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Junior WAEC 2022 English Questions and Answers

You are welcome to another informative post on our BECE Past Questions and Answers Series. On this post, we are going to give you access to Junior WAEC 2022 English Questions and Answers for your revision.

Junior WAEC 2022 English Questions and Answers

Junior WAEC 2022 English Questions and Answers

SECTION A of Junior WAEC 2022 English Questions and Answers


Carefully read the following passage and then answer the questions on it.

Many people believe that there should be universal primary education. Some claim that every child has a right to an education. The advantages of education cannot be denied. It gives the individual the opportunity to get as good a job as he is capable of, and so to earn a better living than he could as, perhaps a farmer. It also develops him as a person, enabling him to get more out of life.

For instance, it is obvious that a person who can read and write has the opportunity to do more and enjoy life more than one who cannot. Therefore, it is wrong that any person should be denied an education. Whether he receives one or not should not depend on whether his parents wish it or not, nor on whether they can afford it or not nor on whether they need him to work at home or not. No obstacle should prevent a child from receiving an education.

But it may still be said that society needs more and more educated people. The prosperity of a country seems to be closely linked with its standards of education and the proportion of its population that has received a high level of education. The sooner there is universal primary education, the sooner the country will acquire the skills it needs if it is to become prosperous. This argument is not valid, however, because it is simply not possible, to have universal primary education if there are not nearly enough teachers or funds.

This however would be a wrong conclusion. The crux of the matter is the timing of its introduction. It should certainly remain an ultimate goal. Not only that, a continual effort should be made to reach it as soon as possible. But the increase of primary education must advance no faster than the increase of teachers to staff it, the increase of funds to pay for it, and the increase of jobs and secondary schools.


1. Why do many people believe there should be universal primary education?
A. Because children behave well if they get universal primary education.
B. Because every child gets good job in universal primary education.
C. Because every child has a right to education.
D. Because parents provide universal primary education for their children.

2. What opportunity has a person who can read and write?
A. He has the opportunity to get as good a job as he is capable of.
B. He has the opportunity to help others get good jobs.
C. He has the opportunity to defend his community in times of need.
D. He has the opportunity to get a job without struggling for it.

3. What should never be considered in giving a person education?
A. That people are entitled to good education.
B. That young people are normally easy to train.
C. That parents have money or do not have money to afford it.
D. That education for children is a serious matter.

4. Why is universal primary education important?

A. Because it is compulsory that children should go to school.
B. Because it provides the nation with the skills it needs if it is to be prosperous.
C. Because children are good if they are given education.
D. Because grown up people love educated children.

5. Why is it not correct to say that as soon as a society has universal primary education it will get the skills it needs to become prosperous?
A. Because universal primary education needs enough teachers and money to provide it.
B. Because universal primary education is the best education in the world.
C. Because universal primary education is good but not necessary.
D. Because universal primary education should be for intelligent children.

6. Why is it good to encourage more and more people in the society to be educated?
A. Because the prosperity of a society is linked to its educated population.
B. Because educated people are more honest than uneducated people.c
C. Because educated people always work very hard.
D. Because educated people are more gifted than uneducated people.

7. What is the most important thing to think of while trying to provide for universal primary education?
A. The implementation.
B. The timing.
C. The provision of teachers.
D. The provision of schools.

8. Which of the following ideas is NOT correct while trying to introduce universal primary education.
A. Increase of primary education must not be faster than secondary schools.
B. Increase of primary education must not be faster than jobs.
C. Increase of primary education must not be faster than the increase in funds to pay for it.
D. Increase of primary education must be faster than the increase of teachers.

9. The most appropriate title for this passage is
A. Universal primary education for all.
B. The importance of universal primary education.
C. The timing of universal primary education.
D. Universal education and national development.


Most democracies involve two or more political parties, each with different sets of beliefs about how best to run the country.

These beliefs are called – 10 – and before an election each party publishes a – 11-, setting out the policies in details. The parties also have to select suitable people to stand as – 12 – for each constituency or – 13 -. At the start of an election the candidates hold – 14 – meetings.

During the run-up to an election, parties mount – 15 – campaigns. They distribute – 16-and make party political – 17-on radio and television. On election day, voters go to the-18-stations to vote.

10. jingles campaign policies broadcast
11. campaign manifesto broadcast candidates
12. officers candidates officials elect
13. ward street state electorate
14. ward constituency campaign propaganda
15. assembly propaganda thugs senate
16. caps flags booths leaflets
17. casts programmes broadcasts statements
18. returing polling voting counting
From alternative A – D, select the word or expression that is nearest in meaning to the underlined words in questions 19-23.

19. Joe was at the apex of his fortunes when he resigned from the company.
A. lowest point        B. Highest point
C. middle point        D. best point

20. Miners do a wide range of work.
A. variety              B. group
C. collection         D. plenty

21. They deserved that reward.
A. merited          B. gained
C. won                D. claimed

22. This milk is not fit for babies.
A. intended           B. inadequate
C. sufficient           D. Suitable

23. The ornament should be handled with care because it is fragile.
A. Expensive           B. Uncommon
C. Important          D. Delicate

Choose the correct form of verbs from the options to replace that in bracket.

24. Joy (study) harder as soon as the examination time table was out.
A. studies           B. studyed
C. study             D. was studying

25. The traffic warden (maintain) that the bus drivers must pack their buses outside the gate.
A. maintained              B. was maintaining
C. had maintained       D. maintain

26. The teachers had already (assemble) at the principals office by the time I came.
A. assembled               B. assemblied
C. assembling              D. have assemble

Choose from the alternative A – D, the word or words that most appropriately completes each of the following sentences.

27. Do you think my car has a puncture in one of ….. wheels?
A. its             B. mine
C. me            D. my

28. You have been to the cave once, …..
A. haven’t you?       B. aren’t you?
C. have you?           D. haven’t I?

29. You are not sure where you placed the book. ………
A. Isn’t it?             B. Weren’t you?
C. Are you?           D. Didn’t you?

30. That is not your book, it is ……….
A. Johns                B. John’s
C. Johns’ own       D. for John’s

31. It has been rough so far, ……….
A. hasn’t it?         B. hadn’t it?
C. isn’t it?            D. wasn’t it?

From the word lettered A-D, choose the word opposite in meaning to the one underlined.

32. The instructions which accompanied the machine, were quite complicated.
A. Involved         B. Simple
C. Accurate         D. Short

33. These old trees are to be preserved.
A. destroyed         B. protected
C. kept                  D. transplanted

34. He intentionally burnt the documents which referred to his land.
A. Knowingly           B. Purposely
C. Carefully             D. Mistakenly

35. The arrival of the aeroplane has been announced.
A departure        B. Coming
C. stopping        D. accident

36. My brother is always busy in the house.
A. Attentive         B. Kind
C. dutiful             D. idle

Choose from the given options the word that contains the given phonetic symbol.

37 /ts/
A. Mash
B. Chair
C. Nonchalant
D. Orchid

38. /2/
A. bath
B. Father
C. Laugh
D. Marry

39. /dz/
A. chain
B. Drain
C. Jane
D. Dane

40. \i\
A. Breath
B. Beach
C. Rich
D. Heart

41. /i:/
A. Key
B. Sit
C. Trick
D. Fit



“No, No! Do not blame the Gods. Let no one blame the powers the powers would have failed if I did not let them use me. They knew my weakness”.

42. What is his weakness referred to here?
A. Pride.
B. Ruthlessness.
C. Hot temperedness.
D. Fearlessness.

43. Which of the following people caused the sickness in the land of Kutuje?
A. Aderopo           B. Baba Fakunle
C. Adetusa            D. Odewale

44. Who was being referred as the butterfly that thinks himself a bird?
A. Odewale         B. Adewale
C. Odawale         D. Adiwale

BEYOND FEAR: by Iroha Ude

45. “Can the arrow pierce a wall”? This statement was made by
A. Okoro            B. Kalu
C. Agbai            D. Nnenna

46. Why did Kalu defy the instruction of Kamalu, his guardian and god of thunder; and married Nnenna?
A. He had the will power to fight the god.
B. It was against the tenets of the Christian faith.
C. He believed he was a great man and the architect of his success.
D. He has been told that the instructions of Kamalu will not favour him.

47. “What you did was deliberate. There was bitterness and spirit of vengeance in your heart”.

What was the cause of the vengeance?
A. Insolence         B. Fright
C. Hunger.            D. Loyalty

ROBINSON CRUSOE: by Daniel Defoe

48. Robinson Crusoe ran away to sea because
A. his father hated him.
B. he had a strong desire to explore the world.
C. he wanted to participate in slave trading.
D. he wanted to find his lost brother.

49. Robinson Crusoe survived in his adventure due to
A. the food he packed in the ship.
B. his ability to defeat the cannibals.
C. his cooperation with every pirate.
D. God’s providence on him.

50. How long did Robinson Crusoe stay on the Island after he was shipwrecked?
A. Twenty-two years, five months and six days.
B. Forty years, two months and twenty days.
C. Fifteen years, six months and eleven days.
D. Twenty-eight years, two months and nineteen days.

THE VIRTOUS WOMAN: by Zaynab Alkali

51. Who is the virtuous woman in the Novel?
A. Rosycheeks                B. Laila
C. Dogo’s first wife         D. Nana Ai

52. The secretary gave the girls a “Royal escort because
A. the girls are students of Her Majesty College.
B. the girls needed to be treated royally
C. Nana nad earlier on refused his offer of a free ride to them.
D. It was the secretary job to always give student of Her Majesty’s College “royal escorts”.

53. According to the novel, Nana Ai was described as
A. an arrogant and disobedient girl.
B. a cheerful girl, who smiles a lot.
C. a jealous and wicked girl.
D. a girl, who dances a lot.

THE MAIDS ARE NOT TO BLAME: by Menankiti Onyekwelu

54. Why did Ebele endure Mrs Izuagbaka’s maltreatment?
A. Because she wanted to have a decent home coming.
B. Because her father died.
C. Because Mrs Agatha Udemba will be angry with her.
D. Because her mother cannot fend for her.

55. Ebele’s steady sales partner was
A. Nkechi            B. Akolisa
C. Ogechi           D. Uzoamaka

56. The man who later married Ebele is
A. Steven              B. John
C. Henry              D. Gaius


“THE NATURE”: by H. D. Carberry

57. According to the poet, what type of season do they have in his country?
A. Summer and winter season.
B. Rainy and dry season.
C. Autumn and spring season.
D. Summer and dry season.


58. According to the poet, the condition of man in the poem “The Night of Peace” is full of
A. peace             B. goodwill
C. joy                 D. gloom

“A DIRGE”: by Kofi Awoonor

59. What loss have the hunters suffered?
A. They lost the battle against the hippo and lost some hunters
B. Their mother died before they could return from hunting
C. They lost their gunpowder and couldn’t use their guns
D. They lost their canoe and couldn’t reach where they were going

“RAINBOW”: by Gabon

“He has taken flight, The thunders, the man killer”.

60. The above expression is a typical example of
A. Onomatopea               B. Simile
C. metaphor                    D. irony

SECTION B of Junior WAEC 2022 English Questions and Answers

Write an Essay of NOT more than 150 words on the topic “The Person I admire most.”

Answers to Junior WAEC 2022 English Questions

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