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Obi Cubana Phone Number and Other Contact Details

On this post, I shall give you information about Obi Cubana. So, if you are searching for Obi Cubana phone number and other contact details, read this post. You will have all you require to reach the billionaire philanthropist.

Obi Cubana Phone Number

About Obi Cubana

This is a very good place to start, especially for people asking the question. “Who is Obi Cubana?”

The popular philanthropist Obi Cubana, born on 12 April 1975, was given the name Obinna Iyiegbu by his parents. He hails from Oba in Idemili South L.G.A, Anambra State, Nigeria. He is an entrepreneur cum businessman and the CEO of Cubana Group. Hence his nick name, “Obi Cubana”.

Another important information to seek about Obi Cubana is concerning his schooling. Yes, because if you know his alma mater, you can connect with him via the school’s Old Boys Association. That’d be a smart…

So which schools did Obi Cubana attend?

He had his primary education at Central Primary School. For secondary education, he moved to the famous Dennis Memorial Grammar School (DMGS). So Obi Cubana is an Old Boy of DMGS? You just got to know….

After his secondary education, he gained admission at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) to pursue a degree in Political Science. Eventually, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Obi Cubana is also a Super Lion!

As I already mentioned above, Obi Cubana is an entrepreneur. He is the very successful founder of a night club called Ibiza Club in Abuja. More so, he established a hospitality club called Cubana in Owerri, Imo State. He also has other chains of business involving manufacturing, importation and so on.

Obi Cubana, the Socialite and Philanthropist

Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana is popularly known to be very fond of social activities and entertainment. He is also a philanthropist who derives joy and satisfaction in helping the poor in the society. He lifts people from nothing to something. Many very successful Nigerian business men today cannot tell their success stories without mentioning Obi Cubana. Of course, this includes the popular Cubana Chief Priest and many others.

Are you poor and needy? Do you need financial help for schooling or to start a business? Do you wish to contact Obi Cubana for assistance? In the following sections, I shall give you his personal contact details.

Obi Cubana Phone Number

Obi Cubana is a billionaire who loves to assist people. Because of this rare nature, many people for various reasons are looking for his personal phone number. So many people want to reach him. Because of that, we are going to drop his phone number here.

Here is Obi Cubana phone number: +2348024241107.

Because of his status, he may set his phone not to receive calls at some times in the day. You need to be patient and keep trying. Of course, you know that nothing good comes easy. However, remember to be courteous if your call goes through and he grants you audience.

Obi Cubana Phone Number Alternatives

As you may expect, reaching Obi Cubana via is phone may be a herculean task. But there are other alternative channels through which you can reach him. You can explore those other channels. The most important thing is to get him to attend to your needs. So you can reach the billionaire philanthropist via email or any of his Social Media handles.

Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana Email Address

You can contact Obi Cubana through his email address. Maybe you have a business proposal or just need an assistance, send your mail to:
Although it may take some time to get a reply, patiently wait for it. The reply may be all you need for your story to change.

Obi Cubana Verified Social Media Handles

The next alternative ways to reach or contact Obi Cubana are through his Social Media handles. Now you need to be very careful here. As is natural with Social Media, there are many numerous fake accounts created by Internet fraudsters in Obi Cubana’s name. So you must always ensure that your are dealing with his verified accounts as I will give you here.

Obi Cubana Facebook Page

You can follow Obi Cubana on his Facebook page. You can also get his attention by sending a private message to his inbox or tagging him in comments. This is his verified Facebook page: Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana Twitter Handle

You can follow Obi Cubana on his Twitter handle. You can also get his attention by sending a private message to his inbox or tagging him in comments. This is his verified Twitter handle: @realobi_cubana

Obi Cubana Instagram Handle

You can follow Obi Cubana on his Instagram handle. You can also get his attention by sending a private message to his inbox or tagging him in comments. This is his verified Instagram Id: @obi_cubana.

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