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CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Free Download]

This is for UTME Candidates looking for CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023. Especially for those aspiring for Law, Pub Admin, Political Science and other art courses. Here you will get genuine JAMB CRS questions and answers for 2023 set. Your duty now is to read through them as many times as possible and get ready to smash your own CRS paper.

Chemistry JAMB Questions and Answers 2023

What are CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023

CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 are the past questions of CRS paper for 2023 UTME, together with their answers.

If you are a candidate preparing to sit for CRS in the forthcoming JAMB examination, it is very important that you revise with these past questions.

In so doing, you will know what the set before them saw in the JAMB CBT hall. That would give you an idea of what to expect in your own set because JAMB follows the same pattern in setting their questions. More so, revising these questions several times will boost your confidence and guarantee you a very high score.

CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 for Your Revision

On this page, we shall show you the real CRS JAMB Questions and Answers taken by the 2023 candidates.

The correct answers to the questions are also provided alongside.

We are providing these past questions to ensure that you have sufficient materials available for your revision. JAMB is a very serious examination. And we understand the role adequate preparation plays for candidates who get very high score in JAMB.

Of course, you know that JAMB gives you 40 questions in CRS, to answer within 26 minutes. So it’s important that you prepare very well by reading the content of this page over and over.

In the following sections, you will read the 2023 JAMB CRS past questions and their answers. You can use the comments section if you still need clarification over some of the questions. We will give you a more detailed explanation.

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CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 1 – 10]

1. During the rebuilding of the temple, the greatest opposition came from the
A. people of Judah       B. Philistines
C. people of the land   D. Ammorites

2. Prophet Isaiah received his vision and call when
A. King Uzziah was deposed
B. King Uzziah died
C. King Uzziah began to reign
D. Israel was in Babylonian captivity

3. “How long will you go limping on two different opinions…” The people responded to the questions above by
A. arresting the prophet
B. attacking the prophet
C. refusing to speak
D. calling on their gods

4. Nebuchadnezzar called the three Hebrews to come out of the fiery furnace because
A. the flame of fire slew those men who took them there
B. he wanted to pardon them
C. he was astonished to see four men loose and unhurt
D. they had repented

5. “If you are the son of God, throw yourself down from here; for it is written, ‘He will give his angels charge of you…’” According to Luke, the statement above was made by Satan during Jesus’
A. third temptation     B. crucifixion
C. transfiguration        D. second temptation

6. “Truly, I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such faith…” The statement above by Jesus was made when he healed the
A. leper             B. blind man
C. demoniac     D. centurion’s servant

7. The rainbow as the sign of God’s covenant with Noah implies
A. providence      B. reconciliation
C. mercy              D. redemption

8. “I will go out as at other times and shake myself free.” When Samson made the statement above, he was not aware that
A. the philistines were upon him
B. he was bound with bronze fetters
C. the Lord had left him
D. his eyes had been gouged out

9. Jesus pronounced woe on Chorazin and Bethsaida because they were
A. enemies of the truth
B. not obedient to the law
C. not repentant of their sins
D. against the word of God

10. Those who do not believe in Jesus Christ are condemned already because they
A. are stubborn
B. have not believed
C. worship idols
D. have already perished

Answers to CRS Question Number 1 – 10

1.C   2.B   3.C   4.C   5.A
6.D   7.C   8.C   9.C  10.B

CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 11 – 20]

11. When Simon Peter saw the great shoal of fish caught he exclaimed with personal self-judgment because he was
A. a sinful man          B. astonished
C. amazed                 D. amenable

12. Which of the following was Naaman’s god before his skin was restored? He was a worshiper of
A. gods of Syria      B. the Lord
C. Rimmon             D. Baal

13. How many gallons of water did Jesus turn into wine during the wedding? They were
A. 60 or 90 gallons
B. 120 or 180 gallons
C. 240 or 360 gallons
D. 300 or 450 gallons

14. The word of God came to John in the wilderness during the priesthood of
A. Annas and Abilene
B. Caiaphas and Annas
C. Caiaphas and Philip
D. Abilene and Caiaphas

15. What was to be the reward of Israel according to Isaiah, if they were willing and obedient? They would
A. inherit the entire land
B. be the people of the God and God would be their father
C. prosper and devour their enemies
D. eat the good of the land

16. “Go for he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and kings and sons of Israel.” These were the words of God to
A. Hannah         B. Ananias
C. Barnabas       D. Paul

17. What reward will those who forgave men who sin against them receive from God?
A. they will receive a crown of life
B. God will forgive them of their sins
C. they will enter into God’s kingdom
D. Christ will also forgive them

18. According to Luke, Jesus sent the seventy others on missions as
A. labourers and reapers in the field
B. lambs in the midst of wolves
C. preachers of the kingdom of God
D. messengers in the vineyard

19. “Master, it is well that we are here; let us make three booths, one for you, and one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” According to Luke, Peter made this statement because
A. the place was good for habitation
B. they have no home to live in
C. the son of man had no home of his own
D. they were exceedingly afraid

20. When Jesus sent the seventy on mission he instructed them to eat and drink …
A. in one house only
B. in whatever house they enter
C. as they go about preaching
D. whatever is given to them

Answers to CRS Question Number 11 – 20

11.B   12.C   13.B   14.B   15.D
16.B   17.B   18.B   19.D   20.D

CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 21 – 30]

21. The whole congregation of the people of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness of
A. Elim        B. Sinai
C. sin          D. Marah

22. Why did Saul tell the Kenites to go away from among the Amalekites so that they will not be destroyed?
A. God did not tell him to destroy them
B. Saul married from the Kenites tribe
C. They showed kindness to the people of Israel
D. The Kenites had blood covenant with Israel

23. The wives of David who were taken captive by the Amalekites were
A. Adnah and Ahiah
B. Ahinoam and Abigail
C. Abijah and Abiasaph
D. Adaiah and Adalia

24. Where were Achan and all the members of his family stoned and burned to death because he stole the devoted things of God? They were killed at the valley of
A. Hebron      B. Achor
C. Jordan       D. Jezreel

25. When Nehemiah heard that the walls of Jerusalem have been broken down and the gates destroyed by fire, what did he do?
A. wept and mourned for many days
B. continued fasting and praying before God
C. confessed the sins of the people of Israel
D. blamed the people of Israel for forsaking God

26. The lions in the den did not hurt Daniel because
A. God shut the mouths of the lions
B. Daniel was the servant of the living God
C. God found Daniel blameless before him
D. God sent his angels to protect Daniel

27. According to Hosea, the Israelites decided to return to the Lord so that he may
A. forgive them again
B. defend them against their enemies
C. heal them and bind their wounds
D. Be their God and love them again

28. Why did Isaiah in his vision describe the Israelites as the rebellious children of God?
A. Israel was a sinful nation
B. Israel worshiped other gods
C. they were offspring of evil doers
D. they were people laden with iniquity

29. Jesus condemned the tradition of “Corban” because it
A. was a term of abuse in Israel
B. meant that one should not swear
C. contradicted one’s obligation to parents
D. puts Sabbath law above acts of kindness

30. In the Sermon on the Mount, who did Jesus say will inherit the earth? He meant the
A. peacemakers   B. merciful
C. meek               D. pure in heart

Answers to CRS Question Number 21 – 30

21.C   22.C   23.B   24.B   25.A
26.A   27.C   28.B   29.C   30.C

CRS JAMB Questions and Answers 2023 [Numbers 31 – 40]

31. Jesus is the door and the good shepherd of the sheep because
A. He has the power to lay down his life
B. He has the power to take it again
C. No one can take the power from him
D. He received the charge from God

32. What did Jesus say will happen to any tree that is unproductive? God will
A. cut it down
B. prune the tree
C. take the tree away
D. make it bear more fruits

33. Why did Ananias die for the donation of the sale of his property to the Apostles?
A. He lied to the Holy Spirit
B. He contrived evil in his heart
C. He lied to God not to man
D. He kept back the proceed of the land

34. Who was known as the man of power of God and was called the Great in Samaria. It was
A. Simon      B. Philip
C. Peter        D. John

35. Who did Peter say was in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity? He said it to
A. Saul        B. Simon
C. Philip      D. Agabus

36. Jesus earnestly decided to eat the Passover with his disciples because he
A. knew he was going to die soon
B. wanted to inform them about his betrayal
C. wanted to eat it with them before he dies
D. wanted to have the last meal with them before he dies

37. According to Luke’s gospel, Herod was very happy to see Jesus, Why? He was glad to see him because
A. he had long desired to see him
B. he was hoping to see some miracles
C. Jesus belonged to his jurisdiction
D. he had heard much about him

38. Peter and John were arrested by the priest and the captain of the temple and the Sadducees because they
A. healed the crippled on the Sabbath
B. were teaching the people about Christ
C. were teaching and proclaiming the resurrection
D. were uneducated common men with power

39. God decided to punish Ahab for what he did because Ahab
A. did evil in the sight of God
B. made Israel sin before God
C. provoked the Almighty God
D. killed Naboth before man and God

40. The workmen who were repairing the house of the Lord were not required to give an account of how they spent the money given to them because they
A. were unaccountable
B. were prudent in spending
C. are honest in their dealings
D. kept honest account daily

Answers to CRS Question Number 31 – 40

31.D   32.C   33.C   34.A   35.B
36.A   37.A   38.C   39.D   40.C

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So here you have the 40 CRS JAMB Past Questions for 2023. Read them again and again. Ensure that you get very familiar with each of them such that you can readily recognize them any time. That’s what revision is all about.

Remember that you can ask for more detailed explanation to any of the above questions in case you don’t fully understand it. Don’t be shy, just scroll down and use the comments section. Drop your questions and expect comprehensive answers as soon as possible.

More so, you can help us to reach others with this post by sharing it with friends on Social Media. Just scroll down to see the Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp buttons. Thank you so much!

See you on the next article.

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