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French Basics for Beginners PDF Free Downloads

Get Basic French courses for beginners. You can also download free French basics and French beginner books all in PDF format. Find links to French learning books for beginners plus French workbook for beginners PDF. Learn French online with basic French dialogue, vocabulary and grammar explanations. More so, you can memorize French words and phrases for beginners.

Learn French Basics online

Bonjour et bienvenue! French Basics for Beginners

Now for a start, let equip you with the essential French basics to start you out on your journey towards learning the language.

At the end of this post, you will be confident to stroll down the Champs-Élysées in Paris or order a pain au chocolat at a charming cafe or even hold a meaningful conversation with the locals in French.

Un peu de prononciation (Something About Pronunciation in French)

For a beginner, French pronunciation can seem tricky at first.

But here are two quick tips that can help you as a newbie to the language:

  • Many final consonants are silent.
  • The French language has some unique vowel sounds not found in English.

Salut! Let’s Get Acquainted

Greeting is the first thing that happens when you meet someone for the first time. You also get to greet someone even if you have known them for a very long time.

So in your question to learn the French language, you must first of all learn how to say hello in various situations.

Here are the greetings:

  • Bonjour (bohn-zhoor): This versatile greeting works any time of day in most situations.
  • Bonsoir (bohn-swar): You can use this for good evening.
  • Salut (sah-lu): This is an informal greeting that is used among friends and younger people.

How to Introduce Yourself in French

If you have need to introduce yourself in French, simply say “Je m’appelle…” (pronounced “zhuh mah-pel”) followed by your name.

Essential French Phrases

As someone with keen interest in learning French basics, here are a few essential phrases that you can learn right away. Actually, it would be difficult to make progress in your learning journey without getting acquainted with these key phrases.

Here are some of them:

  • Parlez-vous français? Do you speak French?
  • S’il vous plaît (see voo play): Please.
  • Merci (mehr-see): Thank you.
  • De rien (deh ree-en): You’re welcome (literally “of nothing”).
  • Oui (wee): Yes.
  • Non (non): No.
  • Pardon (par-don): Excuse me.
  • J’aimerais… (I would like…) – Basic Questions

Here are some basic questions that you are likely to require as you go about your daily life:

  • Est-ce que vous parlez anglais? (ehs-kuh voo par-lay ahn-glay): Do you speak English?
  • Comment allez-vous? (co-man tah-lay voo): How are you? (Formal)
  • Ça va (sah vah): I’m doing well. (Informal)
  • Comment dit-on… en français? (co-man dee-ton… ahn fran-say): How do you say… in French?

Un, deux, trois… dix! (One, two, three… ten!) – Counting in French

Regardless of the language and culture, numbers are essential wherever there are human interactions. So it is also important that you learn counting in French. Here are the numbers 1-10 in French:

  • Un (un)
  • Deux (duh)
  • Trois (trwa)
  • Quatre (kahtr)
  • Cinq (sank)
  • Six (seess)
  • Sept (set)
  • Huit (weet)
  • Neuf (nuhf)
  • Dix (dees)

Follow the links to Practice French words pronunciation. French level 1 and level 2 PDF.

Also learn French using MP3 audio files and video tutorials.

Lastly, you can meet and interact with other beginners and have fun learning French.

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