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Today JAMB Question and Answer 2024

In our post on How to Score Above 300 in JAMB, we shared top secrets of JAMB high-fliers. One of the key secrets is doing due diligence with JAMB past questions and answers. This is because JAMB repeats questions from their database. So in order to help candidates who will write JAMB tomorrow, next tomorrow and other sessions to come, we make it a duty to gather questions from past UTME sessions. On this page, you have the privilege of going through today JAMB question and answer. Access today JAMB questions and answers below.

today JAMB questions and answers. today JAMB question and answer.

Going through the immediate JAMB Past Questions for the current exam year helps a lot. Among other things, it will help you to know what to expect in your own session. So you can know the areas of emphasis and the current technicalities of the questions. This is because JAMB is innovating and evolving on a yearly basis.

Therefore, we encourage you to use this page as one of your several revision materials. This advise is especially for this who are yet to write their own UTME. Always do your best to know the questions that came out in previous sessions.

Remember that JAMB sets 60 questions in Use of English and 40 questions in the three remaining UTME subjects. This makes a total of 180 questions for each student in every session. You will answer all in about 2 hours.

Here are some of the questions we gathered from yesterday’s JAMB questions and answers.

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Today JAMB Question and Answer on Use of English

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase underlined.

1. You are free to leave the hall.
A. at an advantage            B. opportune
C. at liberty                        D. right

2. The armed robbers will surrender their loot to the customs officials.
A. give away                    B. give out
C. give in                         D. give up

3. The discussion became animated when the professor came in.
A. specialized             B. lively
C. intellectual            D. unruly

4. The citizens are often niggardly in their ways.
A. beggarly                B. sordid
C. miserly                  D. pompous

5. The musician’s popularity is beginning to decline.
A. change                B. wane
C. slide                    D. disappear

6. Kunle promised to look out for her next time he is in town.
A. watch for           B. visit
C. greet                  D. take care of

7. Joseph was a prosecution witness at the court hearing.
A. false                   B. reliable
C. government     D. trial

8. The beggar’s takings snowballed every hour.
A. grew                       B. turned white
C. grew into a ball   D. turned into snow

9. His attempts were nipped in the bud.
A. unsuccessful            B. cut short
C. frustrated                 D. disqualified

10. The preacher has made good his promise to visit some of his converts today.
A. fulfilled                 B. abided
C. seen to                  D. accepted

Today JAMB Question and Answer on Biology

1. The bryophytes are important parts of certain food chains because they
A. grow in great masses
B. play a role in the natural aging of lakes and ponds
C. they choke up other life forms in the lakes
D. they resemble green algae

2. In many plants, the growing tips elongate fastest and are said to be
A. meristematic              B. apically dominant
C. phototropic                D. geotropic

3. Movement of water through a semi permeable membrane because the membrane moves or expands thus overcoming the resistance of hydrostatic pressure is referred to as
A. diffusion
B. osmosis
C. osmotic potential
D. turgor pressure

4. When the chromosomes condense and the nucleoli and nuclear membrane disappear, the cell is said to be undergoing
A. metaphase               B. prophase
C. anaphase                  D. telophase

5. While the metabolizing enzymes are inducible other enzymes are said to be
A. synthetases
B. repressible
C. will bind the operator
D. will not bind the operator

6. In which of the following organisms does a single cell perform all the functions of movement, nutrition, growth, excretion, and photosynthesis
A. paramecium               B. euglena
C. amoeba                     D. spirogyra

7. An important abiotic factor that affects plants and animals in their habitats is
A. turbidity                 B. rainfall
C. wind direction         D. temperature

8. Discontinuous variations is observed in a man using the following
A. tongue rolling          B. body weight
C. height                      D. skin colour

9. The bone illustrates the structure of
A. lumber vertebra
B. thoracic vertebra
C. caudal vertebra
D. cervical vertebra

10. A sex-linked defect that allows small cuts to bleed severely is known as
A. anaemia                 B. anorexia
C. haemophilia          D. haemolysis

Today JAMB Question and Answer on Chemistry

1. The separation of oil and water with different boiling points can best be achieved by
A. fractional distillation
B. decantation
C. evaporation
D. using a separating funnel

2. Calculate the minimum volume of oxygen that is required for the complete combustion of a mixture of 20cm3 of CO and 25cm3 of hydrogen.
A. 45cm3              B. 22.5cm3
C. 20cm3             D. 10cm3

3. An increase in temperature causes an increase in the pressure of a gas because there is an increase in the
A. average velocity of the gas molecules
B. number of collisions between the gas molecules
C. density of the gas molecules
D. free mean path between each molecule and the other

4. A liquid begins to boil when
A. its vapour pressure is equal to the vapour pressure of its solid at a given temperature
B. molecules start escaping from the surface
C. its vapour pressure equals the atmospheric pressure
D. its volume is slightly increased

5. If the relative rate of diffusion of a gas is 0.25 and that of Cl2 under the same conditions is 0.20, calculate the relative molecular mass of the gas.
A. 22.7            B. 45.4
C. 68.1            D. 90.8

6. The following molecules contain hydrogen bonding EXCEPT
A. ammonia
B. ethanoic acid
C. hydrogen fluoride
D. water

More JAMB Chemistry Questions from Today

7. If 20 cm3 of distilled water is added to 80cm3 of 0.50 mol/dm3 HCl solution, the new concentration of the acid is
A. 0.10 mol/dm3
B. 0.20 mol/dm3
C. 0.40 mol/dm3
D. 2.00 mol/dm3

8. What is H2O2 acting as in the in the equation below?
H2O2 + 2H+ + 2Fe2+ → 2H2O + 2Fe3+
A. oxidizing agent
B. reducing agent
C. an acid
D. a base

9. A current was passed for 10mins 20secs and 0.1 mole of Cu was deposited. How many grams of silver will be deposited by the same quantity of electricity? [Ag = 108] A. 10.8 g
B. 21.6 g
C. 5.4 g
D. 108 g

10. Which of the following statements is correct?
A. dissolution of anhydrous CuSO4 is exothermic while that of hydrated CuSO4 is endothermic
B. dissolution of anhydrous CuSO4 is endothermic while that of hydrated CuSO4 is exothermic
C. dissolution of both anhydrous CuSO4 and hydrated CuSO4 is exothermic
D. dissolution of both anhydrous CuSO4 and hydrated CuSO4 is endothermic

11. NO(g)+ CO(g) N2(g)+ CO2(g) ∆H= -89.3KJ
What conditions would favour maximum conversion of nitrogen(II) oxide and carbon(II) oxide in the reaction above?
A. low temperature and high pressure
B. high temperature and low pressure
C. high temperature and high pressure
D. low temperature and low pressure

Today JAMB Questions and Answers on Physics

1. The function of the manganese (IV) oxide in a leclanché cell is to
A. decrease the emf of the cell
B. prevent local action in the cell
C. prevent polarization of the cell
D. increase the density of the electrolyte

2. How long does it take a 750 W heater operating at full rating to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water from 40oC to 70oC? (Take the specific heat capacity of water as 4200 Jkg-1K-1 and neglect heat losses.)
A. 84 s                 B. 168 s
C. 112 s                D. 280 s

3. The main reason why rice cooks faster in a pressure cooker than in cooking pot is that
A. less heat escapes from the cooker
B. the vapour pressure in the cooker is constant
C. the vapour pressure of the cooker decreases
D. the boiling point of water in the cooker is raised

4. The fundamental frequency of vibration of a sonometer wire may be halved by
A. doubling the length of the wire
B. doubling the mass of the wire
C. reducing the tension by half
D. reducing the absolute temperature by half

5. A column of air 10.0 cm long is trapped in a tube at 27oC. What is the length of the column at 100oC?
A. 12.4 cm                B. 13.7 cm
C. 18.5 cm               D. 37.0 cm

6. Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength?
A. radio waves            B. X-rays
C. infrared                  D. ultraviolet

More JAMB Physics Questions from Today

7. Which of the following is NOT conserved in an inelastic collision?
A. momentum             B. mass
C. kinetic energy         D. total energy

8. A series RLC circuit has a resistance of 50.0Ω, a capacitance of 6.00 nF, and an inductance of 28.0 mH. The circuit is connected to a wide-range, adjustable frequency voltage source with an output of 25.0 V. What is the resonance frequency of the circuit?
A. 12.3 KHz              B. 12.3 Hz
C. 12.3 mHz             D. 12.3 μHz

9. The area under a force-distance graph represents
A. acceleration            B. velocity
C. work                      D. momentum

10. Determine the inductive reactance when a 30.0mH inductor with negligible resistance is connected to a 1.3KHz oscillator
A. 39.0Ω             B. 122.5Ω
C. 245.0Ω           D. 39KΩ

Today JAMB Questions and Answers on Government

1. Indirect rule, as practiced by the British in West African colonies, ….
A. did not attempt to reform existing traditional institutions
B. was over glorified and expedient nonsense
C. satisfied neither the rulers nor the ruled
D. had nothing in common with the ‘real’ French rule in their colonies
E. meant ruling through existing rulers attempting to check excesses

2. Indirect rule was introduced into Nigeria by
A. Dame Margery Perham            B. Sir Donald Cameron
C. Sir Frederick Lugard                 D. Arthur Richards
E. Sir James Robertson

3. The new local Government reforms in Nigeria
A. seek to establish uniformity in type, purpose and functions of local authorities
B. make traditional rulers more powerful than ever before
C. are a waste of time and the Federal Government’s money
D. promote unity but allow for some diversity in the structure of local governments
E. would definitely establish clean and efficient government at the local level

4. In Nigeria, appellate case from Courts of Appeal go to
A. The Senate
B. The House of Representatives
C. The Supreme Court
D. The Judiciary Advisory Council
E. The Executive Council

5. Which organ of the United Nations has primary responsibility for the maintenance world peace and security?
A. The General Assembly B. The Secretary
C. The International Court of Justice at the Hague
D. The Economic and Social Council
E. The Security Council

More JAMB Government Questions from Today

6. The term Franchise refers to
A. French-speaking people
B. property owners
C. the right to choose representatives to the Legislature
D. the educated electorate
E. the voting card

7. The main role of pressure group is to
A. oppose oppressive legislation
B. protect the interest of the country against foreign powers
C. resist temptation of gifts made by multinational companies to influence their judgment
D. promote the interests of the political parties
E. influence legislation in order to benefit their members

8. A system in which a few powerful and rich nobles own land which is hired out to the poor people to farm is called
A. feudalism          B. cooperatives         C. socialism
D. communism     E. communalism

9. In a federal state, powers are shared
A. between the central government and local governments.
B. between the center and other coordinate units of the state.
C. among the federal ministers.
D. equally among the ethnic groups of the country.

10. Which of the following countries in West Africa has not experienced military intervention in politics?
A. Upper Volta        B. Sierra Leone       C. Mali
D. Cote d’voire        E. Togo

Today JAMB Questions and Answers on Economics

1. Demand in economics is synonymous with
A. needs
B. wants of the consumers
C. all goods demanded in the market
D. wants supported with ability to pay

2. An inferior good is one
A. that is too bad for consumption
B. whose price is lower than the prices of other goods
C. that is easily perishable
D. whose demand falls when the income of its consumers increases

3. One major function of the Central Bank is to
A. mint money
B. hold demand deposits and honour cheques
C. create money
D. control and regulates money supply

4. Money becomes a very poor store of value in a period of
A. deflation              B. stable prices
C. recession             D. inflation

5. The real value of money is
A. its face value
B. what it can buy at a particular time
C. its rate of exchange with other currencies
D. its intrinsic worth

More JAMB Economics Questions from Today

6. Budget deficit can be financed by
A. reducing the level of taxation
B. printing more money
C. lending to financial institutions
D. employing more workers

7. Which of the following is not a feature of a perfect market?
A. Homogeneity of products
B. Preferential treatment
C. Absence of transport cost
D. Perfect knowledge of market situation

8. A stock exchange is a market that
A. deals with exchange of commodities
B. deals with the purchase and sale of securities
C. exchanges treasury bills for bills of exchange
D. sells foreign exchange

9. Which of the following is used to measure inflation?
A. Open market operation             B. Cash-deposit ratio
C. Price index        D. Multiplier      E. Fiscal policy

10. Income elasticity of demand is the measurement of the responsiveness of
A. price to changes in income
B. quantity demanded to changes in income
C. changes in expenditure to changes in income
D. changes in expenditure to changes in price of the commodity

Today JAMB Question and Answer on Literature in English

1. Criticism is a literary activity which seeks to
A. Find faults in a literary work
B. Analyze and evaluate a literary work
C. compare and contrast novels
D. Discover the beauty of a literary work

2. “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”
Shelly, ‘Ode to the West Wind’.
The literary device used here is
A. an apostrophe
B. an allegory
C. a poetic license
D. a rhetoric

3. “The woman whose breast I sucked is gone to the worms.” Oculi, Orphan.
These lines illustrate the use of
A. sadism            B. sophism
C. satire               D. euphemism

4. When a writer deviates from the chronological arrangement of events in a literary piece, he uses
A. Anadiplosis              B. Anachrony
C. Chrestomathy          D. Anagnorisis

5. …. is used to describe the ‘god of inspiration’ in literature.
A. Muse                 B. Premiere
C. Mood                D. Deux Ex Machina

6. The art of using persuasive words in literary works is known as
A. Rhetoric           B. Dilemma
C. Parody            D. Paronomasia

More JAMB Literature Questions from Today

7. A short poem that expresses an idea in a clever way is called
A. An Epigram        B. A Limerick
C. An Ode              D. A Lyric

8. ‘This thing you are doing is too heavy for you,’ he said. ‘I went to school only a little, but I have killed many many more years in this world than you have.’ Gabriel Okara: The Voice
It can be inferred from the passage above that the
A. listener is a porter
B. listener is wise
C. speaker is a murderer
D. speaker is more experienced

9. A body of imaginative men and women of letters is generally referred to as
A. litterateur             B. laureattes
C. literaria                D. literati

10. “If I can fasten but one cup upon him with that which he had drunk tonight already, he’ll be as full of quarrel and offence as my young mistress’ dog…”
Shakespeare, Othello
From the statement above, it can be inferred that the speaker is
A. disobedient
B. quarrelsome
C. servile
D. scheming

Today JAMB Question and Answer on CRS

1. The name Moses means
A. the loved child of Pharoah
B. God heard our groaning
C. I have been a sojourner in a foreign land
D. because I drew him out of the water

2. The name of Herod’s son who succeeded his father as ruler of Judea was
A. Phasael              B. Antipas
C. Herodias           D. Archelaus

3. Where did Paul cure a slave girl who has a spirit of divination?
A. Philippi            B. Ephesus
C. Athens              D. Antioch

4. After the exile, the rebuilding of the temple was completed in the reign of
A. Cyrus               B. Nebuchadnezzar
C. Artaxesrxes      D. Darius

5. When Herod saw Jesus he was very glad because
A. he thought that Jesus was John the Baptist raised from the dead
B. he had wanted to punished Jesus for calling him a fox
C. he had long desired to see him
D. he thought that his rival king had been arrested at last

More JAMB CRS Questions from Today

6. ….. was a shepherd of Tekoah.
A. David            B. Elisha
C. Amos            D. Jeremiah

7. Which religious groups asked Jesus about payment of taxes to Caesar?
A. Pharisees and Sadducees
B. Pharisees and Herodians
C. Sadducees and Herodians
D. Herodians and Zealots

8. Joseph saw his sale by his brothers as God’s plan to enable him
A. revenge on his brothers
B. become the lord of Egypt
C. become a father to Pharaoh
D. preserve life

9. In order to stay alive, anyone who was bitten by the fiery serpent had to
A. touch the bronze serpent
B. make a bronze serpent
C. kill a serpent
D. look at the bronze serpent

10. What is the significance of Jesus allowing His disciples to take certain things and not others on their missionary journey to the evangelist?
A. adequate material and spiritual preparation should be made for the work
B. he should depend on his audience for every need
C. he should have absolute confidence in the sufficiency of God
D. he should not leave a place where he is not received without placing a curse on the people

Today JAMB Question and Answer on Commerce

1. The process of dividing tasks into jobs and departments and of delegating authority is known as
A. Leading              B. Directing
C. Organizing         D. Staffing

2. The market structure, business conditions and financial systems in Nigeria constitute the
A. political environment
B. economic environment
C. technological environment
D. cultural environment

3. A major benefit derivable from the privatization and commercialization of public enterprises in Nigeria is
A. revenue generation
B. information technology
C. employment generation
D. increase in wages

4. The most important function of Commerce is
A. assisting trade through banking and insurance
B. enhancing business relationships
C. helping people to improve their profits
D. facilitating exchanges among individuals

5. Communication enhances business activities by
A. Ensuring the movement of goods from producer to consumer
B. keeping the good safe until they are needed
C. facilitating interaction between producers and consumers
D. facilitating interaction among media houses

6. One important requirement for the membership of the ECOWAS is
A. Population                  B. Integrity
C. Independence            D. landmass

7. In Nigeria, the body that ensures that its members operate according to their professional ethics is the
A. MAN               B. NAFDAC
C. SON                D. NPF

8. A floating policy an example of
A. marine insurance           B. actuaries insurance
C. motor insurance             D. fire insurance

9. The media used for inter-departmental communication include
A. circulars, advertisement and notice boards
B. memoranda, circulars and the telephone
C. memoranda, advertisement and face-to-face
D. memoranda, advertisement and the grape vine

10. One advantage of a crossed cheque is that it can
A. only be paid into a savings account
B. be cashed over the bank’s counter
C. only be paid into the owner’s account
D. be cashed by anyone

Today JAMB Question and Answer on Mathematics

1. What is the locus of a point P which moves on one side of a straight line XY, so that the angle XPY is always equal to 90o?
A. The perpendicular bisector of XY
B. A right-angled triangle
C. A circle
D. A semi-circle

2. A student calculated the mean of 5 numbers as 45.3. While rechecking his working, he discovered that his total was short by 20.5. What is the correct mean of the numbers?
A. 24.8                        B. 41.2
C. 49.4                        D. 65.8

3. X and Y are two events. The probability of X or Y is 0.7 and the probability of X is 0.4. If X and Y are independent, find the probability of Y.
A. 0.30                B. 0.50
C. 0.57                D. 1.80

4. The first and last terms of a geometric series are 2 and 2048 respectively. The sum of the series is 2730. Find the number of terms in the series.
A. 4          B. 5         C. 6          D. 7

5. One of the roots of the equation 27×2 + bx + 8 = 0 is known to be the square of the other. Find b.
A. 30          B. –30       C. ½          D. 2/3

More JAMB Mathematics Questions from Today

6. A woman buys 270 oranges for ₦1800.00 and sells at 5 for ₦40.00. What is her profit?
A. ₦630.00              B. ₦360.00
C. ₦1620.00            D. ₦2160.00

7. What are the integral values of x which satisfy the inequality –1 < 3 – 2x ≤ 5?
A. -2, 1, 0, -1
B. -1, 0, 1, 2
C. -1, 0, 1
D. 0, 1, 2

8. The coordinates of the vertices P and Q of a square PQRS are P = (1, 3) and Q = (5, 1). The coordinates of R could be
A. (3, 7)            B. (3, 0)
C. (6, 3)            D. (7, 5)

9. The rate of ice formation in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator is (2 – 0.3t) g per min; where t is the time in minutes. If there was initially 10 g of ice in the ice-maker, the mass of ice present after 10 minutes is
A. 5 g           B. 10 g
C. 15 g         D. 25 g

10. A die is thrown and a coin is tossed. Find the probability that the die shows an even number and the coin shows a head.
A. 1/4            B. 1/6
C. 1/2            D. 1


There are many questions from today’s JAMB examination but we have carefully selected these ones. So they are basically here to serve as guide and revision material for those who are yet to sit for their own exam.

We sincerely trust that you found this post both informative and helpful. You can always use the comments section to share your thoughts with us.

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