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MTN Foundation Scholarship Examinations: Past Questions | Format | Facts

There are some facts you should know if you are to write the MTN Foundation scholarship examination and award process. There are also some few past questions from previous MTN scholarship exams to give you an idea about the format of the exam. Approximately 37,800 students applied in 2019 and the number is usually that high.

Things to Note About MTN Foundation Scholarship Exam and Award

    1. The MTN Foundation Scholarship exam is computer based and will be digitally timed.
    2. All candidates have equal amount of time.
    3. Expect a good number of questions to be answered in about two hours.
    4. The exam is organized by JAMB and comprise of the following sections: One Comprehension Passage with about five questions, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Analogy, and of course Information Technology Questions plus Current affairs/General Knowledge, and so on.
    5. The Exam will last for about two hours.
    6. A transport stipend of ₦2,500 will be disbursed either by cash immediately after exam or DYA on a later date.
    7. MTN Scholarship exam result is usually released about 3 weeks after the examination.
    8. A total of 500 winners will be shortlisted for the award.
    9. Award ceremony holds about 3 weeks after shortlist of winners.
    10. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email and the the national dailies will also have the publication as well as the MTNF official website.
    11. Each winner should receive an alert of ₦200,000 in about three weeks time in the bank account they submit on the award day. In 2015, MTN partnered with Diamond Bank for the Diamond Yellow Account which was used as the method of disbursing the cash.
    12. Old Awardees who are still eligible as per their CGPA will also be invited for renewal of their wward. This implies that you can have the scholarship until you graduate as long as your CGPA does not fall below 3.5 or 2nd class upper as well as their equivalents for Polytechnic students.

MTN Foundation Scholarship Past Questions and Exam Format

Please Note: If you are a candidate for the scholarship, you should please note that there is absolutely NO guarantee that these are the questions that will be set for you, so avoid spending time trying to cram them. These are just past questions and should be seen as such.

Here are some sample past questions:

1. What is the most appropriate software for calculating in computer?

Answer: Microsoft Excel

2. Adobe Photoshop is a:

Answer: Graphics Software

3. What is the name of the first Computer Network?

Answer: ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Administration Network)

4. What is the number of Computer Generation?

Answer: Five

5. She has lived here _____ 1975.

  1. for
  2. since
  3. ago
  4. from

Answer: B) since

6. The company uses heavy _________.

  1. machinary
  2. machinery
  3. machinery
  4. machinari

Answer: C) Machinery

7. P and q are integers that are multiple of 5. Which of this is NOT true about p and q?

  1. P + q is divisible by 5
  2. P – q is divisible by 10
  3. P + q is divisible by 20
  4. P + q is divisible by 25

8. If the sector of a circle of an angle of 60° with a radius of 30 cm is bent to form a cone, find the base radius of the cone?

Logical Reasoning Sample Questions:

Six different students – Adam, Ben, Carl, David, Edgar, and Frank – compete in a “Homework race” in which the student with the most completed homework assignments is said to finish the race first and the student with the fewest completed homework assignment is said to finish the race last. The other students are ranked between first and last according to the number of completed homework assignments. The following statements are all true about the results of the home work race EXCEPT:

  1. Ben finished either immediately before or immediately after David.
  2. Edgar finished third
  3. Adam did not finish last
  4. There were no ties.

Which of the following is the possible order of the students from first to last?

  1. Adam, Edgar, Ben, David, Frank, Carl
  2. Ben, David, Edgar, Frank, Carl, Adam
  3. David, Adam, Edgar, Ben, Carl, Frank
  4. Frank, Adam, Edgar, David, Carl, Ben
  5. Carl, Adam, Edgar, frank, David, Ben.

All of the following are possible orders of the student’s from first to last, EXCEPT

  1. Adam, Ben, David, Edgar, Carl, Frank.
  2. Carl, Frank, Edgar, Adam, David, Ben,
  3. Frank, Adam, Edgar, Ben, David, Carl.
  4. David, Ben, Edgar, Frank, Adam, Carl,
  5. Ben, David, Edgar, Carl, Adam, Frank.

If Adam finishes fifth, which of the following must be true?

  1. Frank must finish either first or last
  2. Carl must finish either second or fourth
  3. David must finish either first or second
  4. Ben must finish either first or third
  5. Edgar must finish last.



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