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How to Print Original JAMB Result Slip for All Years

You are welcome to another very informative page on your favorite educational website, On this post, we shall examine Original JAMB Result Slip. We shall learn exactly what it is and also provide a comprehensive guide on how to print it.

How to print original jamb result slip

What is Original JAMB Result Slip?

Original JAMB result slip is an official document that shows the result of a candidate’s performance in the JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Many Nigerian tertiary institutions require that candidates must tender the original JAMB result slip during admission screening and verification of documents. So candidates need to know what it looks like and how to print it out for themselves.

Features of Original JAMB Result Slip

Many candidates reach out to me to ask if they still need to go for their original JAMB result slip since they already have their result slip. They want to know if the result slip printout they have is the one referred to as the original JAMB result slip.

There’s need for candidates to know the features of the original JAMB result slip so that they don’t end up confused.

The original JAMB result slip typically contains the following information:

  • Candidate’s full name
  • Candidate’s photograph
  • Examination center
  • Candidate’s registration number
  • Examination date and time
  • Subject scores for each subject taken in the UTME
  • Aggregate score
  • Candidate’s biometric verification
  • QR code (a security features to prevent forgery)

As a candidate, you need to note the above information carefully. If what you have does not contain the information above, then it’s not the original JAMB result slip.

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Why You Need to Print Your Original JAMB Result

On this website, I do everything in my power to help you in your admission search. And by the special grace of God, you will gain admission into your dream school this year. Did I hear an AMEN?

When you eventually gain admission, you will be required to go through physical verification of your documents. Your original JAMB result slip is one of the several other documents you need for clearance. You put all of them in a file and submit at the necessary office.

Requirements for Printing JAMB Original Result Slip

The following table gives a summary of the requirements you must have in order to print your original JAMB result slip:

S/no Requirements for Printing JAMB Original Result Slip
1. A device with a good Internet access (can be a PC or Smart Phone)
2. JAMB Profile login details (i.e. your JAMB email address and Password). So those without an account on JAMB portal will have to create one. You can search for How to Create a JAMB Online Profile on this website.
3. You must have checked your JAMB Result.
4. Original JAMB Result Printing charges.
5. Your ATM card for payment.
6. The Technical Know How.

That’s just it about requirements. But before I leave this section, I want to lay emphasis on the need to have a good Internet connection before trying to access the JAMB portal for printing of original result. Poor or slow Internet speed can cause delays or errors. You don’t want your payment hanging.

Who Can Print Original JAMB Result Slip?

Those who can now print their original JAMB result slip include:

  • all the candidates who participated in the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  • those who wrote UTME in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and other years before these.

So it doesn’t matter the year you sat for UTME. As long as you don’t have your Original slip, you can go ahead and print it.

How Much to Print JAMB Original Result?

According to JAMB portal, the cost of printing original JAMB result slip is One thousand Naira (NGN1000) only. That is the official charge that JAMB would collect for the service.

If you wish to make the payment by yourself using your ATM card, I would recommend that you have at least N1,200 before making payment. The extra N200 is to cover bank transaction charges.

However, if you wish to print your original JAMB result slip via a business center or cyber cafe, you may need to budget about N1,700. The extra money on the N1000 is service charge.

How to Print Original JAMB Result Slip

photo of Original JAMB result slip

Now we have come to the main subject of this teaching. In this section, I will show you how to print your original JAMB result slip in very simple steps.

Remember that you need to have checked your result before you can print your original result slip. So, if you haven’t checked your result, Click on the JAMB Result Checker to quickly see how to check your result using with your registration number.

Alright. Here are the specific steps you will need to follow to print out your original JAMB result slip:

1. Open Chrome, Firefox or other suitable Internet browser

how to print jamb mock slip 2023
On your PC or mobile device, open your Google Chrome web browser or any other suitable browser like Firefox, Internet explorer and so on.

2. Visit the JAMB eFacility Page

JAMB Portal Login page

On your browser, enter the following web address on the space for url or search: As soon as you enter it, the page above will open. At the top right of that page, click on the “Create e-facility Account/Log in“

3. Login to your JAMB Profile

How to Check JAMB CAPS Admission Status
A click on the “Create e-facility Account/Log in“ button will take you to your JAMB Profile Login Page. Fill the spaces for eMail Address and Password with your JAMB email address and the Password i.e. as sent to your email by JAMB.

4. Locate the “Print Result Slip” Button on your JAMB Profile (Candidate’s Dashboard)

Original jamb result slip printing page

As soon as you enter your correct email address and Password in step 3, the page above will load. That page is the dashboard of your JAMB profile. On the dashboard, locate the “Print Result Slip” button as shown by the red arrow in the image. Click on it when you find it.

5. Click on the “Pay With Remita” option

payment page for original jamb result slip

On the payment choice dashboard of your Result Slip Printing Page, you will see two payment options. Just click on the first option (i.e. Pay with Remita).

6. Click On “Continue To Payment”

original jamb result slip payment gateway

When you click on the Pay with Remita button, the page shown above will load. On that page, you will see the prompt, “Continue To payment”. Click on it. It simply means that you will need to pay using your ATM card. You may need to provide your email address or phone number during the payment process.

7. Click On “Pay Now”


When you click on the Pay Now button, you will be taken to the Remita Page to confirm your details and fill your card details for the payment.

8. Click the Submit Button on the Remita Page


When the Remita page loads, take a little time to look through the details there to ensure that they are correct. If they are all correct, click on the SUBMIT button.

9. Fill your ATM Card Details and click on “Pay Now”


On this page, you can choose from a variety of payment options including Card, Bank account, USSD and and so on. Decide on the payment option to use and fill the details correctly on the right fields.

Thereafter, click on “Pay“.

Once your payment goes through and the payment portal redirects you back to the JAMB site, you can go ahead to print your original JAMB result slip by selecting your exam year and filling in your ‘JAMB Registration Number’ in the required fields.

When you are done with this step, you can request that your original JAMB result slip be sent to your email or printed directly from the portal.

For obvious reasons, I think you should request to receive your JAMB result slip in mail and print it out from there. Thereafter, it will remain safe in your mail in case of future emergencies.

Difficulty Printing Original JAMB Result Slip after Payment

Unable to print JAMB result slip after payment

There are candidates that experience difficulty printing their original JAMB result slip even after successful payment.

If you are experiencing such difficulty today, here’s how you can resolve it:

  • locate the print result slip option on your JAMB profile (see the photo above)
  • click on “pay with remita”
  • instead of continuing with the payment option, click on the PRINT

The photo below would give you more clarity

Print Jamb Original result after payment

If you’re having issues with access or printing your original JAMB result slip beyond what I have covered in this post, you need to contact JAMB support for assistance. See how to create a JAMB Support Ticket to resolve any complaint.


Here’s where we end this very informative article about original JAMB result slip printing. Printing of JAMB result slip is an easy and straightforward process that you can do online at the comfort of your home or in a cyber cafe. However, you must ensure that you have the requirements ready and that you follow the steps accurately to avoid errors. If you encounter issues or have trouble accessing your result, you can drop a comment below for guide. Otherwise, contact JAMB support for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Original JAMB Result Slip Printing

What’s the Deadline for printing original JAMB result slip?

There is no deadline for printing JAMB Original result slip. However, it’s better to print it as soon as possible to avoid rush when you need to use it. You can process it and keep it safe in your email.

How many times can I print my original JAMB result slip?

After successful payment, you can print your original JAMB result slip for a maximum of five (5) times only. Once you exceed the limit, you will need to pay again to print it.

How can I print my JAMB result without email?

You don’t necessarily need your email account or address to print your original JAMB result slip. Your email address is only required as part of your login credentials to your JAMB profile. So you need the email address you used to register JAMB and the corresponding password.

If you are asking this question because you have forgotten the login details to your email account, don’t worry, you don’t really need it. All you need is to remember the email address you registered JAMB with and your profile password.

Is it compulsory to print original JAMB result?

Yes, it is compulsory to print original JAMB result slip. The reasons for this answer are simple. Original JAMB result slip is different from the normal result printout as it has more security features. Institutions in Nigeria consider it as the official result from JAMB and they require it for clearance.

Can I print my JAMB Original result in a cyber cafe?

Yes, you can print your JAMB result slip at any cyber cafe or business center. You don’t need to go to an accredited JAMB CBT center to check and print your JAMB result.

Can I get my original JAMB result with my phone?

Yes, you can get your original JAMB result slip via your phones as long as the phone has strong Internet connectivity and can be used to download documents.t.

Can I Print JAMB Original Result Using My Reg Number

No, you cannot print your original JAMB result slip using just your registration number. You can only check for your JAMB result printout using your JAMB Reg number.

Just in case you still have some questions or you just want to share your thoughts with me, feel free you use the comments box below. I’d be glad to help further or just to hear from you.

See you on the next article.

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