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36 Useful Advice to the Newly Admitted Students on Campus

36 Useful Advice to the Newly Admitted Students on Campus. This post is very important and we advise every newly admitted student, regardless of the University, Polytechnic or College of Education, to take the advice seriously and apply them for a journey of no-regrets on campus. You will learn what to do as a fresher in university. It will also help you to avoid common mistakes freshers make on campus.

Newly Admitted Students on Campus

Let’s go.

36 Useful Advice to the Newly Admitted Students on Campus

1. You may not have been given your dream course but you can and you should dream in your given course. There are very wealthy and extremely successful people today who passed through the same department you are in right now. So always bear in mind that it is not about the course but about you.

2. As a newly admitted student, don’t go around with the mentality that you already know your way around the social and academic life on campus. Admit that you need help and accept help when necessary. Your journey through school will be made easier and smoother if you get the necessary help from those who started the journey before you.

3. Don’t learn through trial and error. It can cost you a lot. Ask questions about the school and the course you got admitted into.

4. Have a vision for yourself and endeavor to break your vision down into simple and attainable goals and targets.

5. Always exude self-confidence. Don’t look down on yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can attain your goals.

6. Be determined to be the best in all your courses, the best in your class.

7. Identify your weaknesses early and begin to work really hard on yourself.

8. Avoid people who have the same weaknesses with you.

9. Do not be in a haste to make friends. As a newly admitted student, you need to understand that your friends can make or mar you. The type of friends you hang out with will ultimately determine the outcome of your stay in school. So, choose your friends wisely, always bearing your visions and goals in mind.

10. Don’t be a people ‘pleaser’. If you live your life trying to please everyone, you will end up frustrated.

11. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t pass any course. Give no room to negative energy.

12. It is very possible to be on first class and graduate with first class. Don’t be deceived or discouraged by senior students whose first class ambitions failed.

13. Have the mindset that first class is easy to make and that you can achieve it.

14. Be consistent in your study. Consistency establishes proficiency. Don’t let any day pass without you studying your courses. Have a good reading habit. Don’t just study to pass exams, study to understand the concepts and how they apply in real life situations.

15. Prepare a realistic reading time-table and follow it religiously.

16. Look for a mentor. This is very important.

17. Don’t gossip lecturers. You should be too busy for that.

18. Don’t give up on hard work. It surely pays.

19. It is too early to start a relationship. Give it some time.

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20. As much as it lies within you, avoid distractions from the opposite sex. Stay focused.

21. Don’t wait for the exam dates and time table to be released before you start studying. Start early and remain consistent to the end.

22. Don’t be too addicted to social networks. Learn the discipline of turning off your data and getting more useful things done.

23. Learn something new every day. Develop your mind. Improve your brain capacity on a daily basis.

24. Don’t miss classes. Regardless of the course, lecturer or lecture venue, always endeavor to attend classes.

25. Do your best to participate actively in class. Listen actively, think critically, ask questions whenever you need to and always attempt to answer questions. Learn to also take down notes by yourself. Aim to understand.

26. Do your best to balance your academics with your spiritual activities. The basic reason why you are in school is academics. You need wisdom here.

27. Focus your time and energy on things that would bring you closer to your visions and goals. Anything outside of that should be seen as distraction.

28. School can be very tasking. There will be so much to cover in so little time. Learn how to manage time.

29. Older/senior students can be a source of distraction, especially if you live in the school hostel. Do your best to avoid such distractions. If you haven’t decided whether or not to live in the school hostel accommodation, read this post, “Reasons To Stay In School Hostel And Disadvantages Of Nigerian Universities Hostel.”

30. Be self disciplined.

31. The fact that your parents are no longer there doesn’t mean you should begin to misbehave. Always remember who and whose you are and live in conformity to that.

32. Do not disappoint your parents, be a good value for their money. The same goes for God, do not disappoint your creator, be His ambassador on campus. And then for yourself, do not disappoint you. Be that man or woman of your dream.

33. Do not begin now to experiment with sex. Don’t hang around with the opposite sex in ungodly hours and places.

34. In all these things, know that you are responsible for your success or failure. If you fail, you and you alone are to blame.

35. Find ways to encourage yourself whenever you feel down, weak or frustrated. Buy and read motivational/inspirational self-help books.

36. Always visit SureSuccess.Ng for updates.

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Wishing you the best of luck.

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