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Why is JAMB Portal Showing Only Last Year Details?

On this post, I would address issues concerning last year’s details on JAMB Profile. So my focus here would be to provide answers to the following questions… “Why is JAMB Portal Showing Only Last Year Details?” “What can I do if my JAMB Profile keep bringing my last year JAMB score?”

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board -JAMB

With the introduction of the use of NIN as a prerequisite for JAMB registration, candidates repeating UTME are tied to their previous JAMB Profiles. This is simply because NIN is permanent. That is, once you obtain your national identification number, you cannot change it.

So returning JAMB candidates use their NIN and their old profile code to vend JAMB e-pin. With that, they do their registration on JAMB portal.

However, many of such candidates discover that the JAMB portal is still showing their old details. Some still see their last year’s score, courses, institutions and so on.

Usually, this can be very upsetting for the candidates. Some of them get anxious and panic for fear of not being allowed to write JAMB this year.

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Why is JAMB Portal Showing Only Last Year Details?

If you are having the issue of JAMB Portal showing only your last year’s profile details, I’m sure you will like to know why. You want to know if it will really amount to any serious issue.

First of all, you must acknowledge the fact that the challenge you are facing is not as a result of any mistake from your end. So you must settle the fact that it is not your fault.

Next, you must realize that there is no real problem and no reason to fear.

In the next few lines, I will show you why you are seeing last year’s details on your JAMB Profile. Hope you are ready?


If you are still seeing last year’s details on your JAMB profile, here are the possible reasons…

  1. JAMB is yet to fully integrate the two profiles for the current year’s admissions.
  2. You may be checking for this year’s profile the wrong way.

So those are the possible reasons. I will look at each of them in details and proffer solutions.

1. JAMB is yet to fully integrate the two profiles for the current year’s admissions

Sometimes, this is the simple reason why candidates see last year’s details on their JAMB profile. It happens that JAMB has is yet to fully integrate their last year’s profile with this year’s. This also means that JAMB is yet to fully activate its portal for this year’s admissions.

This integration process might take a little while and calls for patience. Yes, you may hear schools saying they are now offering admission. You may see others announcing the sales of their Post UTME Screening forms. Don’t panic. JAMB is fully in charge.

Your last year’s profile and that of this year will definitely be fully integrated before your school of choice commences admission processes.

2. You may be checking for this year’s profile the wrong way

This second reason is very important. Because it is possible that JAMB has done their part and your two profiles are already integrated. But for sheer ignorance, the candidate muddling things up.

Listen my friends. There is no way you will see this year’s JAMB profile if you are checking for that of last year.

And you have to understand the difference. If you took JAMB last year and have registered again this year, JAMB Portal will have your two profiles. So you can actually see any of the two profiles if you know how to.

If you just login to your profile, what you will see is your last year’s profile details. However, if you want to see your JAMB profile details for this year, you must change the year from the settings.

How to Change the Year on your JAMB Profile

If you used last year’s profile code to register JAMB this year; and JAMB has integrated your profiles for last year and this year on the portal. This is how to change the year on your JAMB profile so as to access this year’s profile details…

  1. Log into your JAMB profile @
  2. On your dashboard, click on “Check Admission Status“.
  3. Allow the portal to load the next page.
  4. On the next page, change the year to the current year if you meet last year as the default year.
  5. Enter your JAMB registration number for this year and click “Access My CAPS“.
  6. The system will take you to this year’s CAPS instead of that of last year.

Note that you also need to change the year to the current year if you want to check your JAMB result or print your JAMB admission letter. Just click on the link at the right side of your dashboard and process payment. That way, you will be paying for this year’s services and not that of last year.

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So we have come to the end of this article. I trust that you found what you were looking for. I hope the solutions are helpful. Just remember to use the services of an experienced agent at an approved JAMB CBT registration center. Im saying this especially for those whose phones are not superior enough to display things correctly.

You can scroll down to use the comments section if you have further questions. Comment your questions or just share your thoughts with us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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