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A Complete Guide to Getting UNN Hostel Accommodation

A Complete Guide to Getting UNN Hostel Accommodation

In recent times, there has been this unusual difficulty experienced by lions and lionesses in their quest to secure school hostel accommodation. It’s so bad that it is now believed in some quarters that it is easier to gain admission in UNN than to get accommodation. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though.

As is our custom, we want to arm you (whether you are a newly admitted student or returning student) with some very important information with regards to accommodation for this session so that things will work out easily for you with little or no hitches.

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  1. You must appreciate the fact that the University has limited spaces for student accommodation.
  2. These limited spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The allocation process is fully automated and can only be accessed from the student portal.
  3. As expected of any sensible institution, the school gives high priority to First Year and Final year students during allocation.
  4. First years are allocated 40% of the total accommodation, final years 30% while others and special needs are allocated 30%. (If this doesn’t suit you, you have to deal with it)
  5. If you are a Nursing Mother, you must apply for accommodation online and must notify the authorities early enough.
  6. For those that love freedom, you need to know now that the school hostel accommodation is highly regulated. You can’t do or live the way you want to otherwise, find accommodation off campus! In fact, there are many things that are highly prohibited and some actions that can attract outright eviction from the hostel. Some of them include: Squatting of any kind, Late return to the hostel at night, Smoking, Drinking of Alcohol, Stealing, Fighting and quarreling, Use of hotplates, electric boiling ring, refrigerator, gas cooker and so on, Use of generator sets, Defecating and bathing at undesignated places, Pouring of water in undesignated places, Defacing of Hostel walls by posting of bills, posters and any document.
  7. Meanwhile, only students who have specifically met the following will be qualified for hostel accommodation:

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•    Paid all fees till date including acceptance fees.
•    Registered all courses online till date.
•    Possess the University ID card or have been successfully captured.
•    Possess and use the University student email address.

  1. Note that all hostel accommodation invoices are valid for only three days after generation. (Any student who fails to pay online within the three day period will forfeit the allocation and fees paid).
  2. All Reverend Sisters are to follow the authorized process for accommodation.
  3. Physically challenged students are also expected to generate invoice online and proceed to make payments.

For those (especially the newly admitted students) asking if they can be given a temporary accommodation for 2 weeks and stuffs like that, NOTE TODAY THAT THERE IS NO ROOM FOR TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION.

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Students Accommodation Fees.

  1. Female : 15,000
  2. Male : 12,000
  3. Concessional :18,000
  4. Nursing Mothers (Zik’s Flat E-Block): 20,000

Process Flow for Hostel Application:

  1. When the students portal for accommodation is opened, log on to –
  2. Enter your username and password (Your username is your Jamb Registration Number for New Students,  while your username is your Registration Number for Returning Students).
  3. Click on Hostel Allocation.
  4. Click on Apply for Bed space (Select Hostel and Room No and Bed Space).
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. Print the Invoice carrying your RRR number and proceed to the bank or make payment using your ATM Card.
  7. Return to the portal and Click on Hostel Allocation.
  8. Select print Allocation Slip.
  9. Print Allocation Slip.
  10. Go for clearance and sign in thereafter. See the UNN Order of Hostel Documentation for Clearance and Signing in

* As already pointed out, the above process must be completed withing 3 days else you lose the allocation. 

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