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Open and Distance Learning Universities in Nigeria

On this post, I shall explain what is distance learning and also give a list of distance learning universities in Nigeria. When you understand the meaning of distance learning, you will decide whether it is something you would love to try.

Distance Learning Universities in Nigeria

So, let’s get started…

What is Distance Learning?

The term distance learning is used to describe any form of learning which takes place without the students being physical present in a classroom. It is a form of remote education that is currently gaining wide popularity and acceptance largely because of the Internet. People need to further their education without necessarily pausing their lives. So their busy life schedules, location, work and family necessitate their need for distance learning.

Advantages of Distance Learning

There are many benefits of distance learning over the traditional modes of learning in schools. The students can attend classes online by means of a video conferencing software. The software is designed to allow for interactive communication between the students and their teachers. More so, the students interact, mastermind and solve academic problems with their peers. They can also send in their assignments and have access to the latest learning materials on the online platform.

Below are the advantages of Distance Learning…

1. With distance learning, you spend less.

Yes, distance learning is less expensive than traditional education. The reasons are simple. It saves you transport cost to and fro the campus. More so, you don’t need to live in the school hostel or rent an off-campus apartment near the school. Necessary education materials are also posted on the online platform. So you don’t need to buy expensive textbooks.

2. Your Location doesn’t matter.

Unlike traditional education that is tied to a definite locate, there is freedom of location with distance learning. So where you live does not matter. All you need are the necessary software, device and Internet access. This also save the time you could have been wasting commuting from home to school and back.

3. Distance learning is flexible and allows you to learn at your own pace.

Distance learning occurs by means of online platforms. This does not require physical presence of students in a classroom setting. More so, the students have access to lectures and learning materials 24/7. Therefore, it gives you the freedom to work and study if you wish. You can as well learn at your own pace if you are shouldering much responsibilities.

4. There is diversity in online classes.

This is true as distance learning students participate in online classes from different locations, backgrounds and cultures. These diverse students share one thing in common – desire for quality education. So, as the students interact with their peers from completely different different backgrounds and worldview, they get an enriched learning experience.

5. You have access to latest digital research content

This is true for most students offering distance learning. The latest knowledge from research efforts are made available at the online academic platforms. With this, students who are interested in studying extensively can have access to research documents. But this does not just benefit the students, the lecturers also gain. Yes, because they can incorporate newly published research into their lecture notes and slides.

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Distance Learning Universities in Nigeria

Below is the list of Distance Learning Universities in Nigeria and the programmes they offer. Click any of them so as to access more information about them.

1.University of Ibadan, IbadanUI Distance Learning Center
2.Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-IfeOAU Center for Distance Learning
3.University of Lagos, AkokaUNILAG Distance Learning Institute
4.University of Maiduguri, MaiduguriUNIMAID Center for Distance Learning
5.Modibbo Adama University of Technology, YolaMAUTECH Center for Distance Learning
6.University of Abuja, AbujaUNIABUJA Center for Distance Learning and Continuing Education.
7.Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, OgbomosoLAUTECH Distance Learning Center
8.Ahmadu Bello University ZariaDistance Learning Center ABU, Zaria
9.Lagos State UniversityLagos State University Open and Distance Learning and Research Institute.
10.Joseph Ayo Babalola University UniversityJABU Center for Distance Learning
11.University of Nigeria NsukkaUNN Center for Distance and e-Learning
12.University of UyoUniversity of Uyo (e-Learning), Akwa Ibom State
13.Usmanu Danfodiyo UniversityUsmanu Danfodiyo University (e-Learning), Sokoto, Sokoto State
14.National Open University of Nigeria

CLICK HERE so as to access the programmes run by the approved distance learning universities in Nigeria.

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