide’ to admit you later into the same course. That doesn’t not happen ordinarily. Sometimes, an addendum to a merit list may be released, but it’s still the merit list. If you did not reach the cut-off mark for the course in question, your name will still not be there.

          Actually, if you are not admitted in the primary list, the school advises you to shop into any of the advertised courses with shortfalls. That increases your chances of getting admitted in the supplementary admission lists.

          Now to your second question,
          You can shop into any course you fancy in the biological sciences with cut-off mark below 248.

  7. Good evening i got 190 and went for fine and applied art what are my chances of getting Addimission

    • Although Fine & Applied Arts is not very competitive in UNN, you need to work harder towards your post-UTME in order to stand a good chance.

  8. Sir I scored 292 in jamb with the hope of being a medical student(med surg)
    is it possible?

  9. Pls sir. I got 240 in jamb and i applied for biochemistry, what are my chances sir.
    And my sister got 246 and she applied for medical rehabilitation, pls any advice sir. And i am from anambra. Thank you sir

  10. Ifeanyi Victor chibueze

    Hello Sir. I scored 247 in jamb and I’m going for radiography, what are my chances?

  11. Sir I scored 215 in jamb and I registered for med lab should I change my course

    • Post-UTME registration has already started. It is not advisable to tamper with your course now.

      Register and write the post utme for med lab.

  12. my score is 193 and i put med lab,pls sir what will be my minimum score in screening to be admitted in unn

    • With 193 in JAMB, getting merit admission into Medical Lab Science is almost impossible. You should have changed the course.

  13. pls sir I got 254 in jamb am applying for Electronics Engineering in UNN. Please what are my chances of getting admitted. Am from Enugu state.

  14. sir I scored 216 in my jamb, and I am going for business management in UNN…. pls do I have chances

  15. pls sir can i register the post jamb test with my o level statement of result or the result sheet. they told,i mean the principal of the school i took the exam said the authentic cert is not yet out. so do i have your ‘go ahead’ sir?

  16. Umeghalu godspower

    Sir I score 233 in jamb
    can study pharmacy unn

  17. God day Sir..
    Sir, I scored 202 in Jamb and I initially applied Nursing, but I already did a change of course-I applied Nutrition and Dietetics..Sir, do I still stand a chance of gaining admission if I score above 200 in the upcoming UTME screening.???

    • You shouldn’t just aim at scoring above 200, that is akin to having no target.

      Set a target for yourself and make it real high.

  18. Good day Sir,
    Is post UTME form out?
    i scored 244 in UTME and I want to study med/surg. I am from Enugu state. What do I have to score in PUTME to gain admission into UNN?

    • Thanks for writing in @Nelson.

      UNN Post-UTME form has not been released.

      If you score 370+ in your post utme, it might secure for you admission into the college of medicine.

  19. Johnson Chibuzo

    Good day Sir. I scored 208 in this year’s jamb and I’d like to study Medical rehabilitation at UNN. I’m from Anambra state. Do you think I stand any chance of gaining admission? And please do you know when registration for post utme is scheduled to take place? Thank you.

    • Medical Rehabilitation is a health science course and very competitive in UNN. With a UTME score of 208, you are not likely to score something that would give you merit admission in UNN (you may need to score as much as 350+). Do you think you can?

      If you don’t, then go for change of course.

      The details of 2019 UNN post utme form, registration and exam dates/schedule are not yet out. Once they are released, we will let you know on this website.

  20. I scored 272 in my jamb score. Pls henry, wat is d minimum score I need 2 obtain in order 2 b admitted on merit list. Course – medicine and surgery. Pls I need urgent answer. And pls ur post utme past question, is it truly d past question or a formed 1. Besides, am from anambra state. Thanks.

  21. Emmanuel John oko

    Good evening sir. My genuine jamb score is 277, I applied for med/surg and I’m from ebonyi state. I’m a little worried about my o level. I wrote neco this year awaiting it’s release so I can use it for screening test. will they wait for those who wrote neco to upload their result or will they forget about them and consider those who wrote waec?

    • Your UTME score is very good and promising. You need to let go of the worry and focus on also performing excellently in your post-utme in order to be able to secure merit admission into medicine.

      The school is aware that 2019 NECO candidates are also seeking admission. So, as soon as your NECO result is released, you do the uploading.

      Good luck.

  22. Pls is it allowed to change to another course after writing the post UTME and the release of merit cut off.
    To any department u have the right subject combination and as well have the aggregate merit cut off???

  23. Unekwuojoprecious

    I scored 205 in jamb & am aspiring to b an architect in unn wat is my stand?

  24. I scored 280 in jamb aspiring for med surge which is competitive usually cutting 325+ on Merit, so, I want to switch to pharmacy, pls consider and reply let me know whether to proceed.

    • Hello, thanks for writing in.

      Yes, medicine and surgery is very competitive but you need to appreciate the fact that the college doesn’t usually cut 325+ as you alleged. In recent years, UNN has cut 307 and even below for medicine and surgery. It all depends on the general performance of the candidates in the year in question.

      Your JAMB score is very good and many candidates in your shoes will see every reason to continue pursuing their dream course. But you may be different. If your heart is telling you to change to pharmacy, then follow your heart. After all, you are the one that will sit for the post-utme screening exam and only you know your mental capacity and how much you have been preparing.

      Best wishes.

  25. I scored 236 in jamb is there any chance of admission in unn for accounting

  26. Hello sir
    am kelechi from enugu but i live in abuja.I got 211 in jamb and appling for civil engr..pls sir wat are my chances

  27. Sir I scored 229 aspiring to study theater and film studies please sir wanna know ma chances of been admitted on the Merit list

  28. Please sir Henry…
    I scored 229 in jamb aspiring to study theater and film studies .. please I wanna know my chances of been admitted on Dee merit list…..
    Please sir waiting for ya respond

  29. pls sir henry,i got 260 in jamb going for english and literary studies.what’s my chance of being admitted on merit sir and how much effort do i need to put in? nchekwube from awka,anambra state

  30. Sir what of score of 249
    Anambra state

    • Pharmacy is very competitive in UNN and as a result, the cutoff mark is always one of the highest every year. You can still make it to Pharmacy with a UTME score of 249 but it’s not going to be easy. You would need a post utme score of well above 300 to stand a chance.

  31. my name is blessing, from anambra state,my registered course is estate management and my subject combination is English,maths,govt and economics.and my score is 209.
    pls what course will I change to because estate management requires a science subject,or should I continue with my preferred course?thanks

    • You shouldn’t continue with your preferred course since your UTME subject combination is wrong.
      Change to any course under the faculty of Business Administration and try hard to make up for your poor JAMB performance. You may be admitted if you do well.

      • Hello sir I got 230 for accounting I hope I’m good to go??
        My subject combination is English, Economics, Maths and fin.acct but I’ll like to switch accounts for commerce in my post utme can I do that or will I take the same subject I wrote in jamb.

        • Your UTME subject combination is ok.
          You will be tested on the same subjects in your UNN post utme. There is no provision for change of subjects.

          If you put in more efforts in your post utme, you can be admitted into Accounting on merit.

  32. Hi sir
    Am from anambra state, i scored 191 in my jamb going for zoology z dere any chance of gaining d admission…
    Was aspiring fr medicine but seeing d score i had to change to zoology…
    Am also passing through some hard times now in d area of reading concerning dis post UTME.. i dnt understand wat is happening.

    • As you already acknowledged, your JAMB score is very low. If UNN happens to reduce this year’s JAMB cut-off mark, to say 180, you will stand a chance to at least partake in the post-utme screening examination.

      If that happens, it will be disappointing to say you are “passing through some hard times now in d area of reading concerning dis post UTME” and then perform poorly. You will have one extra year to grapple with at home.

      So motivate yourself and start reading. Get the SureSuccess in UNN Post-UTME, read through the SUCCESS QUOTES, get motivated and read and read and read…

      Good luck.

  33. unachukwu precious

    i scored 235 in my utme and am from imo state. Do i have any chance of getting admission in my dreamt school unn with competitive course med/surg.? And can i be admitted both merit or 2nd list

    • Reasons why you need to change your course:

      1. Medicine and surgery is very competitive.
      2. Your jamb score is low.
      3. You are from Imo state.

  34. Pls sir, i got 228 in JAMB..can i get nutrition and dietetics? i’m 4rm Anambra state

  35. James Benjamin kelechi

    Good day sir Henry i got 211 in utme and am appling for civil engineering,pls sir is the course competitive and do i have a chance?
    I’ve gotten my own sure success pq and my highest so far is 12/15 in english bt i havent entered others.
    Am from Enugu isi uzo to be precise bt i live in Abuja

    • Yes, civil engineering is competitive and a UTME score of 211 is not very good.
      If you can perform much better in your post-utme, then you may still stand a chance.

  36. please boss I scored 229 in jamb aspiring to study theater film studies what de Chance of me been admitted…….

    • The chance is 50%.

      • I had a score of 287 in the utme exams. From anambra state. Applied for medicine and surgery.
        Please I am aware a lot of candidates scored higher. What do I need to aim for in the post utme to stand a chance?
        Also is my state in the cashment area for unn

        • UNN is a federal university and as such “all” the states of the federation are within her catchment but you need to appreciate the fact that there are different levels of catchment.

          Concerning what do you need to aim for in the post utme to stand a chance, let your aim be to give it your very best.

  37. I scored 211 with a subject combination of English,Chen,phy,biology. I applied for medical radiography and am from Enugu State
    What’s my tendency of being admitted

    • I think you need to change your course.

      • Hello. My name is Emmanuella and i am delta state. i scored 306 in jamb and i am going for medicine and surgery. So i want to ask what should i score in post utme to guarantee 100% admission?

        • Hello Emmanuella, I must congratulate you on your wonderful JAMB score. It’s obviously one of the best scores as far as 2019 UTME is concerned.

          Your question about what you should score in post utme to guarantee 100% admission is a difficult one seeing that the PUTME has not been written and that departmental cut-off marks would depend on general performance.

          So the best advice is that you work even harder and give it the best that you can. If you can score up to 340 – 350, you might have 100% guarantee.

  38. I scored 211,I applied for medical radiography with a course combination of English,chemistry, physics and biology, am from Enugu State what’s you advice Pls

  39. Uchechi Abraham

    Gudevenig sir Henry, I score 211 in my jamb is their any chance of me getting admission and I apply for accounting in unn

    • You can still make it to accountancy department if you work real hard. But if you are not sure of yourself, you are advised to change the course.

  40. Good day sir.
    I had 217 in Jamb and I don’t know if there is possible to study Human Anatomy.
    With a subject combination of:Eng, phy, Chem and Bio.

  41. I scored 221 in my jamb and I applied for education and chemistry……. Is there any hope???

  42. Uchechi Abraham

    I score 211 in my utme and I apply for accounting. Please what is my chance of getting admission am from Abia state

  43. Chigbundu prosper

    Good day Mr Henry divine thanks for this platform.
    I scored 218 in jamb and applied for computer science in UNN. Is that good enough.

  44. Sir,good day.
    am new here.

    I scored 266 in jamb and aspiring for law,what chance do I have?

  45. Good day sir
    Am Kingsley from enugu
    I scored 263
    Pharmacy… what’s my stand sir

    • Your jamb score is not bad at all. You really tried. But bear in mind that Pharmacy is one of the most competitive courses in UNN (in most years, it’s second only to Medicine & Surgery). So work even harder to perform well enough in your post utme to gain admission on the primary list.

      • what of 249
        Anambra state

        • Pharmacy is very competitive in UNN and as a result, the cutoff mark is always one of the highest every year. You can still make it to Pharmacy with a UTME score of 249 but it’s not going to be easy. You would need a post utme score of well above 300 to stand a chance.

  46. Emmanuel Excel

    I scored 213,is there any chance of getting pharmacy in UNN?

    • If you are talking about getting Pharmacy on merit with that JAMB score, the chance is very slim. In fact, you may need to change the course.

  47. pls sir i got 207 in my utme and i applied for radiography, pls what’s my chance of getting admitted

  48. Ochasi chiduziem

    Good day sir
    I got 222 and I want to study anatomy in unn what are my chances of gaining admission into the schooo

    • Your UTME score is not very impressive but you can gain admission if you put in more effort. Anatomy is not too competitive.

  49. Greetings sir
    I scored 208 in my jamb and I applied for nursing science. Is there any hope for me if I score up to 300 in my post utme?

    • If you score 300, your average would still be less than 260 which is unlikely to be Nursing Cut-off Mark.
      So work harder or change to a less competitive course.

  50. Vincentdechris

    I scored 240and I applied for Architecture and am from enugu, what’s my chances.sir.

  51. Gudday Sir……. with a score of 253 and subject combination of chemistry, biology and geography what are my chances of getting admitted to study geology

  52. I got 248 in jamb and I am aspiring for med/surg in unn

    • You really tried Gloria but the course you are going for is a very competitive one. You may need to take your time to really consider your chances. ASSUMING that the 2019 departmental cut-off mark for Medicine happens to be 315, would you be able to score as high as 382 in your putme in order to get in? While that is not totally impossible, it will not be easy.

  53. Hello sir !I scored 222 going for nursing science.Am from Enugu state

    • I don’t know your intellectual capacity but getting a post-utme score that is high enough to give you nursing science on merit with a JAMB score of 222 wouldn’t just be easy.

      So you decide if you can. If you think you can’t, please change your course.

  54. i got 228 in my jamb can i get biochemistry in unn

  55. Thank you for being a blessing, Mr. Henry, I scored 198 I applied for economic , am from nnsukka, and here is my case my waec result is tourism, civic education, math, economic, English,,, my jamb subject was English, math government, economic, which gave me aggregate 198 please any profit in this few lege? Look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi..

      I scored 191and want to go for d course medicine but after my jamb i had to change my course to Zoology fr unn… Please is there any chances of me getting this course zoology wit hope dat i can switch to medicine later run

      • Please read through my former response.

        If you eventually gain the admission, we can start discussing how to switch to medicine.

  56. Thank you for being a blessing, Mr. Henry, I scored 198 I applied for economic , am from nnsukka, and here is my case my waec result is tourism, civic education, math, economic, English,,, my jamb subject was English, math government, economic, which gave me aggregate 198 please any profit in this few lege? Look forward to hearing from you

    • @Emmanuel, just pray that UNN cuts below 200 this year. Otherwise, you would have to change your institution.

  57. I got 249 in jamb
    Aspiring for pharmacy
    From Delta
    what’s my chance sir??

    • Your score is good. Your state of origin is also an added advantage. But don’t relent in your studies.
      Good luck.

  58. Gudday sir.I scored 231 in jamb,I applied for accountancy in UNN.I’m from Anambra state what are my chances of gaining admission

    • Can you target scoring 290 – 300 in your UNN post UTME? If you can, that would just make everything beautiful.

  59. Please I Got 208 in utme is their any chance of admission in unn

    • Since you scored 208 and the UNN JAMB cut-off mark is never above 200, you’ve got a chance. But it now depends on the course you applied for.

  60. I scored 226 and applied for med lab, do i have any chance of gaining admission? I’m from Anambra state

    • Yes, you do have a chance though a bit slim (i.e. talking about merit admission).

      If you want to guarantee your admission this year, every other thing being equal, I advise you to change the course. Move away from health science faculty to biological sciences. And then work very hard towards your post utme screening examination.

  61. Good day sir!
    I scored 247. Applied for philosophy in our most prestigious UNN. I am from Enugu State, Nsukka precisely.
    Please sir, look into my case.
    1. Am I good to go?
    2. I did sciences, UNN accepts any 3 subjects in Utme
    Hope they will also accept any 5 credit passes
    Thanks sir!



    • As the years go by, Education courses are becoming more and more competitive though they cannot be compared to some of the most competitive courses like Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy and Law.

      You can still make it with 215.

  63. I scored 231 going for Radiography from Enugu

  64. I score 235 aspiring for pharmacy
    From adamawa state

    • Adamawa is an ELDS. On that basis, you’ve got a chance.

      But work even harder, in spite of that.

    • Sir please can I do my putme registration even without my O’level result and first school leaving certificate.when I get them later,I’ll upload them

      • @Daniel. WAEC result is out already. Check yours and use it for your post utme registration. Find a document (may be, an affidavit) to cover your first school leaving certificate.

  65. 253- any hope for radiography in Unn? From enugu

    • Yes, there is hope for Medical Radiography in UNN but you need to work harder to perform high enough in your UNN Post UTME exam to guarantee your admission.

  66. My brother scored 271 going for medsurg from Abia State. he needs advice

  67. Eze Arinzechukwu

    Had 292 as my genuine jamb score aspiring for medicine and surgery. I am very optimistic but I am open to advice and suggestions from you Mr. Henry Divine.

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