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Back to School Necklace: Dark Meaning and Origin

This page is about Back to School Necklace. You will see the dark and horrifying meaning behind the phrase. You will also see how the phrase trends on social media in the form of hashtags and memes. More so, learn what you should know about back to school necklace as a student. Then parents will learn how to talk about this phrase with their children.

back to school necklace

At a certain period every year, the phrase “back to school necklace” becomes a trending search term. And many like me are wondering the reason behind this. So I took it upon myself to explore the meaning of the seasonal trending term, its origin and why young people use it a lot.

Most parents love their children and can give whatever it takes to protect them from harm. But the truth of the matter is that in most cases, the children’s generation are miles ahead of the parents’. So it difficult to understand their language which are usually coded as slangs. Consequently, trying to spot the danger signs becomes a mirage.

Take for instance. You are relaxing in the living room and overhear your child talking about ‘back to school necklaces.’ Chances are that you’d assume they are talking about some kind of jewellery or accessory. But the real meaning is far beyond what you are thinking. The real meaning is actually terrifying and gives a reason to worry.

So join me as we explore this phrase, “Back to school necklace.”

What is a back to school necklace?

According to, back to school necklace is actually a slang term for a noose. So it is a phrase students use as code for suicide by hanging. However, the students use it as a way of suggesting that they fear the idea of returning to school after summer break. They use the slang to express the utter despair they feel just thinking about starting school again.

So even though the phrase sounds like a fun accessory, what you have above is its true dark meaning.

You can hear children make statements like these… “School is starting in 2 days and I just can’t take the pain no more. So I’m gonna buy a back to school necklace.” “I’m getting ready to buy my back to school necklace.” “Seriously thinking about that back-to-school necklace.” “Back-to-school necklace is calling me, can’t wait to answer.” etc.

Most times, you may not hear children verbally discussing or making use of this dark term. But it’s an expression they use freely on their Social Media handles. Of course, we know that most Social Media platforms have rules that prohibit the use of words like suicide. So young people use the term “Back to school necklace” to circumvent such rules. And this becomes very prevalent in the weeks leading up to a new school year.

The Origin of Back to School Necklace. Where Does it Come from?

Of course, we are all aware that the phrase back to school refers to the return to school after summer break. People go for back to school shopping and stuffs like that.

However, in the term back to school necklace, students use the word necklace in reference to how a person places a noose around their neck to commit suicide. But the actual origin of the term as a slang for a noose is not certain. Although it has been thrown around on social media since 2012. Since then, it’s common to see memes featuring the term and a photo of a noose.

Back to school necklace memes

The best back to school memes


Shocking memes like this and many others are all over the Internet and are just a Google search away. On the social media, the term back to school necklace trends in the form of hashtags and memes.

The Unfortunate Rise in Youth Suicide

The ever increasing popularity of the phrase back to school necklace among young people is worrisome. This is especially so when you consider the sharp rise in youth suicide in many Western nations and Europe. The government, civil society and parents are doing so much to curb this unfortunate trend. But efforts need to be intensified to drastically reduce the number of young people taking their own lives.

The parents need to take more responsibility here since they are the ones nurturing the children.

How Should Parents Talk About the Back to School Necklace Trend with their children?

Different schools present different experiences for students. Most times, these experiences are everything but exciting. Many children dread so many things about school. For some, it’s the stress from academic workload while for others, it is the inability to get along with other children in school. Some others are out rightly bullied in school and would wish resumption date never comes.

As we have observed, it is in the periods leading up to school resumption that we hear students use the term back to school necklace. This should get the attention and interest of parents. They should search for explanations of the ugly meaning of the term. Seriously speaking, parents need to be informed and vigilant. They need to be aware of the current trends in the world of their youths, and engage them in conversations.

Of course I agree that most times, discussing such issues with their children can be very difficult for parents. Many don’t even know where to start from and how to lead the conversation.

If you have such issues, I suggest you rather initiate the conversation and allow your child to lead. You can start by telling them that you heard about the phrase, “Back to school necklace.” Then ask them if they know anything about it. Is a necklace now part of the necessary back-to-school accessories?

Create a comfortable atmosphere devoid of judgement and allow the child to freely share how they are feeling.

If you notice that your child is having feelings of dread, you can talk to them. You may wish to share your personal stories if you felt the same way as a child. Tell them how you overcame it and reassure them you’d help them to get through. Otherwise, just get them professional help.


All hands must be on deck in the commitment to preserving the lives of young people in society. Preserving the youths is preserving the future.

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