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How Do I Get My Last Year Profile Code to Register this Year

On this post, I intend to address a question on the lips of many candidates repeating JAMB this year. Many of them ask, “Can I use last year profile code for this year?” While others ask, “How do I get my last year profile code?” If you are one of those asking these questions, please read this very carefully to avoid making costly mistakes.

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board -JAMB

It is no longer news that the number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria is grossly inadequate for the over 1.5 million candidates seeking admission yearly. So we have several tertiary institutions with few faculties and very low carrying capacities. This translates into low student admission rates.

In some academic years, more than 1.8 million candidates register for JAMB (both UTME and DE). But at the end of the year, roughly 500,000 students gain admission. This sees over 1 million candidates repeating JAMB the following year. Of course, fresh secondary school leavers top up this number.

This cycle repeats every year and the figure keeps compounding.

Last Year Profile Code

Like I have pointed above, it is not every candidate that intends to register JAMB this year that is doing that for the first time. So, a vast majority of the candidates planning to register JAMB this year actually wrote the same exam exam last year. Sadly, some have even written JAMB for more than two years but are yet to succeed.

The candidates I just described used an email address, a phone number and a profile code to process their JAMB registration last year. Actually, they used their phone number to generate JAMB Profile Code like every other candidate. Now it’s time to register another JAMB. And many of them need clarity over a lot of issues. Of course, they hear about the issues other candidates in their shoes face because they did not do proper fact-finding before registration.

Very sadly, if you search the Internet, you will read very divergent opinions on this matter. The information available on the Web are so contradictory that if you are not careful, you will end up with more confusion. You, therefore, need to be wary of the blogs you read and the information you sift from them.

In the following sections, I will give you answers you can rely on.

Can I Use Last Year Profile Code for this Year JAMB Registration?

So for many former candidates planning to re-register JAMB, there is one question on their lips. The question is, “Can I use last year profile code for this year?”

On this post, I will give you answers in line with JAMB’s official guide on the use of profile code, email address and phone number.

The truth is that you can use your last year profile code for this year’s JAMB registration.

Actually, JAMB wants you to use that. I will explain in details if you keep reading.

The introduction of NIN for JAMB registration brought a lot of changes to the system. Of course, you know that every Nigerian citizen is allowed to have only one national identity number (NIN). So JAMB required that you use your NIN to get the profile code the previous year. Consequently, the data on your National ID card was exported for your JAMB registration.

Since you cannot change your NIN, you will still use it to create this year’s JAMB profile code. And of course, it will definitely be the same as your last year’s JAMB profile code.

This implies same profile, email address and phone number.

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How Do I Get my Last Year Profile Code?

So far, we have established the fact that you can use your last year’s profile code for this year. And not just that you can, you should because JAMB wants you to.

Now the very likely question in your mind is, “How do I get my last year profile code?” If my guess is right, then join me in the next section as I take you through the steps to get the profile code you used last year.

How to Get Last Year Profile Code to Register JAMB this Year

The good news is that you can get your last year profile code at no cost. More so, the procedure is very simple.

Here are the steps to get your last year’s profile code…

1. Visit the JAMB Portal @
2. Log in to your last year’s JAMB profile using your email, phone number and password.
3. At the top of the page is a 10-digit number which is your profile code.
4. Copy that and proceed to buy your JAMB form.

Of course, when you get to the CBT center, they will request for your profile/confirmation code before they can vend your JAMB e-PIN for registration.

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What are the Implications of Using Last Year’s JAMB Profile

JAMB has designed that candidates must register using their NIN. The implication is that once they register, they cannot change their profile for any reason. Now the natural questions are…

  • how does that affect my bio-data?
  • what’s the implication of that on my choice of course and institutions?

I will give you all the answers in the following sections.

How Does Using Last Year Profile Code Affect my Bio-Data Information?

Using your last year’s JAMB profile code for this year’s registration will tie you to the same bio-data you used last year. So if you use your last profile code, you agree to JAMB’s terms that all your personal details used for the last UTME will also be used this year.
In other words, your names (and their arrangement) will stay the same as last year. The same goes for your date of birth, gender, state, local government of origin and so on. You may, however, wish to make changes to any of the bio-data. There is a simple procedure for that. You may read it here: How to correct mistakes on JAMB Profile Bio-data.

What’s the Implication of Using Last Year Profile on Choice of Course and Institutions?

The possible implication of using last year’s profile for this year is the fear of many students. It is natural for some candidates that chose certain institutions or courses the previous year to wish to try other institutions or courses this year. So they fear that using last years profile code will tie them to the same courses and institutions they chose last year.

No, it doesn’t work that way. Yes, your last year’s profile code ties you to the same personal details but that doesn’t mean you choose make new choice of courses and institutions.

So JAMB will still open your profile for the CBT registration centers to choose new set of institutions for you. And that includes universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and innovation enterprises institutions.

You will also be allowed, if need be, to make new choices of JAMB subject combinations in line with your courses.

But I Already Accepted Admission on Last Year Profile

Of course, I cannot conclude this piece without treating this case. And that is the case of candidates who were admitted the previous and accepted their admission on JAMB CAPS but did not proceed to the institution where they were admitted. Inasmuch as candidates with this case are relatively few, some consider it a serious case. Hence the need to say something about it.

So it’s possible that you were offered admission last year. But after accepted it on JAMB CAPS, you changed your mind over the institution or course and decided to re-write JAMB.

Know today that although it is compulsory that you still re-use your previous JAMB profile, you won’t have issues with getting another admission so long as you merit it.

JAMB resets the profiles every year so that candidates can use their old profiles for new registration. (This is adopted since each candidate’s profile is tied to their NIN which cannot be changed.) To help differentiate last year profile from the new profile, the JAMB portal allows candidates to choose the current year via a drop-down menu. Once the new year is chosen, details for the new year loads. This means that you can choose to check your details for any past year by selecting the desired year.


So we have come to the end of this article. The conclusion of the matter is that candidates who wish to re-write JAMB have no choice other than to use their NIN to get the JAMB profile codes. This will, in turn, tie them to their old profiles. Since JAMB has designed their portal to function in this manner, it poses to problems to the candidates. They can still choose new courses, institutions and subjects. At the end, they will still gain admission in the new year if they so qualify. And it doesn’t matter whether they accepted the admission they were offered the previous year.

I trust that you found what you were looking for in this article. You can scroll down to use the comments section if you have further questions. Comment your questions or just share your thoughts with us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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  1. please sir can I use different line that my nin is link to to get my last year profile code

  2. sir please I don’t have record of any of my past jamb detail even the phone number has been giving to another costomer I can’t retrieve do I go about this please help me

  3. l had a good score last year Jamb 295.but my university has not called us. now wanted to rewrite and pick another university that do not have backlog of admission .
    can I still use old profile code? hope my earlier score is still intact in case the university is ready to admit?

    • The truth is that JAMB portal has been designed in such a way that if you are a returning candidate, you have no choice than to use your old profile.

      The reason is because your phone number, NIN and other bio-metrics are the same and cannot be duplicated on JAMB portal.

      If you register for JAMB this year, you must retain your old profile. However, everything about last year will remain intact. There is provision for selecting any year you want to view.

  4. Pls sir, what is the second option

    • The second option is to visit the JAMB office and request for change of phone number.

      When you do, they will ask you to provide an affidavit stating that the current phone number on your JAMB profile belongs to you.

      Then they will pass you through bio-metrics verification before you can supply your new phone number. And so on.

      If you need more details, Click this Link.

  5. Sir, the sim i used to generate my last year jamb is missing and even my email i don’t remember, and i tried to generate another profile code but it saying i have link it with that sim sir please what can i do to generate the profile and i don’t open any jamb portal

    • You need to quickly recover your missing SIM. Go to your network provider’s office and do Welcome Back. Your NIN is linked to that SIM, so you need it back.

      If you cannot get the phone number back, I’m afraid the second option is a bit rigorous.

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