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JAMB Matriculation List Portal – How to Check Your Name

This post is about the JAMB matriculation list portal. Of course, you will learn the importance and how to check JAMB matriculation list so that you can do the needful.

jamb matriculation list portal

JAMB Matriculation List

JAMB Matriculation List is an online database for Nigerian undergraduate students. It contains the names, registration numbers and schools of all the students admitted into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

JAMB Matriculation List Portal

The JAMB Matriculation List Portal is an online platform created by JAMB for her candidates to verify their admission.

So if you think you have an admission from any institution, or maybe someone you paid to process admission for you told you that you have been admitted. The best thing to do is to visit the JAMB Matriculation List Portal to verify your admission. If your details do not appear in JAMB Matriculation List, you can know for sure that no institution has offered you admission.

However, even if a tertiary institution has offered you admission, you can use the JAMB Matriculation List Portal to ascertain if your admission is recognized by JAMB.

Why is JAMB Matriculation List So Important?

Now you may be wondering why JAMB admission list is so important. Is it not enough to just know that your school of choice has given you admission? No, it’s not enough. There is need to check the JAMB Matriculation List to confirm if your name is there. Here are the reasons….

  1. If your institution of choice is on JAMB Matriculation List, it means that your institution has full accreditation from JAMB.
  2. More so, if you find your name/course in JAMB Matriculation List, it means that your course has JAMB approval.
  3. The matriculation list determines if your admission is authentic or fake.
  4. If your name is not on JAMB Matriculation List, NYSC will decline your application for youth service.

How to Qualify to Have your Name on JAMB Matriculation List

It is important that you know that there are certain criteria you must meet before your name can appear on JAMB Matriculation List. So what are these criteria?

Here are the criteria to qualify to be on JAMB Matriculation List

  1. You must print your original JAMB Admission Letter. Click here to see how to print it.
  2. Also print your original JAMB Result Slip.
  3. Then verify the two documents with the admission officer in your institution.

If you do not have these two documents, you will not see your name in JAMB Matriculation List. So do your best to get them.

How to Check JAMB Matriculation List

jamb matriculation list portal

Follow this procedure to check if your name is on the JAMB Matriculation List Portal…

  1. Open the Internet browsing app on your phone.
  2. Visit the JAMB Matriculation List Portal @
  3. Click the drop-down menu to select your JAMB examination year.
  4. Key in your JAMB registration number.
  5. Click on “Fetch my Details”.

At this point, you must wait for the browser to load your personal admission details. When it loads, you will see one of the five prompt messages below.

  1. Congratulations, you are on the matriculation list.
  2. Kindly print JAMB admission letter.
  3. KindIy print JAMB result slip.
  4. Kindly print JAMB admission letter and result slip.
  5. You have not been given admission yet.

Interpretation of the Prompt Messages from the Matriculation List Portal

The first prompt message confirms to you that your name is on JAMB Matriculation List. Therefore, your admission is genuine and NYSC will mobilize you for youth service when you graduate.

The second prompt message says, “Kindly print JAMB admission letter.” It means you should quickly go to a CBT center and print your JAMB admission letter. Thereafter, you can recheck the JAMB matriculation list portal.

The third prompt message says, “Kindly print JAMB result slip.” This prompt is usually applicable to Direct Entry Students. They are to quickly go to a CBT center and print their JAMB Result Slip. Thereafter, they can recheck their JAMB matriculation list portal.

The fourth message prompt says, “Kindly print JAMB admission letter and result slip.” It means that the student has not printed any of their JAMB admission letter and result slip. They are, therefore, required to quickly go and print out those two documents. Thereafter, they can recheck their JAMB matriculation list portal.

The last message prompt says, “You have not been given admission yet.” Those that got this prompt should proceed for JAMB regularization portal immediately. There, they are to regularize their admission by generating a form online. They are to submit the form to their admission officer for further processing. Thereafter, you will receive an email from JAMB. The message will direct you to print out your JAMB admission letter. Recheck the JAMB matriculation list portal.


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Feel free to post a comment if you encounter any challenge with the JAMB Matriculation Portal.

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