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UNN Order of Hostel Documentation for Clearance and Signing in

UNN Order of Hostel Documentation for Clearance and Signing in

This is for the ‘lucky’ students of UNN and UNEC who have successfully gone through the process of hostel application and have gotten and paid for bed space. Below is the order in which your documents must be arranged before you head to your Hall Supervisor’s office for clearance and signing in.

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  1. Hall levy/ Identity Card Receipt
  2. Admission Slip
  3. Profile update – Personal Data form
  4. Screening Examination result slip
  5. Jamb Admission slip
  6. Credentials (WAEC/NECO or Statement of Result)
  7. Testimonial (from Secondary School)
  8. Birth Certificate
  9. Admission list (print out where your name is)
  10. Local Government letter of identification
  11. Letter of Attestation
  12. School fees receipt
  13. Hostel Allocation Slip
  14. Hostel Accommodation Acceptance and Undertaking Form
  15. Bio-data form (handwritten)

Arrange the above documents in order and use file tack to fasten the documents.

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