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Public School is Better than Private School Debate

Public School is better than private school debate

Some few decades ago, making the choice between public school and private school was very simple for parents. Actually, most parents opted for public school that are completely run by the government. Today, as education gradually becomes more complex and issues about school quality, teacher qualification, curriculum, etc arise, the …

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Limits in Calculus: Definition, Rules, Steps, and Examples

Limits in Calculus

Limit is a well-known branch of calculus that is helpful for evaluating the numerical value of a function at a specific point and for defining the derivative calculus, integral calculus, continuity, and Taylor series. Limit calculus is mostly helpful for finding the differential of a function through the first principle …

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10 Importance of Agriculture to Every Society

WAEC Recommended Textbooks for Agriculture

Agriculture is the process by which land is used in growing crops such as seeds and tubers, or rearing animals. As far as the well-being and survival of human beings are concerned, Agriculture is very essential. The simple reason is because it is Agriculture that provides us with food, raw …

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Best Importance of Education Essays for English Students

Importance of Education essay

Did you know that according to UNESCO, there are over 265 million children and adolescents worldwide who are not attending school? This staggering number highlights the critical importance of education in today’s world. But what exactly makes education so vital? Join me as we delve into the multifaceted significance of …

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10 Reasons Why Education is Better than Money


In this post, we shall continue our series on argumentative essays and debate speeches. Today, we are going to examine the topic: “Education is Better than Money.” I’m going to make you understand the real meanings of education and money, and how one is different from the other. Thereafter, I …

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Interesting All that Glitters is not Gold Stories

All that Glitters is not Gold

You are welcome to another interesting post on your favorite education website, suresuccess.ng. On this post, we shall continue our series on essay writing, focusing on stories that drive home the eternal truth: “All that Glitters is not Gold.” Each story is extracted from different backgrounds and contexts but they …

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Male Education is Better than Female Education Debate

male education

Hello, you are welcome to another interesting post in our series on argumentative essays. Argumentative essays are what many people refer to as debates. Today, we are going to look at the topic: “Male education is better than female education debate.” The goal is not necessarily to prove any point, …

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