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50 JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government

This post is for JAMB candidates who are preparing to sit for Government in their UTME examination. So I’m going to share the JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government with you and tell you few things you need to know about JAMB repeated questions. But beyond showing you the JAMB Repeated Questions on Government, I will also give you the link to the entire JAMB Government Past Questions and Answers PDF.

50 JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government

When I started receiving the question, “Does JAMB Really Repeat Past Questions?” on my various platforms, I made a post on this website where I authoritatively informed my readers that JAMB indeed repeats their past questions.

But when we think about Government as a subject, we all acknowledge the fact that it is both vast and evolving. We know that JAMB can afford to set hundreds of new questions every year if they so wish.

However, JAMB repeats certain questions in Government exams for reasons best known to them.

So I’m going to devote this post to showing you JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government. Of course, when you have insight into the questions JAMB repeats most, you will prepare better for them.

Importance of Gaining Insight into the JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government

Gaining insight into the JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government is very essential for your success in the forthcoming 2024 exams.

This is because when you see the most repeated Government questions, you can tell which topics they are coming from. When you know the topics, you can do justice to them using your JAMB Recommended Textbooks. This is one of the secrets to effective preparation for JAMB.

The JAMB most repeated Government questions are also the likely questions for 2024. So if you are looking for JAMB likely questions in Government for 2024 UTME, read the questions on this post carefully. If you do, you will thank me later.

The JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government and their Answers

I am going to give you the JAMB most repeated questions in Government in groups of 10. For each group, I will provide the answers as a guide for the candidates who may wish to do their revision on this platform.

JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (1 – 10)

1. Which organ of the government is referred to as the last hope of the common man?
A. The legislative
B. The parliament
C. The executive
D. The judiciary

2. In a parliamentary system, powers of the organs of government are
A. diffused
B. separated
C. fused
D. divided

3. Fascism is associated with
A. Karl Marx
B. Benito Mussolini
C. Adolf Hitler
D. Mao Tseng Tung

4. Checks and Balances enable the judiciary to
A. interpret the constitution
B. apply the law
C. declare null and void actions of the other organs
D. execute the law

5. A citizen has the right to refuse only one of these calls
A. to participate in a political rally
B. to military service
C. to jury service
D. to give evidence in court

6. The law of libel limits a citizen’s right of freedom of
A. association
B. movement
C. worship
D. expression

7. Option A4 method of voting was introduced by
A. Professor Eme Awa
B. Chief Michael Ani
C. Professor Humphrey Nwosu
D. Justice Erereka Ovie-Whiskey

8. One of these is not a professional pressure group
A. Academic Staff Union of Universities
B. Nigeria Medical Association
C. Nigeria Bar Association
D. Nigeria Chamber of Commerce

9. The grade of the civil services closest to the minister is
A. the technical grade
B. the administrative grade
C. the executive grade
D. the clerical grade

10. Criticisms of the civil service do not include
A. secrecy
B. red-tap
C. strict adherence to rules
D. openness

Answers to JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (1 – 10)

1.D     2.C     3.B      4.C     5.A
6.D     7.C     8.D     9.B     10.D

JAMB Repeated Questions in Government (11 – 20)

11. The disadvantage of one-party system is that it
A. makes accountability difficult
B. negates freedom of association
C. emphasize political differences
D. delays decision making

12. Citizenship refers to the
A. indigenous member of a state
B. social status of a person in a state
C. highest position in a state
D. legal status of a member of a state

13. The main function of public opinion is to
A. change the policy of government
B. provide direction for public policy
C. support the policy of government
D. indoctrinate the people

14. A typical form of delegated legislation is
A. act of parliament
B. decree
C. bye-law
D. gazette

15. One of the major sources of constitution is
A. judicial precedence
B. political debate
C. opinion poll
D. executive order

16. Coalition government arises when
A. One of the parties has a majority in the parliament
B. No party has a majority in parliament
C. Two or more party cooperate to pass a bill in parliament
D. The ruling party is defeated in parliament

17. The main attribute of a state are
A. population, territory, government and sovereignty
B. the press, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary
C. federal, state and local governments
D. government, the policy and the armed forces

18. Nigeria observed the principle of collective responsibility between
A. 1993 and 1999
B. 1985 and 1993
C. 1979 and 1983
D. 1960 and 1966

19. Under the presidential system of government, the legislature and the executive are
A. elected separately to a fixed term
B. elected separately to an unfixed term
C. appointed by the judiciary to a fixed term
D. appointed at the same time to an unfixed term

20. Federalism was introduced in Nigeria under the
A. Richards Constitution
B. Lyttleton Constitution
C. Macpherson Constitution
D. Independence Constitution

Answers to JAMB Repeated Questions in Government (11 – 20)

11.B      12.D      13.A      14.C     15.A
16.B      17.A      18.D      19.A     20.B

JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (21 – 30)

21. The N.C.N.C. sent a delegation to London to protest against the
A. Republican Constitution
B. Richards Constitution
C. Lyttleton Constitution
D. Macpherson Constitution

22. Under the 1963 Republican Constitution, the president exercised
A. judicial powers
B. executive powers
C. nominal powers
D. concurrent powers

23. The first black African state to gain political independence from a colonial power was
A. Nigeria
B. Liberia
C. Ghana
D. Ethiopia
E. Guinea

24. In federal constitution, legislative powers that are shared by two levels are referred to as
A. exclusive
B. extra-ordinary
C. residual
D. concurrent

25. In the Igbo political system, the most senior member of the council of elders is the
A. okpara
B. obi
C. eze
D. ofo

26. Proportional representation favours
A. multi-party system
B. three-party system
C. two-party system
D. one-party system

27. One major factor that differentiates the presidential from the parliamentary system is
A. separation of powers
B. judicial independence
C. passage of bills
D. party system

28. A special election organized to decide on a political issue is known as
A. plebiscite
B. by-election
C. general election
D. primary election

29. Which of these was the main organ of the defunct OAU?
A. the Liberation Committee
B. the Council of Ministers
C. the Commission for Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration
D. the Assembly of Heads of State and Government

30. Fascism originated from
A. Greece
B. Italy
C. China
D. Germany

Answers to JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (21 – 30)

21.B      22.C     23.C     24.D     25.A
26.A      27.A     28.A     29.D    30.B

JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (31 – 40)

31. A limited geographical territory with a population and sovereign authority is
A. society
B. community
C. state
D. government

32. In British Parliamentary System, the Monarch can be referred to as the
A. Queen in parliament
B. Queen and parliament
C. Queen’s parliament
D. Queen’s assembly

33. A government by people with pride of birth is called
A. democracy
B. aristocracy
C. autocracy
D. monarchy

34. In Nigeria, representations of states in the Upper House is based on
A. population
B. ethnicity
C. equity
D. equality

35. Which organ of government is referred to as the last hope of the common man?
A. the legislature
B. the parliament
C. the executive
D. the judiciary

36. A Unitary System of Government leads to
A. too much expenditure
B. duplication of resources
C. delay in passage of bills
D. quick passage of bills

37. In Parliamentary System of government, powers of organs of government are
A. diffused
B. separated
C. fused
D. divided

38. Fascism is associated with
A. Carl Marx
B. Benito Mussolini
C. Adolf Hitler
D. Mao Tseng Tung

39. A written Constitution must contain a
A. dialogue
B. prologue
C. preamble
D. discourse

40. Checks and Balances empower the Judiciary to
A. interpret the constitution
B. apply the law
C. declare null and void actions of other organs
D. execute the law

Answers to JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (31 – 40)

31.C     32.A     33.B     34.D     35.D
36.D     37.C     38.B     39.C     40.C

JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (41 – 50)

41. Associations whose main interest is to influence public policies without having to capture political power are
A. Pressure groups
B. Trade unions
C. Political parties
D. Professional groups

42. Government by the wealthy is known as
A. Plutocracy
B. Democracy
C. Oligarchy
D. Aristocracy

43. The citizenship of a country could be acquired through
A. presidential proclamation
B. parliamentary legislation
C. registration arbitration
D. birth and naturalization

44. The Eastern and Western regions of Nigeria achieved the status of self-government in
A. 1950
B. 1957
C. 1959
D. 1955

45. Leaders who spearheaded the transformation of the Organization of African Unity into African Union were from
A. Nigeria, Libya and South Africa
B. Nigeria, Liberia and Morocco
C. South Africa, Libya and Zambia
D. Nigeria, Libya and Kenya

46. The atomic bomb tests carried out around the Sahara Desert made Nigeria severe relations with
A. Canada
B. Germany
C. France
D. Britain

47. The first federal constitution in Nigeria was the
A. Clifford’s Constitution
B. Macpherson Constitution
C. Lyttleton Constitution
D. Independent Constitution

48. In Judicial administration, the term ‘the Bench’ refers to the
A. Judges
B. Lawyers
C. Registrars
D. Litigants

49. A non-monarchical state can be described as a
A. Confederation
B. Republic
C. Federation
D. Monarchy

50. The first successful disengagement of the military from politics in Nigeria was carried out by the government of
A. Murtala-Obasanjo
B. Abdulsalami Abubakar
C. Buhari-Idiagbon
D. Ibrahim Babangida

Answers to JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government (41 – 50)

41.A      42.A      43.D     44.B     45.A
46.C      47.C      48.A     49.B     50.A

How to Pass JAMB Government Questions in 2024

If Government is one of your four JAMB Subject Combination, then your goal must be to get a high score in the subject.

And to pass JAMB Government with a high score, you must study hard in preparation for the examination. This entails getting the Official JAMB Syllabus for Government. You will also need to get one or two of the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Government and the Past Questions and Answers PDF.

Here’s one JAMB success secret you must never joke with…

Over 40% of the Government questions you will see in the JAMB CBT exam hall will be repeated from the past questions.

So it’s very important that you get a good JAMB past questions and answers in Government. By good past questions and answers I mean the one with a complete coverage of the past questions. It should start from the inception of JAMB exams till date. It must also have error-proof and comprehensive answers.

When you get these important JAMB preparatory tools, the next thing is to make out time for actual study. You can create a workable study time table for yourself and follow it religiously. Guided by the syllabus, read your textbooks and practice the past questions over and over.

Then pray for the best outing on your exam day.


Here is where we come to the end of this post on the JAMB Most Repeated Questions in Government.

Adequate preparation is key to success. So do your best to go over these questions again and again till you master them.

Also let me know your thoughts via the comments section. Just scroll down to drop a comment.

Before you go, kindly help us to reach others with this post. Share with friends on Social Media. Just scroll down to see the Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp buttons. Thank you so much!

See you on the next article.

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