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Male Education is Better than Female Education Debate

Hello, you are welcome to another interesting post in our series on argumentative essays. Argumentative essays are what many people refer to as debates. Today, we are going to look at the topic: “Male education is better than female education debate.” The goal is not necessarily to prove any point, but purely for academic purposes especially for primary and secondary school students sharpening their public speaking skills in various debating societies. So as much as possible, we shall look at arguments for and against the motion so that students will be able to pick points regardless of the side they are arguing from.

Male Education is Better than Female Education Debate

Male Education vs. Female Education

Our argument on this post borders around the concept of “male education” versus “female education”. And I need to explain the concept before we begin to delve into the real debates.

The very idea of male education and female education suggests that there is a difference in how education has been, or is being provided to boys and girls.

These differences have their roots in cultural norms, society expectations and historical inequalities.

Very sadly, in some societies, male education still receive more resources and attention compared to female education. Parents encourage their boys to pursue fields such as science, mathematics, technology and so on; but they direct their girls towards domestic skills and the subjects they perceive as feminine. Where this is obtainable in a society, it’s obvious that they are still grappling with gender inequality, roles and expectations

But is male education better than female education by any means? That’s the essence of this article —to foster a conversation in this regard so that people will know the truth.

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Male Education is Better than Female Education Debate

Now, let’s start getting in on our subject matter. Throughout this conversation, you must bear in mind that education empowers individuals to attain their full potential and contribute to society, regardless of their gender. So perceiving male education as better than female education is both inaccurate and harmful.

In the following section, you will see the reason why some people still believe that male education is better than female education.

10 Reasons Why Male Education is Better than Female Education

The following are some of the reasons why some people perceive male education as better than female education:

1. Economic Factors

For some economic reasons, many people believe that educating males is a better investment than educating females. They believe that investing in male education would yield higher returns economically because men are more likely to enter high-paying professions or leadership roles.

More so, in many societies, men are considered the breadwinners and providers for their families. They are expected to provide for their family, put a roof over their heads, put food on the table. So early enough when they are still boys, their parents want to educate and prepare them to secure an excellent job to provide for the family.

2. Poverty

This is like a follow-up of the economic factors. If a family is poor and seriously constrained in terms of resources, they may have to make the choice between educating their male children or educating their females. For very obvious reasons, they will prioritize educating their male children since they are more likely to get employed and start contributing financially to the household.

3. Traditional Gender Roles

In many societies especially those domiciled in the African continent, traditional gender roles are strongly ingrained.

In such societies, people believe that men are more suited for certain types of education and careers. So many of them undervalue the education of females or simply prioritize male education over female education.

4. Uphold Family Pride

Most people, especially Africans, believe that a family is not complete without a male child. They see male children as the family’s source of pride because they are the ones who would carry the family heritage from generation to generation. Such people are willing and eager to educate their male children.

On the contrary, they accord little or no value to the female children whose education they see as a waste of money, time, and resources.

5. Gender Roles and Responsibilities

Gender roles and responsibilities is the reason why some people believe that male education is better than female education. In societies where this is ingrained, women are expected to play more domestic and feminine roles, especially in the family. While the men, as breadwinners and providers, need to be educated for high-paying professions. So they have a natural preference for educating boys over girls.

6. Societal Status

Many societies are still patriarchal. In such societies, some people believe that educating males is essential for upholding the status and power of men within the family and society. Because of this belief, they prioritize male education over female education.

7. Males are Better Suited for Education

Whether this is an assumption or a misconception, there are people who believe it. They believe that males are inherently more intellectually capable than females. That’s why they prioritize male education over female education.

8. Better Achievers

In the traditional African context, male and female children are perceived differently. Africans see male children as stronger and more capable of achieving feats in life. Because of this, parents think it wise to rather educate the male children to sharpen and prepare them to take on challenges and actualize their full potentials.

9. Ignorance or Misinformation

In some cases, people believe that male education is better than female education simply because they don’t understand the importance of gender equality in education. They lack the accurate knowledge about the benefits of educating both genders equally, that’s why they have biased attitudes towards male education.

10. Religious Misinterpretations

Because of poor understanding of some religious texts or doctrines, people justify the exclusion of girls from education. Interpreting religious texts with patriarchal biases often lead to female subordination and restriction of their access to educational opportunities.

Neither “male” nor “female” is a sensible adjective for the noun “Education”. Both males and females teach; both learn. Neither sex is objectively better at either activity, or education generally, than the other. We should always promote gender equality in issues about education and others.

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A Sample Argumentative Essay on Male Education is Better than Female Education

Below is a sample argumentative essay that encourages equal opportunities in education and dispels the myth of male superiority:

In some places, people believe that educating boys is more important than educating girls. However, this belief is unfair and untrue. Both boys and girls deserve the same chances to learn and grow. In the next few paragraphs, you will see why saying that male education is better than female education is wrong.

Firstly, everyone has the same ability to learn, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl. Saying that boys are better at learning is just not true. Girls are just as smart and capable as boys. So, it is not fair to deny girls the chance to go to school and learn.

Secondly, when the society treats the education of boys as more important, it keeps girls from reaching their full potential. Girls have dreams and aspirations just like boys. But when they are denied access to educational opportunities, those dreams cannot come true. We need to give girls the same opportunities as boys so they can become doctors, engineers, or whatever they want to be.

Furthermore, educating girls is good for everyone, not just the girls themselves. When girls go to school, they can learn about their health and how to take care of themselves. They can also learn skills that help them get good jobs and support their families. When girls are educated, it helps the whole community become stronger and healthier.

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Saying that male education is better than female education is unfair and untrue. Everyone deserves the chance to learn and grow, regardless of their gender. We need to give girls the same opportunities as boys so they can reach their full potential and make the world a better place for everyone.

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