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All You Need To Know About UNN Accommodation – Hostels, Lodges, Off Campus

All You Need To Know About UNN Accommodation – Hostels, Lodges, Off Campus

The truth is that as far as the University of Nigeria (both Nsukka and Enugu campuses) is concerned, students accommodation is a burning issue. You may have heard some people jokingly say that it is easier to gain admission into any course in UNN than it is to get the school-provided hostel accommodation. If you have already been admitted or you are still expecting your name in the subsequent Admission Lists, you need to think and answer this question…

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Where will you live when you get to the den?

I’ve been in and around UNN long enough to know a lot about the systems and the environment; and in this post, I will be appealing to my many years of experience as I try to take you on a journey through UNN.

First you must note that the Nsukka people are homely, peaceful, hospitable and hardworking Igbos. So, wherever you chose to live may not be such a bad idea. In the coming paragraphs I will tell you what I know about each residential area around the Nsukka campus of University of Nigeria. I will try to give the range of prices for accommodation in these areas and also give personal comments on their level of security.

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I hope you find this helpful. Let’s go…

FEMALE HOSTELS: The UNN boasts of 13 female hostels. The hostels are very much inside the school. Especially Bello, Eyo Ita, Balewa, Awolowo, Aja Nwachukwu and Opara halls. So if you happen to get any of these halls, then you can wake by 6:30am and still meet a 7:00am lecture (that’s if your mirror and make-up will allow you). Some ‘unlucky’ ladies will be allocated Kwame Nkuruma hostel located at the extreme of the campus among the boys hostels (you will trek your lives out. lol). But on the brighter side, you will be working your body to exercise and not to talk of the male company. The hostels have free running water and almost steady 24-hours electricity supply. Most rooms have fans. The school tries as much as possible to maintain the toilets (but our girls can shit kaii!) so I will give the toilet 6/10. There is free Wifi in all the hostels also. The legal number of occupants is 4 per room. But when our lionesses want to become landladies, you can get as much as 8 – 10 girls in a room (surprised? Wait till I enter boys hostel). They call it “Squatting”. Security is good but there are still many cases of theft each year so be careful with your property. Pharmacy girls are queens of Bello hostel as they are allocated the hall exclusively. Though not exclusive, If you are to study any agriculture-related course, expect to get Aja Nwachukwu and Awolowo mostly. They are closer to the farms. A bedspace costs #15,000 but you have to budget 20,000 to include clearance and signing in expenses.

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MALE HOSTELS: The two functioning male Hostels are Alvan Ikoku and Eni-Njoku Halls (I lived here in my first year Rm 329). Though the building is old and actually over populated, the design of these halls is world class. It has a large quadrangle where boys show off their soccer talents. It’s such an awesome feeling to play there. Both are located side by side and opposite the Akanu Ibiam Stadium. Water runs free and Wi-Fi is available too. The toilet facility was updated about four years ago and is cleaned every 3 days so it’s the same 6/10 score with the female hostels. Any issue with the toilet is due to over use. The legal number of roomies is six boys. But rarely can you see a room with only six boys. Most times, it’s between 7 – 12 boys in a room. Ask me how that is possible? Ok (When you come, you will testify). The boys’ halls, unlike the girls’, have no mattresses, they lay on their beds on the ground. Only five beds can be accommodated vertically in a room. Most times, before you doze off, you may count six people sleeping in the room only to wake up with twelve! This is largely because boys are homely. They will shelter you anytime without making a big deal of it (Go and try girls… lol). For people that like to jack alot, the hostels have reading rooms. The price per occupant is #12,000 excluding clearance and signing in expenses.

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ODENIGWE: The cost of lodging here is between 40-65k for single room and 80-110k for selfcons. It is quite peaceful and the students to locals ratio is about 3:2. It’s reasonably close to most faculties especially the faculties of social sciences, arts, and education. Security is fair. But in off campus settlements, you must be cautious as it is easy for a brother to just collect your phone if you keep out too late. Girls especially shouldn’t walk about at night for any reason. Power is very good too.

ODIM: Many students would say they don’t like this place. I think it because its far from inside school and it’s kind of like a village. The students to locals ratio is very high -about 2:5 – which is quite a good thing because the cases of crime here is low. Security is good. Mostly engineering boys live around there as it’s not too far from the faculty of Engineering. Accommodation is quite cheap there too. You can get a room for as low as 25k and highest is 60k for a selfcon (but there are few selfcons there). Power is not so good and if you are a swag kind of guy, you won’t like Odim.

BEHIND FLAT: This is a settlement just after the second gate, behind the dysfunctional Ziks flats. If there is a place I don’t know much about, it’s Behind flat. Lodges here can go for between 50-70k for single rooms and 80-100k for selfcons. Power is not as good as Odenigwe but far better than Odim.
Security is good enough for the careful.

HLLTOP: Hilltop is the most popular off campus residence in UNN. It is more of students than locals with a student to local ratio of more than 5:1. At evenings from 7pm, the streets is littered with students who are either coming in from school, going to school, buying dinner or just walking about. Sometimes it can be a notorious place as the number of theft cases is alarming. Most times, all you need is leave your room open for less than an hour or a window at night, your will lose something. Nearly everyone have lost one thing or the other there. Me too. It was at Hilltop this session where a student was shot dead in his room in a cult issue. Yea. Cult. But if you are cool-headed, you will be fine. After all, I live there with many friends including Ufele Wisdom Chris and Wisdom Okereke. Accommodation is between 50-65k for single rooms and 80-180k for selfcons. Lately, after the incident of the murder, the security has improved a lot. Asides all, Hilltop is a peaceful place and a real student community. Most guys get this big boy feeling when they tell girls they stay there (I don’t know why. Girls too can like hilltop boys like mad). Power is the same as in Odenigwe as both are not far apart.

In general, all this settlements are nice. Just to know which suits you. Some advantages you will get in hostel like free water (Off campus a 25ltr gallon of water goes for #30.) and WiFi, you won’t get off campus. Likewise, you won’t get maximum privacy and freewill in the hostel like you will off campus. Remember all comments on security are only personal.

Dislodge any view that you can’t be a successful student if you don’t live in the hostel. It’s not true. I have lived both places and everything still has to do with how you manage your student life. Cultism and drugs is not a common thing in UNN. Infact why be a cultist when you can join lots of other interesting groups like Keggites, Federation theatre, Altar knights, Rotract, Ispor, Leaders club and many of them. So say no to cultism always. Run from friends who say that weed gives inspiration, they’re devils. I am a pharmacist to some level now and I know enough to know that cannabis deteriorates mental coordination.

No matter where you will live, never forget your main aim of coming into the university. Study. But please don’t stop to enjoy your student life.You can’t live it twice. Go for gatherings, parties, burn fires, film shows, fellowships, and excursions but know the limits. Never forget your home training. Finally, stay positive always.

See you at the Den

Offiaeli Bernard Arinze
Edited (Henry Divine)

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  1. Please is it that hard to get admission into unn

    • Not really.

      The truth is that the difficulty in securing admission is a Nigerian factor that is affecting virtually all schools in Nigeria and not peculiar to UNN. More candidates are seeking admission than the available admission spaces in all Nigeria tertiary institutions combined.

      So to gain admission, regardless of the institution, you need to work real hard on your studies and pray very much. With God on your side and VERY HIGH scores in JAMB and Post-UTME, you will secure admission.

      Otherwise, you may need to have connection and lots of money to achieve your admission goal.

    • Pls which female hostel is closest to the faculty of biological sciences

  2. Please can I study pharmacy with a score of 274, my name is not on the merit list, what are my chances of getting into the 2nd list?

    • You would not get into pharmacy in the supplementary list.

      Just shop for any of the advertised courses for supplementary admission. That would increase your chances of getting admission this year.

  3. Can I get admission to study computer science in unn with aggregate 243

    • Of course, you can. It all depends on what eventually becomes the departmental cutoff mark for the course (computer science).

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