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How to Allow Popup for JAMB Site in 2024

Allowing popup for JAMB website is one of the basic criteria for reprinting JAMB slip. This includes JAMB Mock slip and that of the main JAMB exam. It is also a requirement for checking JAMB result and for doing a host of other things on JAMB Portal. So, this post will guide you on How to Allow Popup for JAMB Site.

How to allow popup for jamb site in 2023

Why You Need to Learn How to Allow Popup for JAMB Site

As a privacy and security measure, most standard browsers block popup windows for all websites by default. This is so as to protect the users from unsolicited popups from strange or malicious sites.

However, for most of the things you want to do on JAMB website, the feedback is going to come in form of popup windows. So whether you want to…

  • reprint your JAMB Mock Slip
  • reprint your JAMB slip for the main exam
  • check your JAMB result
  • print your JAMB admission letter
  • and so on.

they must show up as popup windows before you can save or print them out.

Since JAMB is a trusted website belonging to Nigerian government, users are required to allow popup for the site by creating an exception for it. That’s the only way they can make the most out of the resources on the JAMB website.

On this post, I will show you how to allow popup for JAMB site.

If you encounter any challenge carrying out the steps below, you can drop a comment for me. I will attend to you as soon as possible.

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How to Allow Popup for JAMB Site in 2024

The following steps are guide on how to allow popup for JAMB site.

  1. Open the home screen of your browsing app window.
    how to allow popup for jamb site
  2. Click on the main menu of your browser. It’s at the top right corner of the home screen.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Settings button.
    how to allow popup for jamb site
  4. Then Click on Privacy & Security.
    how to allow popup for jamb website
  5. Thereafter, scroll down to Permissions. There, you will notice that your browser is already blocking pop-up windows.
    how to allow popup for jamb site
  6. Click on the popup Exceptions button.
    how to allow popup for jamb site
  7. There you have the option of specifying which website you want to allow to pop-up windows. Just type in and click Allow.
    how to allow popup for jamb site
  8. Click on the blue Save Changes button and you are done.

So that’s all there is to allowing Popup for JAMB site.

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