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The Ultimate Guide to Using a Fractions Calculator

Fraction is known to be the ratio of numerator to denominator in mathematics. The numerator and the denominator in a fraction are integers. The fraction calculator assists in solving your various complex fractions into simple ones. It is necessary to reduce or minimize fractions you need strong arithmetic knowledge of solving fractions. An online fraction calculator. will solve it for you but every student should know how to solve fractions. There are four types of fractions:  unit fraction, proper fraction, improper fraction, and mixed fraction.The Ultimate Guide to Using a Fractions Calculator

Here going to learn how to solve fractions by using the fractions calculator:

Addition of fraction :

Let the denominator of each fraction be the same. Then you need to simply  add the numerator and the denominator remains the same in the answer :The Ultimate Guide to Using a Fractions Calculator


56+76= 126

Let the denominator be different, then you  need to find the Least count of the denominator of the denominators of all the fractions, then divide the LCD with the denominator of fractions and multiply the answer with the numerator, then keep the denominator the same and add all the fractions:

38+76= 9+2824= 3724

Subtraction of fraction:

You will use the same method of subtraction as addition, for example, if you have a fraction with the same denominators, you simply subtract the fraction with a larger numerator to the fraction with a lesser numerator.

8343= 43

When you  have non-equivalent fractions, then you  use the same method as for the addition of non-equivalent fractions:

8345 = 40-1215= 2815

Multiplications of fractions:

Multiplication of fractions is easy to solve. Simply multiply the numerators of both fractions and multiply the denominators of both fractions. Cut them and get a simplified result.

For example:


Division of fractions:

 In dividing fractions, you  need to turn the second fraction upside down, and it becomes the reciprocal of the fractions then you  apply the rule of multiplying fractions on this fraction, and you  try to understand the concept by the following example:

5349=     5394154

In this fraction calculator, when you turn them upside down, then the denominator of the second fraction becomes the numerator and the numerator becomes the denominator, in this case, the numerator becomes “9”, which is cut down by the denominator of the first fraction which is “3”. Then you multiply it with the “5”, it would be 154.

Steps in a division of fractions:

There are three steps involved in the division of the fractions, when you dividing fractions, you  need to follow these them:

  • Flip the fraction:

In the first step, Invert the divisor into a reciprocal and turn it upside down

  • Change the sign: 

In the second step, you need to change the division sign into multiplication.

  • Simplification of the fraction:

Now you have to simplify the fraction and find the fraction.


It’s important to know fractions basics of fractions and how to add, subtract,multiply, or divide fractions. When there are more than two fractions it becomes difficult to solve them. The online calculator will help students to solve them or they can check their answers. It is advisable for students till grade eight to solve fractions by themselves and should tables for solving fractions. Higher-class students can use an online calculator. Once you start learning it becomes easy to understand fractions.

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