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UNILAG Cut Off Mark for Nursing 2023

UNILAG Cut off Mark for Nursing 2023. So, you will find the cut off mark for Nursing in UNILAG here. This is determined by the candidate’s aggregate score. However, beyond aggregate scores and cut off marks, the candidates must meet the UNILAG minimum entry requirements.

UNILAG Cut Off Mark for Nursing 2023

UNILAG Cut off Mark for Nursing 2023

The UNILAG merit cut off mark for Nursing is 79.25

That is the score that would guarantee admission to any aspirant UNILAG irrespective of their state of origin, religious or political connections or economic power. That’s the meaning of merit cut off mark.

Catchment Areas UNILAG Cut off Mark for Nursing 2023

The table below gives the UNILAG Nursing Science cut off marks for catchment areas. This is in addition to the merit cut off mark.

S/No Nursing Science UNILAG Cut Off Mark
1. Merit 79.25
2. Ekiti State 73.50
3. Lagos State 79.00
4. Ogun State 76.25
5. Oyo State 74.25
6. Ondo State 78.025
7. Osun State 71.975

In other words, any prospective candidate of Nursing in UNILAG with an aggregate score of 79.00 will gain admission if s/he is an indigene of Lagos. And so on.

We can otherwise refer the UNILAG cut off given above to as the merit departmental cut off mark for Nursing Science.

There is also what is called the UNILAG supplementary cut off mark for Nursing. Let me quickly tell you what that means…

Supplementary Admission UNILAG Cut off Mark for Nursing 2023

The university senate also approves and releases the cut off mark for supplementary admission into Nursing Science.

They do this shortly after the publication of the merit admission list. The supplementary admission cut off mark for Nursing may be higher or lower than the merit cut off, depending on how competitive the process is.

In other words, the UNILAG cut off mark for supplementary admission into Nursing would depend on the number of candidates vying for it and their individual aggregate scores.

What is the Meaning of UNILAG Departmental Cut off mark?

UNILAG Cut off Mark for Nursing 2023

UNILAG departmental cut off marks are minimum aggregate scores candidates reach before they can qualify for admission into various courses in UNILAG.

So every candidate whose aggregate score is exactly or above the departmental cut off mark of their prospective course will gain admission in the merit list.

Note, however, that UNILAG cut off marks are not constant. They vary every year.

So UNILAG departmental cut off marks can go up or down depending on certain factors like…

  • carrying capacity of the department (i.e. the number of candidates it can hold).
  • the number of candidates vying for the department in the year in question.
  • the overall performance of all the candidates vying for the department.

So whatever the cut off mark, it is normally out in the departments before the publication of the admission list.

How Does UNILAG Arrive At the Departmental Cut Off Mark for Nursing?

But how does UNILAG determine their departmental cut off mark for Nursing and other courses?

They determine the departmental cut off marks after the release of the Post UTME screening examination result.

So, after the release of Post UTME results, departments begin to work out their cut off marks based on the above-mentioned factors.

A department that could admit 120 candidates on merit would start selecting from the highest scorer. They go down and down till they get 120 students.

Once they get 120 students, others are “cut off”. Therefore, the aggregate score of the 120th student becomes the cut off mark for the course.

But if the carrying capacity of such department is actually 200, they’d have a shortfall of 70 students. So the remaining 70 students may be admitted via ELDS and other factors in the supplementary lists.

Note that there would always be other candidates whose average may not be up to the merit cut-off mark but who would be admitted based on the “Catchment Area” grace.

How to Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score in 2023

To calculate your UNILAG aggregate score, you should bear the following in mind:

  1. You must consider your JAMB score.
  2. You must also factor in your Post UTME score.
  3. O’level grades and their points will also come into play.

Kindly follow the steps below to calculate your UNILAG aggregate score:

Step 1:

Calculate your O’level subjects grades using the grading system below.

  • A1 = 4.0
  • B2 = 3.6
  • B3 = 3.2
  • C4 = 2.8
  • C5 = 2.4
  • C6 = 2.0

Of course, you know that only five core subjects are required from your O’level. And this is true for any course you want to study. So the calculation of your O’level subjects grades must be done only on your five important subjects. English and Mathematics are compulsory.

Step 2:

UNILAG aggregate score is on a scale of 1 – 100. Therefore, you must divide your JAMB score by 8. Keep the result you get for the final calculation.

Step 3:

Now, add the results of the calculations above (O’level grade and JAMB score). Then add the sum to your UNILAG post UTME screening score.

Whatever you get after the step three above is your final UNILAG aggregate.

This is the link to check UNILAG Merit (Primary) Admission List when it’s released=>>UNILAG Merit Admission List.


We are gradually getting to the end of this article. As an aspirant of Nursing Science in UNILAG, now that you have seen genuine UNILAG cut off mark for Nursing here, what should you do next?

The next thing to do is to compare the cut off mark with your aggregate score. If your aggregate score is up to or above the cutoff mark, just put on your dancing shoes and starting dancing like David. Because you are already admitted. Yes, because you were part of the people whose aggregate scores were considered before determining the departmental cut-off mark. That’s how UNILAG and many other Nigerian tertiary institutions do it.

Reasons Why UNILAG May not Admit You

You must note, however, that it is possible for the school not to admit you even though your aggregate is above the departmental cut off mark of your prospective course. There are a few reasons for that possibility. So you have to take note of them.

UNILAG will not admit you if you have…

Do you have any of the above issues? Tell us on the comment box below.

This is congratulating you on your admission in advance.

We want to reach other UNILAG aspirants like you. Please remember to help us share this info.

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  1. Can I get admission into unilag with aggregate score of 164 for nursing

    • You need to learn how to calculate unilag aggregate score in order to be able to determine your real aggregate score.

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