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How to Get JAMB epin 2024: Price and Selling Points

This post is about how to get JAMB epin 2024. Beyond how to buy JAMB e-pin online, I will be telling you what JAMB e-pin is all about and when the sales of JAMB e-pin would be closing. Then, I will close with the deadline for vending JAMB epin.

How to Get JAMB e-pin 2023: Price and Selling Points

This is welcoming you to another very informative page on your favorite website. Earlier, I published a post that contains almost everything that 2024 JAMB candidates need to know to be successful at this stage. I don’t know if you read that post. In case you didn’t, follow this link to read through it >>2024 JAMB Instructions Page.

After the publication of that particular post, I received tons of calls and messages on my Social Media handles regarding JAMB e-pin. Therefore, I’m going to try as much as possible to do justice to the questions you are asking.

So just tag along with me on this…

What is JAMB e-pin?

JAMB e-pin is a unique 15-digit number issued to UTME candidates upon payment of their JAMB registration fees. This unique 15-digit number would enable the candidates to carry out registration on JAMB Portal by entering the numbers in the space provided for JAMB e-pin.

How Does JAMB e-pin look?

For prospective JAMB candidates asking what JAMB e-pin looks like, check the picture below.

JAMB e-pin vending

So when your JAMB e-pin is successfully vended, the above picture is the on-screen message you will get.

How Much is JAMB e-pin 2024

I’m sure you must also be interested in knowing how much you can purchase the JAMB e-pin for 2024 UTME registration. I have done a detailed post on the actual price of the 2024 JAMB e-pin. You can access that article by following this link: Approved JAMB Registration Fee. There you will see a break down of the fees and how to go about the registration process without hassles.

The cost of the JAMB Compulsory Reading Text/Novel for Use of English and the service charge are all disclosed in that post. So do well to read it.

Where to buy JAMB e-pin 2024

In discussing where to purchase the JAMB e-pin, I would let you know that there are actually six different modes of payment for procuring the e-pin. Payment can be done through:

  1. banks.
  2. Point of Sales (POS) terminals.
  3. Mobile Money Operators
  4. Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
  5. JAMB Portal
  6. USSD code

So what you have above are the methods or modes of buying JAMB e-pin. However, it is the method you choose that would determine where and how you will buy your e-pin.

Maybe I should say one or two things about each method to help you decide.

If you are okay with the idea, then let’s proceed.

How to Get JAMB e-pin 2024

Like I already said above, how you would buy JAMB e-pin is determined by the method of payment you choose. So I shall discuss the six ways to pay and get your JAMB e-pin.

1. Payment for JAMB e-pin Through Banks

Payment for JAMB e-pin through banks is the first option for most candidates.

Banks to Get JAMB e-pin

You can pay for the JAMB e-pin through any commercial bank in Nigeria. You can also pay through a Micro Finance bank. It all depends on your choice.

All you have to do is to present your JAMB Profile Code and pay by cash or by card. As soon as you do that, JAMB will deliver your e-pin to your unique telephone number.

2. Payment for JAMB e-pin Through POS

Payment for JAMB e-pin is available at JAMB State Offices and CBT Centers nationwide. These are the two sure places to get this payment methods. However, you can get it in other POS outlets depending on their range of services.

Again, all you have to do is to present your JAMB Profile Code and pay by cash or by card. As soon as you do that, JAMB will deliver your e-pin to your unique telephone number.

3. Payment for JAMB e-pin Through Mobile Money Operators

Payment through Mobile Money Operators is available at the JAMB CBT Centers and some other outlets.

When you present your JAMB Profile code to the mobile money operators, they will require that you pay by cash. So there is no card option here. But just like before, as soon as you do that, JAMB will deliver your e-pin to your unique telephone number.

4. Payment for JAMB e-pin Using the ATM

Payment for JAMB e-pin using the ATM is available on all ATM outlets of Participating Banks. Participating banks enable their InterSwitch Channel for this service.

When you locate a participating bank with functioning InterSwitch Channel, go to their ATM. Insert your card and enter your ATM pin. Then select Bill Payment. In the list of options, pick JAMB.

Enter Profile Code and pay. On confirmation of your payment, JAMB will deliver your e-pin to your unique telephone number.

5. Payment for JAMB e-pin on JAMB Portal

Many candidates consider this option as legit maybe because it is done directly on JAMB Portal. And the process is relatively simple.

Using your Internet-enabled phone or PC, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the JAMB Portal @
  • Click Purchase of 2024 Application Document.
  • Enter your JAMB Profile Code.
  • Select payment method (InterSwitch or Remita).
  • Make payment.
  • Your JAMB e-pin is then delivered to your unique telephone number.

6. Payment for JAMB e-pin Using USSD Code (NIBSS/ERCAS)

This is the last payment option I am  going to discuss in this post. The beautiful thing about using USSD code is that it can be done with any phone. So you don’t have to own an Android phone to use this method. That your small torchlight phone can come through for you on this.

Just follow the simple method below.

  • Dial *565*6*55019#.
  • Enter Profile Code.
  • Select bank and follow the prompts to complete payment.
  • On completing payment, JAMB will deliver your e-pin to your unique telephone number.

How to Recover Lost JAMB e-pin After Payment

It is possible that JAMB e-pin was not received after payment or it may be lost. Whatever be the case, you can recover your JAMB e-pin by sending the following message from your unique number.

  • UTMEPIN to 55019 or 66019 for UTME candidates.
  • DEPIN to 55019 or 66019 for Direct Entry candidates.
  • The e-PIN would then be retrieved and delivered on the candidate’s unique number.

When is JAMB epin Closing?

Many prospective JAMB candidates are asking me when is JAMB epin closing. Others want to know if JAMB e-pin is still on sale. They want to know the closing date for vending of the e-pin.

For now, the JAMB e-pin vending is still on. I will let you know when they fix the deadline. Meanwhile, you can check out out the Accredited JAMB Registration Center Near to You.


So we have come to the end of this article. I trust that you found what you were looking for. You can scroll down to use the comments section is you have further questions. Comment your questions or just share your thoughts with us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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