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A Career in ZOOLOGY – All you Need to Know About the Course

A Career in ZOOLOGY – All you Need to Know About the Course


My dear, don’t mind what people say. Zoology in UNN is not all about the zoo. In fact, you will only do one course in wildlife (if you want) in the department.

UNN zoology comes with six areas of specialization. You can specialize in any of them. Let me list the areas of specialization with their job opportunities.

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1. Parasitology and public health:
Medical and biomedical sectors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, disease vectors control departments, WHO, medical and biomedical research units, etc. You can open a medical lab of your own if you have the money as a professional in parasitology.

2. Animal Biotechnology:
Medical and biomedical sectors, genetech companies, brewery industries, oil companies (biotechnology is very important in oil companies), pharmaceutical companies, food and agricultural organization.
NB: The primary function of biotechnology is production of medicine and food through the application of molecular biology.

3. Fisheries science:
Oceanography research, federal ministry of agriculture, fish farming centers, industries using fish and fish related products, fish biotechnology units, etc.
NB: it’s fisheries and hydrobiology in zoology that was combined and a new department called Aquaculture and Marine study was gotten now.

4. Entomology (study of insects):
Disease control units, WHO, medical and biomedical research institutes, agricultural areas.
Professionals in entomology can build industries producing insecticides or work in such companies, etc

5. Physiology (Both Animal and Human):
Medical and biomedical sector, food and drug administration agencies like NDLEA, NAFDAC, Hospitals and clinics, veterinary clinics, etc.

6. Molecular Genetics:
Medical and biomedical centers (Mol geneticists are specialists in gene therapy), pharmaceutical companies, genetic engineering companies, Animal breeding units, veterinary cinics, etc.

Other areas but are general (you don’t choose them) are
• Environmental biology (a disguised environmental science)
You can work in the federal ministry of environment or in any industry as a monitoring scientist.
• Either Mammalogy or wildlife
You can work in the zoo
• Snailery
• Vertebrate and invertebrate zoology
• Anatomy
• Histology and Embryology
• Developmental biology (evolution)
• Hydrobiology
Hydrobiologists work in oil companies.

You can as well be a teacher or a lecturer in tertiary institutions.

Perhaps, zoology might not determine your destiny. The Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan is a zoologist.

Zoology is a very nice course. Don’t be intimidated by others.

By Dennis Nwachukwu
Proudly a 300L student of Zoology and Environmental Biology, University of Nigeria Nsukka


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