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CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB

This post is for JAMB candidates who are preparing to sit for CRS in their UTME examination. So I’m going to share the CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB with you and tell you few things you need to know about JAMB repeated questions. But beyond showing you the JAMB Repeated Questions on CRS, I will also give you the link to the entire JAMB CRS Past Questions and Answers PDF.

CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB

When I started receiving the question, “Does JAMB Repeat Past Questions?” on my various platforms, I made a post on this website where I authoritatively informed my readers that JAMB indeed repeats their past questions.

But when we think about Christian Religious Studies as a subject, we all acknowledge the fact that it has many teachings, concepts and applications. We know that JAMB can afford to set hundreds of new questions every year if they so wish.

However, JAMB repeats certain questions in CRS exams for reasons best known to them.

So I’m going to devote this post to showing you CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB. Of course, when you have insight into the questions JAMB repeats most, you will prepare better for them.

Importance of Gaining Insight into the CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB

Gaining insight into the CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB is very essential for your success in the forthcoming 2024 exams.

This is because when you see the most repeated CRS questions, you can tell which topics they are coming from. When you know the topics, you can do justice to them using your JAMB Recommended Textbooks. This is one of the secrets to effective preparation for JAMB.

The JAMB most repeated CRS questions are also the likely questions for 2024. So if you are looking for JAMB likely questions in CRS for 2024 UTME, read the questions on this post carefully. If you do, you will thank me later.

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The CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB and their Answers

I am going to give you the CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB in groups of 10. For each group, I will provide the answers as a guide for the candidates who may wish to do their revision on this platform.

CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (1 – 10)

1. During the rebuilding of the temple, the greatest opposition came from the
A. people of Judah       B. Philistines
C. people of the land   D. Ammorites

2. Prophet Isaiah received his vision and call when
A. King Uzziah was deposed
B. King Uzziah died
C. King Uzziah began to reign
D. Israel was in Babylonian captivity

3. “How long will you go limping on two different opinions…” The people responded to the questions above by
A. arresting the prophet
B. attacking the prophet
C. refusing to speak
D. calling on their gods

4. Nebuchadnezzar called the three Hebrews to come out of the fiery furnace because
A. the flame of fire slew those men who took them there
B. he wanted to pardon them
C. he was astonished to see four men loose and unhurt
D. they had repented

5. “If you are the son of God, throw yourself down from here; for it is written, ‘He will give his angels charge of you…’” According to Luke, the statement above was made by Satan during Jesus’
A. third temptation     B. crucifixion
C. transfiguration        D. second temptation

6. “Truly, I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such faith…” The statement above by Jesus was made when he healed the
A. leper
B. blind man
C. demoniac
D. centurion’s servant

7. The rainbow as the sign of God’s covenant with Noah implies
A. providence     B. reconciliation
C. mercy             D. redemption

8. “I will go out as at other times and shake myself free.” When Samson made the statement above, he was not aware that
A. the philistines were upon him
B. he was bound with bronze fetters
C. the Lord had left him
D. his eyes had been gouged out

9. Jesus pronounced woe on Chorazin and Bethsaida because they were
A. enemies of the truth
B. not obedient to the law
C. not repentant of their sins
D. against the word of God

10. Those who do not believe in Jesus Christ are condemned already because they
A. are stubborn
B. have not believed
C. worship idols
D. have already perished

Answers to CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (1 – 10)

1.C    2.B     3.C     4.C     5.A
6.D    7.C     8.C     9.C     10.B

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JAMB Repeated Questions in CRS (11 – 20)

11. What did Nehemiah say was his reason for rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem? He said that
A. it was what God told him to do
B. the Jews may no longer suffer shame
C. the Jews in exile may come back home
D. they can worship God in Jerusalem

12. How many animals all together were offered at the dedication of the house of God in Jerusalem
A. 612 animals        B. 712 animals
C. 812 animals        D. 912 animals

13. Which of the following was Naaman’s god before his skin was restored? He was a worshipper of
A. gods of Syria       B. the Lord
C. Rimmon              D. Baal

14. God told Elijah to anoint people to be kings of different nations. Which of the following was anointed king of Israel?
A. anoint Hazael to be king over Israel
B. Jehu should be anointed king over Syria
C. Nimshi should be anointed king over Israel
D. Jehu should be anointed king over Israel

15. Who did king Nebuchadnezzar make king in his stead in Jerusalem?
A. Jehoachim       B. Mattaniah
C. Zedekiah         D. Jeremiah

16. Who among the kings of Israel invented the instrument of music? He was
A. Saul             B. David
C. Solomon     D. Jeroboam

17. Who accused the four Jewish youths maliciously before the king for not worshipping the golden image in Babylon? They were accused by the
A. chief eunuch
B. king’s guard
C. Chaldeans
D. chief servant

18. “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I do not know how to speak for I am only a youth.” The statement was made by prophet
A. Amos
B. Isaiah
C. Ezekiel
D. Jeremiah

19. Who told the blind man to be silent when he was crying for help from Jesus?
A. it was those in front of the crowd that rebuked him
B. the crowd following Jesus asked him to be silent
C. the disciples of Jesus rebuked the blind man to be quiet
D. the Jews following Jesus and the disciples rebuked him

20. Why did Jesus decide to heal the paralytic man at the side of the pool? Jesus decided to heal him because…
A. he had no man to put him inside of the pool
B. he has remained there longer than others
C. he has been lying there for a long time
D. the man had strong faith in Jesus

Answers to JAMB Repeated Questions in CRS (11 – 20)

11.B     12.B    13.C    14.D     15.B
16.B     17.C    18.D    19.A     20.C

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CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (21 – 30)

21. Which of the following gifts did Naaman give to Gehazi to give to his master? He gave him
A. two talents of silver with one festal garment
B. one talent of silver with two festal garment
C. two festal garment with talents of silver
D. three festal garment with talents of silver

22. What reason did Elijah give for running away from Israel for safety?
A. the people have forsaken God’s commandment
B. Ahab has killed all the prophets of God
C. he wanted to kill Elijah the prophet of God
D. Elijah has been very jealous for the Lord

23. Who read the book of the law found in the house of the Lord to the king? It was read by
A. Shaphan
B. Hilkiah
C. Ahikam
D. Achbor

24. The number of vessels of gold and silver brought back to Jerusalem by Sheshbazza from Babylonia were
A. 2,969 vessels
B. 3,839 vessels
C. 4,100 vessels
D. 5,469 vessels

25. The river that flowed out from Eden to water the garden divided into four rivers as follows:
A. Euphrates, Tigris, Pishon and Havilah
B. Pishon, Cuhon, Havilah, and Gihon
C. Havilah, Tigris, Gishon and Euphrates
D. Gihon, Pishon, Euphrates and Tigris

26. God said that He had pity on the city of Nineveh because they
A. did not know their right from their left
B. were too numerous in number to be destroyed
C. repented and pleaded to God for forgiveness
D. they paid their tithe and fasted for days

27. The prophet that bought his wife for fifteen shekels of silver and a homer and a lethech of barley was
A. Joel         B. Amos
C. Hosea     D. Micah

28. Those who went to spy out the land of Canaan spent
A. 30 days      B. 40 days
C. 50 days      D. 60 days

29. Water came out of the rock for the children of Israel to drink because Moses
A. struck the rock twice
B. told the rock to yield water
C. struck the rock once
D. commanded the rock to yield water

30. When Saul turned his back to leave Samuel, God gave him another
A. message       B. heart
C. spirit             D. sign

Answers to CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (21 – 30)

21.C     22.C     23.A     24.D     25.D
26.A     27.C     28.B     29.A      30.B

CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (31 – 40)

31. Jesus is the door and the good shepherd of the sheep because
A. He has the power to lay down his life
B. He has the power to take it again
C. No one can take the power from him
D. He received the charge from God

32. What did Jesus say will happen to any tree that is unproductive? God will
A. cut it down
B. prune the tree
C. take the tree away
D. make it bear more fruits

33. Why did Ananias die for the donation of the sale of his property to the Apostles?
A. He lied to the Holy Spirit
B. He contrived evil in his heart
C. He lied to God not to man
D. He kept back the proceed of the land

34. Who was known as the man of power of God and was called the Great in Samaria. It was
A. Simon      B. Philip
C. Peter        D. John

35. Who did Peter say was in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity? He said it to
A. Saul         B. Simon
C. Philip       D. Agabus

36. Jesus earnestly decided to eat the Passover with his disciples because he
A. knew he was going to die soon
B. wanted to inform them about his betrayal
C. wanted to eat it with them before he dies
D. wanted to have the last meal with them before he dies

37. According to Luke’s gospel, Herod was very happy to see Jesus, Why? He was glad to see him because
A. he had long desired to see him
B. he was hoping to see some miracles
C. Jesus belonged to his jurisdiction
D. he had heard much about him

38. Peter and John were arrested by the priest and the captain of the temple and the Sadducees because they
A. healed the crippled on the Sabbath
B. were teaching the people about Christ
C. were teaching and proclaiming the resurrection
D. were uneducated common men with power

39. God decided to punish Ahab for what he did because Ahab
A. did evil in the sight of God
B. made Israel sin before God
C. provoked the Almighty God
D. killed Naboth before man and God

40. The workmen who were repairing the house of the Lord were not required to give an account of how they spent the money given to them because they
A. were unaccountable
B. were prudent in spending
C. are honest in their dealings
D. kept honest account daily

Answers to CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (31 – 40)

31.D     32.C      33.C     34.A      35.B
36.A     37.A      38.C     39.D      40.C

CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (41 – 50)

41. God promised to gather the children of Israel together from exile to His chosen place under the condition that they will be
A. faithful to God
B. obedient to Him
C. return and obey His commandment
D. love Him and do His will

42. When Jonah’s soul fainted within him in the bottom of the sea, he
A. prayed to God for forgiveness
B. remembered the Lord
C. called upon the Lord for help
D. cried on the Lord God for help

43. What type of famine did God say He will send to Israel in the Book of Amos? God said He will send famine of
A. bread caused by locust from Arabian sea
B. thirst for water from North to East
C. hearing the word of God from prophets
D. hunger for baskets of summer fruits

44. The name of Hosea’s first son from the harlot wife was
A. Jezreel            B. Hamaniah
C. Zephaniah      D. Hezreel

45. The Israelite committed a particular sin that forced God to send prophet Ezekiel to preach to them. That particular sin was
A. transgression      B. rebellion
C. idolatry               D. stubbornness

46. God decided to destroy the earth because men were
A. disobedient     B. corrupt
C. violent             D. idolatrous

47. God promised to be with Joshua as He was with Moses. But He expected Joshua to
A. keep His commandment
B. obey His statute
C. be strong and courageous
D. be like His servant Moses

48. How many men altogether did God tell Moses to send to spy out the land of Canaan which God gave to the people of Israel? They were
A. nine able-bodied men
B. ten strong men
C. eleven brave men
D. twelve men of Israel

49. Jesus was brought to Jerusalem by his parents for
A. baptism           B. presentation
C. purification     D. annunciation

50. Paul asked the Thessalonians to keep away from any brother who is living in
A. sin            B. immoral life
C. idleness    D. a carefree life

Answers to CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB (41 – 50)

41.C     42.B     43.C     44.A     45.B
46.B     47.C     48.D     49.C     50.C

How to Pass JAMB CRS Questions in 2024

If CRS is one of your four JAMB Subject Combination, then your goal must be to get a high score in the subject.

And to pass JAMB CRS with a high score, you must study hard in preparation for the examination. This entails getting the Official JAMB Syllabus for CRS. You will also need to get one or two of the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for CRS and the Past Questions and Answers PDF.

Here’s one JAMB success secret you must never joke with…

Over 40% of the CRS questions you will see in the JAMB CBT exam hall will be repeated from the past questions.

So it’s very important that you get a good JAMB past questions and answers in CRS. By good past questions and answers I mean the one with a complete coverage of the past questions. It should start from the inception of JAMB exams till date. It must also have error-proof and comprehensive answers.

When you get these important JAMB preparatory tools, the next thing is to make out time for actual study. You can create a workable study time table for yourself and follow it religiously. Guided by the syllabus, read your textbooks and practice the past questions over and over.

Then pray for the best outing on your exam day.


Here is where we come to the end of this post on the CRS Most Repeated Questions and Answers in JAMB.

Adequate preparation is key to success. So do your best to go over these questions again and again till you master them.

Also let me know your thoughts via the comments section. Just scroll down to drop a comment.

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See you on the next article.

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