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Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers 2024

In our post on How to Score Above 300 in JAMB, we shared top secrets of JAMB high-fliers. One of the key secrets is doing due diligence with JAMB past questions and answers. This is because JAMB repeats questions from their database. So in order to help candidates who will write JAMB tomorrow, next tomorrow and other sessions to come, we make it a duty to gather questions from past UTME sessions. On this page, you have the privilege of going through yesterday JAMB questions and answers.

Yesterday JAMB questions and answers

Going through the immediate JAMB Past Questions for the current exam year helps a lot. Among other things, it will help you to know what to expect in your own session. So you can know the areas of emphasis and the current technicalities of the questions. This is because JAMB is innovating and evolving on a yearly basis.

Therefore, we encourage you to use this page as one of your several revision materials. This advise is especially for this who are yet to write their own UTME. Always do your best to know the questions that came out in previous sessions.

Remember that JAMB sets 60 questions in Use of English and 40 questions in the three remaining UTME subjects. This makes a total of 180 questions for each student in every session. You will answer all in about 2 hours.

Here are some of the questions we gathered from yesterday’s JAMB questions and answers.

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Use of English

In each of questions 1 to 10, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

1. Only those who are gullible fall victim to his trickery.
A. saucy                  B. devastated
C. courteous          D. astute

2. He is well known for his inordinate ambition.
A. excessive          B. passionate
C. moderate         D. sound

3. Students could be timid.
A. friendly            B. bold
C. covetous          D. pugnacious

4. The witness decided to conceal the evidence.
A. divulge            B. hide
C. destroy           D. pugnacious

5. The members of the congregation were inspired by the sermon.
A. bewitched           B. enthralled
C. disenchanted      D. disorientated

6. Agbenu was ecstatic about her result.
A. dispassionate        B. sad
C. pessimistic            D. mad

7. The labour leader’s recalcitrant stance was applauded.
A. stubborn                   B. flexible
C. uncompromising    D. well-informed

8. A cool bath in a hot weather can be truly invigorating.
A. devastating             B. unpalatable
C. debilitating            D. disgusting

9. We are loath to do the assignment.
A. willing                  B. unwilling
C. waiting                 D. dying

10. Toyin is married to an impatient, self-centered man.
A. a fretful               B. a tolerant
C. an edgy               D. a tolerable

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Mathematics

1. Correct 241.34 (3 x 10-3)2 to 4 significant figures
A. 0.0014          B. 0.001448
C. 0.0022          D. 0.002172

2. At what rate would a sum of #100.00 deposited for 5 years raise an interest of #7.50?
A. 11/2%         B. 21/2%
C. 15%             D. 25%

3. Three children shared a basket of mangoes in such a way that the first child took ¼ of the mangoes and the second ¾ of the remainder. What fraction of the mangoes did the third child take?
A. 3/16        B. 7/16
C. 9/16        D. 13/16

4. Simplify and express in standard form (0.00275 x 0.00640)/( 0.025 x 0.08)
A. 8.8 x 10-1         B. 8.8 x 102
C. 8.8 x 10-3         D. 8.8 x 103

5. Three brothers in a business deal share the profit at the end of contract. The first received 1/3 of the profit and the second 2/3 of the remainder. If the third received the remaining #12.000.00, how much profit did they share?
A. #60,000.00      B. #54,000.00
C. #48,000.00      D. #42,000.00

6. If 2x + 3y = 1 and x – 2y = 11, find (x + y)
A. 5         B. -3         C. 8         D. 2

7. Simplify √27 + 3/√3
A. 4√3           B. 4/√3
C. 3√3           D. 3√/4

8. Simplify 3Log69 + Log612 + Log664 – Log672
A. 5                    B. 7776
C. Log631         D. (7776)6

9. 31. A rectangular picture 6 cm x 8 cm is enclosed by a frame ½ cm wide. Calculate the area of the frame
A. 15 sq. cm           B. 20 sq. cm
C. 13 sq. cm           D. 16 sq. cm

10. Find the sum of the first twenty terms of the arithmetic progression Log a, Log a2, Log a3
A. log a20            B. log a21
C. log a200          D. log a210

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Commerce

1. Okeze contracted to sell TV sets to Ojo, unknown to them, the sets were stolen in transit. This contract may be terminated on the grounds of
A. bankruptcy
B. frustration
C. fraudulence
D. breach of contract

2. Which of the following countries are a member of the Lake Chad Basin Commission?
A. Nigeria
B. Benin and Nigeria
C. Chad and Benin
D. Nigeria and Mali

3. A core investor in the current phase of privatization in Nigeria is one who
A. can afford to buy most of the shares of the enterprises
B. will be at the core of the enterprises
C. can mobilize foreign currency equivalent to the value of the enterprises
D. has the technical know-how of the enterprises.

4. The agency in Nigeria which ensure that products conform to government quality specification is the
A. standard organization of Nigeria
B. Nigeria consumer’s association
C. manufactures association of Nigeria
D. Nigeria chamber of commerce

5. An example of a service rendering trade association is
A. Nigerian Bar Association
B. Association of Nigerian Miners
C. Cocoa Farmers Association
D. Manufacturers Association of Nigerian

6. The commercialization of public enterprises is aimed at
A. increasing efficiency and making the enterprises self-sufficient
B. advertising and promoting the goods and services of the enterprise
C. increased assistance and patronage of the enterprises by the public
D. selling the goods and services of the enterprises

More JAMB Commerce Questions from Yesterday

7. An author is the exclusive right to his published and unpublished works is known as
A. authors right       B. constitutional right
C. patent right         D. copyright

8. Under an endowment policy, the money handed over to the insured at the expiration of the stipulated time or at death is the
A. indemnity                   B. surrender value
C. lump sum benefit     D. insurance premium

9. The machine used for sending telex message is known as a
A. radar                      B. fax machine
C. Dictaphone              D. teleprinter

10. Which of these insurance principles requires a close connection between the actual loss suffered and the risk insured?
A. Indemnity           B. proximate cause
C. contribution       D. subrogation

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Literature in English

1. The character matched against the hero of a play is the
[a] antagonist        [b] Anti-hero
[c] Braggart            [d] Clown

2. “He bleats like a goat” is an example of
[a] hyperbole              [b] Irony
[c] Personification     [d] Simile

3. An epistolary method of writing a novel is a method whereby a novel is written in the form of
[a] dialogue               [b] Drama
[c] Essay                    [d] Letter

4. Which of the following is not a genre of literature?
[a] farce                  [b] novel             [c] play
[d] poetry               [e] satire

5. A simple story with a deeper meaning is called
[a] an allegory        [b] an elegy
[c] an epic               [d] an ode

6. A poetic device that exaggerates situations or objects is known as
[a] climax              [b] epigram
[c] flashback         [d] hyperbole

7. Which of the following is odd in the appreciation of a poem?
[a] chapter          [b] rythm          [c] setting
[d] stanza            [e] theme

8. The term ‘tragic flaw’ means?
[a] A mistake made by the hero             [b] A moral weakness in the hero
[c] the first act in a play                           [d] the prologue

9. The first eight lines of a sonnet is called?
[a] a couplet               [b] an octave            [c] a quatrain
[d] a sestet                  [e] a set

10. The last part of a literary work is known as?
[a] acknowledgement        [b] an epilogue         [c] an epitaph
[d] a prologue                  [e] conclusion

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Economics

1. The price of a good rises from N5 to N8 and the quantity demanded falls from 200 to 190 units. Over this price range, the demand curve is
A. fairly inelastic              B. fairly elastic
C. perfectly inelastic        D. perfectly elastic

2. In economics analysis, a statement is said to be normalized if, it
A. can be tested scientifically
B. relates to value judgment
C. is contradictory
D. is incorrect

3. Utility is the satisfaction derived from
A. production             B. distribution
C. consumption         D. demand

4. If there is an increase in demand without a corresponding increase in supply, there will be
A. fall in price             B. rise in price
C. shift in the supply curve to the right
D. shift in the demand curve to the left

5. In Economics, inferior goods are defined as goods
A. whose quality is low
B. consumed by very poor people
C. whose consumption falls when consumers’ income rise
D. none of the above

More JAMB Economics Questions from Yesterday

6. Utility means
A. usefulness      B. consumable      C. beneficial
D. advantageous      E. power of satisfaction of want

7. The dominant form of tax in Nigeria is
A. direct                    B. indirect
C. value-added          D. personal income

8. An economy in which both the public and the private sectors contribute substantially to the growth of output is
A. a socialist economy
B. a capitalist economy
C. a mixed economy
D. an industrialized economy

9. Retailers are more in number than wholesalers because
A. retail business may not be registered or incorporated
B. retail business requires less expertise
C. retailers deal with final consumers
D. all wholesale businesses are large enterprise

10. The decisions in a sole proprietorship are made by
A. Owner
B. Board of directors
C. Management
D. Shareholders’ conference

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Chemistry

1. A mixture of iodine and sulphur crystals can be separated by treatment with
A. water of filter off sulphur
B. carbon (IV) sulphide to filter off iodine
C. ethanoic acid to filter off sulphur
D. methanol to filter off iodine

2. Sieving is a technique used to separate mixtures containing solid particles of
A. small sizes                  B. large sizes
C. different sizes             D. the same size

3. Which of the compounds is composed of Al, Si, O and H?
A. Epson salt              B. Limestone
C. Clay                       D. Urea

4. 50cm3 of carbon (II) oxide was exploded with 150cm3 of air containing 20% oxygen by volume, which of the reactants was in excess?
A. Carbon (II) oxide         B. Carbon (IV) oxide
C. Oxygen                      D. Nitrogen

5. How many moles of HCl will be required to react with potassium heptaoxodichromate (VI) to produce 3 moles of chlorine?
A. 14           B. 12          C. 11        D. 10

6. The ratio of the initial to the final pressure of a given mass of gas is 1:1:5. Calculate the final volume of the gas if the initial volume was 300cm3 at the same temperature.
A. 120 cm3            B. 200 cm3
C. 450 cm3           D. 750 cm3

7. The partial pressure of oxygen in a sample of air is 452mm Hg and the total pressure is 780mmHg. What is the mole fraction of oxygen?
A. 0.203               B. 0.579
C. 2.030               D. 5.790

More JAMB Economics Questions from Yesterday

8 The maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in the shell having the principal quantum number 3 is
A. 3           B. 9             C. 10            D. 18

9. The following acids are non-basic except
A. methanoic acid               B. dioxinitrate(III) acid
C. ethanedoic                      D. hydrobromic acid

39. Water can be obtained as the only product during
A. combustion of hydrogen
B. chemical reaction
C. combustion of carbon
D. electrolysis of brine

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Biology

1. A noticeable adaptation of the animal to its aquatic habitat is the possession of
A. webbed digits             B. four limbs
C. a wide mouth             D. large eyes

2. The similarity among organisms belonging to the same group will be least within each
A. order              B. family
C. species           D. kingdom

3. Hermaphroditic reproduction can be found among the
A. annelids and molluscs
B. pisces and amphibians
C. coelenterates and platyhelminthes
D. arthropods and nematodes

4. One distinctive feature in the life history of liverworts is that they exhibit
A. vegetative reproduction
B. alternation of generation
C. sexual reproduction
D. asexual reproduction

5. The cell component that is present in a prokaryotic cell is the
A. ribosome             B. mitochondrion
C. chloroplast         D. nuclear envelope

6. In the egg of a bird, the embryo is located in the
A. yolk           B. embryo disc
C. chalaza      D. albumen

7. An insect whose economic importance is both harmful and beneficial is the
A. butterfly          B. mosquito
C. blackfly           D. tsetse fly

8. If water that has been coloured red is poured at the base of a wilting plant, it will appear as a red stain in the cells of the
A. phloem          B. parenchyma
C. xylem             D. epidermis

9. The stunted growth of a leguminous plant suffering from nitrogen deficiency may be corrected by inoculating the soil with
A. saprophytic bacteria         B. rhizobium
C. denitrifying bacteria        D. nitrosomonas

10. The part of the mammalian digestive system where absorption of nutrients takes place is the
A. duodenum              B. colon
C. ileum                     D. oesophagus

Yesterday JAMB Questions and Answers on Government

1. In a confederation, the constituency that a member of legislature represents is a
A. senatorial district
B. parliamentary constituency
C. nation-state
D. region

2. In a constitutional monarchy, the authority to remove the head of state is exercised by the
A. legislature
B. head of government
C. cabinet
D. prime minister

3. In a parliamentary system of government, a vote of no confidence leads to the resignation of
A. the entire cabinet
B. an individual minister
C. the entire parliament
D. the prime minister

4. In a presidential system of government, the president checks the legislature through
A. executive order         B. executive review
C. exercise of power     D. legislative order

5. The economic basis of feudalism is
A. capital              B. agriculture
C. slavery             D. trade

6. Which organ of the government is referred to as the last hope of the common man?
A. the legislative       B. the parliament
C. the executive        D. the judiciary

7. The law of libel limits a citizen’s right to freedom of
A. association           B. movement
C. worship                D. expression

8. One of the major sources of constitution is
A. judicial precedence
B. politics debate
C. opinion poll
D. executive order

9. “Pacification” refers to the process through which some areas in Nigeria were acquired by
A. military conquest
B. gunboat diplomacy
C. signing of treaties
D. peaceful negotiation

10. Federalism was introduced in Nigeria under the
A. Richards constitution
B. Lyttleton constitution
C. Macpherson constitution
D. independent constitution


There are many questions from yesterday’s JAMB examination but we have carefully selected these ones. So they are basically here to serve as guide and revision material for those who are yet to sit for their own exam.

We sincerely trust that you found this post both informative and helpful. You can always use the comments section to share your thoughts with us.

Also help us to reach others with this post. Share with friends on Social Media. Just scroll down to see the Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp buttons. Thank you so much!

See you in the next post.

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