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The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and How to Solve Them

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and How to Solve Them

The fundamental theory of calculus is the same as the math thought of a grand acknowledgment that connects elegance and integration. You can consider this term as a base of mathematics which describes the relationship between two basic concepts integration and differentiation. The fundamental theorem of calculus is used to resolve the curious changes and aggregation which plays an important role in the world of calculus. In this blog post, we will shed light on an integral calculator that helps you to find integral problems within a couple of seconds. Read on!

What is Integration?

Integration is the process in which smaller components or information from various systems is compiled in one functional unit. In the IT context end results are represented by this process. It has several advantages like an aggregation of relevant data, automation of the process, easy accessibility, and cost-friendly etc

Types of Integration:

  1. Vertical integration
  2. Horizontal integration
  3. point-to-point integration
  4. Common data formate

Concept of Differentiation in Math Calculus:

Differentiation is the process in which the derivative of any function is found, and the derivative is the rate of change of a function.

Types of Differentiation:

There are the following types of differentiation that are also considered by the integral calculator at the time of exact and precise calculations. These are important to understand so look at these.

  1. Implicit differentiation
  2. Logarithmic differentiation function
  3. High order differentiation
  4. Partial differentiation

Integrals and the Infinite: Understanding the Riemann Sum

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and How to Solve Them

Integral and infinite have a close relationship. Infinite sums are most commonly defined and calculated by the Riemann integral. Basic calculus theorem is revolved by integral, and it describes the relation between differentiation and integration and also gives the end results of the function without using Reimann sums and calculations. It is found out by adding values of function which are obtained by dividing the interval of integration into subintervals.

Some Special Types of Integrals With Whole Calculation:

Before dealing with all the formulas that are considered by the integral calculator is important for integration calculations, for a better understanding discuss the types of integrals. Here are main types are as follows

Definite Integration:

On the integral specific type of lower and upper limits of integrals is called the definite integral. The exact numerical value of the integral over a specific interval can be computed by it.

∫ f(x) dx = F(x) + C


  •     F(x) is antiderivative of f(x)
  •     C is a constant of integration.

The innovative integral calculator is designed to help you simplify complex mathematical problems by finding the area under curves with precision. Here, the determination of the value of integration a and b are firstly discussed here:

∫[a, b] f(x) dx = F(x) |[a, b]

F(b) – F(a)

Indefinite Integration:

The area under the curve is described by the indefinite integral which is also known as anti derivative. The values of variables are easily calculated by an integral calculator. This tool gives simple, easy, and quick calculations for finding the values of variables of any polynomial, trigonometric functions, and exponential equation.

∫ f(x) dx = F(x) + C


  •     F(x) = antiderivative of f(x)
  •     C = constant of integration

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