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The Right UNN Clearance Documents for Newly Admitted Students [Fully Explained]

This post is for newly admitted UNN students. It will cover UNN clearance documents. In other words, you will be shown all the UNN clearance requirements so that you can start getting them ready. The documents required for UNN clearance are about 16. You will be given files in which you are expected to file your documents. Note, however, that candidates offered provisional admission into various courses in the UNN are expected to regularize their admission by paying their acceptance fee. You are therefore advised to pay your acceptance fee as soon as possible and start getting ready for your clearance.

Documents Required for Clearance of newly admitted UNN students

The clearance is done by the faculty officers at the various faculty offices [you will be informed if there is any change of venue]. It is a verification process aimed at eliminating any form of falsification of documents and ensuring that the candidates who have been offered provisional admission really possess the minimum entry requirements of the school and their prospective courses. Admitted candidates who do not possess ALL the required documents will lose their admission.

You would need to make both the originals and photocopies of the following documents available for your clearance. Go through the list now, find out the ones you already have and begin to source for the ones you don’t have. By so doing, you would reduce the stress that comes with registration rush and hassle.

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UNN Clearance Documents Required from Newly Admitted Students

1. Qualifying Results [i.e. O’ Level Result(s)]

This is your WAEC/NECO/GCE result. Please note that you can combine your NECO & WAEC, WAEC & WAEC, NECO & NECO during your clearance, EXCEPT for Faculty of Medical Sciences and Dentistry.

2. JAMB Result Slip

You can use the ordinary online result printout or the original JAMB result i.e. the one with passport.

3. UNN Post UTME Registration Acknowledgement Slip

4. Post UTME Screening Result Slip or Direct Entry Result Slip

5. Letter of Attestation

This letter will be written by your parents, or any family member, or your traditional ruler or anyone that knows you very well. It would be addressed to the Registrar, University of Nigeria. The letter will simply certify that they know you and that you have good qualities. See How to Write a Letter of Attestation [Samples]

6. Letter of Undertaking

This letter would also be addressed to the Registrar, UNN. But this time around, it is best written by you. In this letter, you will have to pledge your readiness to be of good conduct and to obey the rules and regulations of the school. See How to Write a Letter of Undertaking.

7. JAMB Admission Letter

You can print your JAMB Admission Letter on JAMB website for a fee of about N1000. Note that JAMB Admission Letter is not compulsory for clearance. You can get it later if it’s not convenient now.

8. Admission List

For this, go online and print out the particular page your name appeared on the admission list. After printing the page out, MARK or TICK your name, then photocopy into 3 or 4 places.

9. Admission Notification Slip

This is DIFFERENT from Admission List. To get Admission Notification Slip, you have to log into your UNN Student portal/profile. Once you are in, you would be required to VERIFY your account. After account verification, the portal would ask you if you want to GENERATE or Print out your notification slip. Just generate & print it out. See Detailed Steps to get your Admission Notification Slip.

10. Acceptance Fee Payment Receipt

This is the document you got after paying your acceptance fee online. See How to Pay UNN Admission Acceptance Fees

11. LGA Identification Letter or State of Origin Certificate

This is a letter from your LGA showing that you are a true son/daughter of a particular place. You can get it from your LGA headquarters.

12. Birth Certificate (or Baptismal Certificate)

If you don’t have any of these, go to court and get an affidavit or age declaration.

13. Student Profile/Biodata

To get this one, log into your Student portal, supply the information that would be needed and print that page out.

14. School Fees Receipts

This is the receipt that the bank will give you after paying your school fees.

15. Passports

Please, try to get at least, 20 passports (preferably, with red background). You will need them for your clearance.

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How to File your UNN Clearance Documents in Acceptable Order

All the files you were given may be returned to the faculty office though they all have different destinations. One will head to your department, the other to the registry (exams and records). However, the one meant for the faculty will be retained at the faculty office.

The following are a full list of the documents required for UNN clearance of newly admitted students. We have taken time to order the list in accordance to the school’s prescription. So you are expected to get the documents and arrange them in the given order in your files.

  1. Qualifying Results(s) WAEC/NECO/GCE.
  2. JAMB / Direct Entry Result as applicable.
  3. Post-UTME Screening Result (printed online).
  4. JAMB Admission Letter or Authority to serve as Admission Letter or Direct Entry Application Slip as applicable.
  5. Admission Notification Slip (printed online).
  6. Admission List i.e. the particular page on which your name appeared (printed online).
  7. Provisional Clearance.
  8. Admission Shopping / Advert Form (where applicable).
  9. Birth Certificate.
  10. Student Personal Information (printed online).
  11. Letter of Attestation from your sponsor.
  12. Acceptance of the offer of Admission and pledge.
  13. Local Government Identification Certificate.
  14. Checking of Credentials form.
  15. Letter of Undertaking.
  16. All Fees Receipts with bank tellers.

More on UNN Clearance Requirements

If you have questions concerning the documents listed above, quickly use the comments section. Just scroll down and see where to write or comment your questions. On this website, answering your questions is one of our topmost priorities.

Remember there are two letters to write i.e. apart from local government identification letter. One is Letter of Attestation. The other is Letter of Undertaking. These two letters must be included in your files. So it is important that you learn the right format and how to word the letters. See how to write a Letter of Attestation. You can also use this link to check how to write a Letter of Undertaking. In both articles, we included samples to make it easy for you to grab.

Now on the issue of O’level result(s), make sure that you have credit passes in all the subjects required for your course (in not more than two sittings) before you proceed to pay your acceptance fee. This is very important because if you don’t have a complete O’level result for your prospective course, you will not be cleared even though you have paid the huge sum for acceptance.

Finally, ensure that you have all these documents with you as you travel to school on or before the resumption date. That might save you the time and stress of traveling back home to source for them.

As you can see, there are many more posts and articles recommended for you on this website. These contents are here to guide you and give you an edge over others. My advice to you is that you make this website your companion. Visit it regularly. Use the comments section if you have questions.

Once again, Congratulations on your admission.

It’s still yours sincerely, Henry Divine.

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  1. What is checking of credentials form, please.

  2. Sir please I lost my post utme registration slip but I have the reprint, can I use it?

  3. Can I use my waec result print out instead of my original result

    • Yes, you can if the original has not been released yet. However, don’t fail to get your original result as soon as it’s out.

  4. Please is first school leaving certificate compulsory inorder for someone to get admission Into unn

  5. Can I be able to change my state of origin in my student profile

  6. Pls I wanted to ask that what if someone got below 200 as aggregate in unn and gets admitted through connection when the person is doing clearance and they see that the person got below 200 would they withdraw the person from unn

    • @Cynthia.
      There are two kinds of cut-off marks used for Admission in UNN. One is the general school cutoff mark, the other is departmental.

      If a candidate does not score up to the departmental cutoff mark for his prospective course, such candidate would normally not be offered Admission into the course.
      However, if the candidate has ‘connection’ he may be able to secure admission in one of the supplementary lists if, and only if, he scored up to the general school cutoff mark.

      So if you scored below that school cutoff Mark, no GENUINE connection will give you admission in the first place.

      Hope you got my point?

  7. please sir how do I make payment of my acceptance fee without a remittance no

  8. Sorry, I don’t get. So I shouldn’t bother uploading my O Level to my jamb profile? Cos someone said if I don’t upload it, I won’t get admitted. I just want to know sir. Thank you

    • The truth is that those who have been admitted already didn’t upload the O’level stuff except it is going to matter later. You can go to any approved JAMB registration centre to upload it. They may charge you a fee of N1,000 or so.

  9. Is uploading of O’level results necessary even when I uploaded on UNN site while registering for PUTME?

  10. Kingsley ifebuche Ugwu

    Thank you sir for the wonderful things you have been doing for almighty God will surely pay you.


    • You have already done the needful. You won’t have problems.

      • Sir mine has three names in jamb and two in waec…one has My middle name and the other doesn’t…Will it pose a problem during clearance? I’ve gotten the admission unn

        • It might pose a problem for you. But not to worry. Go to court and swear an affidavit to cover the two documents.

        • Please how long does it take to complete clearance.

        • It depends on a number of factors…

          1. how disposed and fast the officer doing the clearance is.
          2. the number of people (crowd) waiting to be cleared.
          3. the attitude and smartness of the students awaiting clearance…

          and so on.

          It doesn’t take much time though.

          Just have all the required documents and arrange them strictly as required.

  12. It’s only God that will bless you sir. Keep up the good work.

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