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Is Maths Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB

This post is about the JAMB Subject Combination for Political Science. Here, I’m going to answer the question, “Is Maths Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB?” I will also give you very important information about Political Science as a course in Nigeria so that you don’t make avoidable mistakes. Tag along with me on this…

is maths compulsory for political science in jamb

Political Science as a Course in Nigeria

Before I answer the question, “Is Maths Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB?” let me take some time to enlighten you on what the course is all about.

Political science course in Nigeria typically focuses on the study of politics, government and governance. It is a social science that examines how governments function, how political systems are structured and how power and authority are distributed in societies.

In Nigeria, Political Science is a popular academic discipline and is offered as a course of study in universities and other tertiary institutions across the country.

The course encompasses a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Political systems,
  • Institutions,
  • Political Economy,
  • Political culture,
  • Comparative Politics,
  • Public Policy Analysis,
  • Political Theories,
  • Research Methods in Political Science,
  • International relations.

Just for your information, I will briefly explain what each of the above broad topics is all about and what you would learn from them.

Nigerian Political System

Under the Nigerian political System, you would study the Nigerian constitution and the structure of government. You will also learn the roles and powers of different branches of government; political parties, elections and the political history of Nigeria.

Nigerian Political Institutions

This would involve the study of key political institutions in Nigeria, such as the presidency, the National Assembly, the judiciary, and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). You will also learn about the functions, powers and interactions of these institutions in the Nigerian political system.

Nigerian Political Economy

This topic would involve the study of the economic policies and systems in Nigeria. It would also include the study of issues related to economic development, resource management, trade policies and the role of government in the economy. Students would also examine the relationship between politics and the economy in Nigeria, including issues such as corruption, inequality and social welfare.

Nigerian Political Culture

Under the Nigerian Political Culture, you would learn the beliefs, values and attitudes of Nigerians towards politics. Of course, that would include topics such as ethnicity, religion, gender and identity politics. You would also explore the role of culture in shaping political behavior and outcomes in Nigeria.

Comparative Politics

As the name suggests, comparative politics involves the comparative analysis of political systems, institutions and processes in Nigeria with those of other countries or regions. You would learn to critically analyze and compare the political dynamics of Nigeria with other countries in Africa and beyond. You would also have to draw critical lessons from these comparisons.

Public Policy Analysis

Under this topic, you would study the process of policy making in Nigeria. You will also learn how to formulate, implement and evaluate public policies. You would learn about policy issues in Nigeria, such as education, healthcare, security and infrastructure; as well as analyze the challenges and opportunities in policy making.

Political Theory

Political Theory involves the study of political ideologies, theories and concepts that shape political thought and practice in Nigeria. You would learn about classical and contemporary political theories such as liberalism, socialism, feminism and democracy. You will also be taught their relevance to the Nigerian context.

International Relations

This topic covers the study of foreign policy, international organizations, global governance and diplomatic relations. It enables students to understand Nigeria’s interactions with other countries and international organizations, as well as the dynamics of international politics and diplomacy.

Research Methods in Political Science

This topic would normally come up towards final year. It involves the study of research methods and techniques used in political science. Of course, that includes qualitative and quantitative methods, data collection and analysis and research design. You would also learn how to conduct research on political issues in Nigeria and critically evaluate existing research.

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Subject Needed for Political Science in JAMB

Best Art Courses in Nigeria: Political Science

Of course, you already know that JAMB is the examination body that conducts UTME exams in Nigeria. Success in UTME exam qualifies candidates for admission into various courses in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

In the UTME examination, JAMB tests candidates on four subjects. One of these four subjects must be English Language.

So every JAMB candidate is tested on the Use of English no matter their prospective course. It means that Use of English is compulsory for all JAMBites.

For every candidate, the remaining three subjects would depend on their prospective course. A detailed guide for selecting these three subjects is contained in the JAMB Brochure for all institutions.

According to JAMB Brochure, the main subjects for Political Science are Use of English and Government. Actually, those two are compulsory JAMB subjects for any candidate who wishes to gain admission into Political Science. The candidate can choose the remaining two subjects from the social sciences or arts subjects. I believe that this already answers the question, “Is Maths Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB?” but continue to the next section for a more straightforward answer.

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Is Maths Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB

NO, Maths is not a compulsory subject for political science in JAMB. So JAMB candidates aspiring to gain admission to study Political Science do not need to write Mathematics in their UTME.

Political Science is one of the courses under the Social Science faculty. Since Math is not a Social Science subject, it should not be part of the UTME subject combination for a Political Science aspirant.

This information would bring relief to candidates who desire to study Political Science but are afraid of Mathematics.

Is Literature Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB

Literature is not a compulsory subject for Political Science in JAMB. The actual compulsory subjects for Political Science in JAMB are English and Government.

However, since Literature is an Art subject, a candidate may choose to include it in his or her JAMB subject combination for Political Science.

So although Literature is not a compulsory subject for Political Science in JAMB, it qualifies as one of the Art subjects you can use to complete your four UTME subjects.

You can have your JAMB subject combination for Political Science as follows:

  • Use of English
  • Government
  • Literature and one other arts or social science subject.

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Is Economics Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB

This is one question that many Political Science aspirants ask when it comes to the correct subject combination for Political Science. Many actually believe that Economics is a compulsory subject for Political Science in JAMB but it is not.

Economics is not a compulsory subject for Political Science in JAMB, the only compulsory subjects being English and Government. However, it is one of the many Social Science subjects that a Political Science aspirant can choose from to make up their four JAMB subjects.

So you will not be wrong if you choose the following four UTME subjects as a Political Science aspirant:

  • Use of English
  • Government
  • Literature
  • Economics

The Best Subject Combination for Political Science in JAMB

The best subject combination for Political Science in JAMB is:

  • Use of English
  • Government
  • Economics

However, you must note that the last two subjects are completely optional. Once you have filled English and Government, you are free to choose the remaining two from all the subjects under Arts or Social Sciences.

Conclusion: Is Maths Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB?

Here is where we come to the end of this article trusting that it is very helpful. If you are an aspirant of Political Science preparing to register for JAMB, you must endeavor to register the right subjects. Otherwise, you will jeopardize your chances of gaining the admission you desire.

I focused on the JAMB subject requirements of Political Science in this article and tried to answer the question, “Is Maths Compulsory for Political Science in JAMB?” But you must realize that it is also very important that you Credit the necessary O’level subjects in your SSCE.

If you have questions or just wish to share your thoughts with me on this subject, use the comments section below.

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