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The Life Changer JAMB Novel 2024 PDF Download + Summary

This Article is about JAMB Novel 2024. Consequently, it would cover everything about The Life Changer JAMB Novel. So you will get The Life Changer JAMB Novel Summary; Questions and Answers on the Life Changer JAMB Novel and The Life Changer JAMB Novel Audio. I will also tell you who are the characters in the life changer JAMB Novel.

The Life Changer JAMB Novel by Khadija Abubakar Jali

In line with the scope of this article, I will be helping you to answer all your questions concerning JAMB’s novel for Use of English for 2024 UTME. I will give clarity in all grey areas.

So, just tag along with me.

JAMB Novel 2024

This section and its attendant sub-sections will address pertinent questions about JAMB Novel 2024. I enjoin you to read carefully so that you will not misconstrue or miss any information here.

Is JAMB Novel 2024 Out?

Yes, the JAMB Novel for 2024 UTME is already out. This information is official according to JAMB and all candidates for this year’s exam are to take note.

Going by experience, every novel that JAMB recommends for Use of English is used for two sessions (two years). So, we can easily make predictions with 100% accuracy.

Take for example.

  • In 2017 and 2018, the JAMB recommended novel for English was Independence.
  • In 2019 and 2020, the JAMB recommended novel for English was Sweet Sixteen.
  • Also in 2021 and 2022, the JAMB recommended novel for English was The Life Changer.

So going by this historical pattern, we expected JAMB to change the novel in 2023 but that was not the case. JAMB has decided to retain the novel, The Life Changer for 2023 UTME test of Use of English.

JAMB is also expected to retain The Life Changer novel in 2024 so as to complete the normal two-year cycle.

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Which Novel is JAMB Using for 2024?

The question, “Which Novel is JAMB Using for this year?” has been severally asked by candidates. That is why I have taken time to give a very detailed answer in the preceding section. So that no candidate will be in doubt.

For emphasis, the JAMB novel 2024 for Use of English is “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jali.

It is the general reading text for all 2024 JAMB candidates regardless of their choice of course.

As you will see in the coming sections, JAMB Novel 2024 is an interesting and educative story about the university life of a girl named Salma.

How Many Questions Should you Expect From JAMB Novel 2024?

You should expect roughly 10 – 15 random questions from JAMB novel 2024.

The keyword here is random.

So JAMB would select and frame their questions from the novel randomly.

This, of course, is in keeping with JAMB’s standard of setting examination questions. JAMB does this so that candidates will have no other choice than to earnestly read through the entire book and digest the lessons therein. They also want to ensure that candidates do not depend on summarized literature materials.

I hope you are following the point I’m making?

In the coming sections, I will give the a full chapter by chapter summary of the JAMB Novel. But please, use that as a revision aid. Do your best to read through the entire book.

The Life Changer JAMB Novel

As you have read above, The Life Changer JAMB Novel is the general text for 2024 JAMB examination. This means that it is a compulsory text for all candidates who will sit for UTME.

In the following sections, I will tell you everything you need to know about The Life Changer JAMB Novel. So just keep tagging along with me.

About The Life Changer JAMB Novel

The Life Changer JAMB Novel is written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. It is a fictional story about life in the university campus.

In the book, the author did a beautiful job in promoting very important tenets in the lives of young people. Tenets such as optimism, hope and redemption are brought to life by the author.

The story revolves around Salma and her room mates and their daring adventures on campus.

The Life Changer JAMB Novel happens to be Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s first ever publication. And with a masterpiece like that, she seems to be asserting that the female voice is making a comeback on the literary landscape in Africa.

About the Author of the Novel

Khadija has a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics (Education). She is an entrepreneur and the CEO of She’s Boutique Afrique. Khadija Abubakar Jalli is happily married and blessed with children.

The Life Changer is Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s first publication and she seems to be asserting that the female voice is making a comeback on the literary landscape in Africa.

Who are the Characters in the Life Changer JAMB Novel?

Here is a full list of the characters in The Life Changer JAMB Novel:

1. Ummi

Ummi is the narrator of the story in the book and one of the major characters. Her full name is Ummi Ahmed. She is the mother of four children who are Omar, Teemah, Jamila and Bint. She is also the wife of Mr. Esquire, a banker.

2. Bint

Bint is a 5 year old child and the last child of Ummi Ahmad.

3. Omar

Omar is the first child and the only son of ummi Ahmad.

4. Teemah

Teemah is the second child and first daughter of Ummi Ahmad.

5. Jamila

Jamila is the second daughter and the third child of Ummi Ahmad who also listened to Bint’s and Ummi’s stories.

6. Salma

Salma is a fair complexioned and sophisticated, tall and slim character in the book. She is the protagonist in The Life Changer because the whole story revolves around her life in school.

7. Samuel Johnson

Dr. Sam was Ummi’s Head of Department who winsomely exchanges pleasantries with Ummi when she came for her registration at ABU, Zaria. He is also a close friend to Ummi’s husband.

8. Doctor Dabo

Dr Dabo is a lecturer at ABU, Zaria who erotically approached Salma in his office when Salma came for her registration.

9. Talle

Talle is a very quiet character in The Life Changer.

10. Tomiwa

Tomiwa is one of the roommates of Salma who is from Oyo state.

11. Ada

Ada is also one of the Salma’s roommates. She helped in resolving the misunderstanding between Salma and Tomiwa.

12. Ngozi

Ngozi is also one of the roommates of Salma but she is the quiet and reticent one.

13. Habib

Habib is the rich politician who gave a drive to Salma. He proposed to Salma but she turn his proposal down. He also asked for Salma’s phone number but she gave him Tomiwa’s number.

14. Hakimi

Hakimi is district head of Lafayette community to whom the community women reported Talle.

15. Labaran

Labaran is a local government driver employed by Habib. He is also Habib’s friend who later became friends with Tomiwa.

16. Zaki

Zaki is a thug and a symbol of social menace who was hired by Habib to kidnap Alhaji’s son. He also involves Talle in the oppression when Talle came to him for financial help.

How Much is The Life Changer JAMB Novel?

The Life Changer JAMB novel for 2024 UTME costs Five Hundred Naira (₦500) only.

Although you can buy the book in any good bookshop across the country, doing so will amount to waste of money. Yes, because the cost of the book has been factored into your JAMB registration fee.

So How can I Get The Life Changer JAMB Novel 2024?

Just like I said above, you don’t have to go to the bookshops to look for The Life Changer JAMB novel. You don’t need to spend for it because it is still part of your JAMB registration fee.

So the novel will be given to you at the point of registration in any Approved JAMB CBT Center. You can get a comprehensive list of all the JAMB registration centers nationwide via this link.

Download The Life Changer JAMB Novel PDF

For the serious students, you must not wait to register JAMB before you can have access to The Life Changer JAMB Novel. For your sake, I have provided a free download link on this website. So you can go ahead and get the book and start reading right away. Your success depends on you.

The Life Changer JAMB Novel PDF Download Link

The Life Changer JAMB Novel PDF Download Link

The Life Changer JAMB Novel Summary

The Life Changer JAMB Novel Summary is readily available. But you must use it for what it is – a revision material.

This is a very strong advice if you expect to pass questions from the novel very well.

So don’t just read the book summary. Take time to read the entire book.

The good news is that the book is not even voluminous. It’s something you can finish within 2 days.

However, if you need a reliable summary of The Life Changer Novel, click the link to download the free PDF to your phone.

Likely Questions and Answers on the Life Changer JAMB Novel

In addition to free PDF download of The Life Changer JAMB Novel, we have provided a link to possible questions and answers from the book. However, it is not in PDF Format.

So, here are questions you can expect from the JAMB novel Life Changer.



We are almost done.

Let’s do the last section for someone asking if test of Use of English is compulsory in JAMB.

Is English Compulsory in JAMB Exams?

Yes, Use of English is a compulsory subject for all candidates sitting for JAMB CBT exams. So, regardless of your prospective course, your proficiency in the Use of English will be tested. This applies to UTME candidates.

Because of the importance placed on Use of English, it is the only subject out of your four JAMB Subject Combination that would have 60 Questions.

  • Comprehension passage would have 5 questions.
  • Close passage would have 10 questions.
  • The Life Changer JAMB Novel would have 10 questions.
  • Sentence completion: 5 questions.
  • Sentence Interpretation would have 5 questions.
  • Antonyms: 5 questions.
  • Synonyms: 5 questions.
  • Test on Oral English: 15 questions.
  • All gives a total of 60 questions.

Note also that this goes just beyond JAMB exams. Test of Use of English is compulsory in every official/external examination in Nigeria, be it WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB and so on. You, therefore, need to get ready if you belong to any of these categories.

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Wishing you the very best in your forthcoming JAMB examination. The journey to success may be hard and tough but keep going. There is light for you at the end of the tunnel.

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See you in the next post.

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