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Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers [Revealed!]

This is for BECE Candidates looking for Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers. The English Language paper is compulsory for all candidates regardless of their school. So, here you will get genuine Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers for English. Your duty now is to read through them as many times as possible and get ready to smash your English paper.

Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers [Revealed!]

What are Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers

Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers are the questions you should expect in your English paper in 2024 BECE, together with their answers.

It is very important that every candidate preparing to sit for English in the forthcoming 2024 BECE examination should catch a glimpse of these questions.

In so doing, they will know what to expect in the exam hall. Knowing exactly what to expect will boost their confidence and guarantee them a very high score.

Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers Revealed!

On this page, we shall reveal Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers for all candidates taking the English Language paper.

How lucky you are to stumble upon this important page!

The questions are genuine and the answers are accurate, and all are a product of our passion to see you excel in your BECE and proceed to Senior Secondary School.

In the following sections, you will read the English questions you are to expect in your 2024 Junior WAEC exam as well as their answers. You can use the comments section if you still need clarification over some of the questions. We will give you a more detailed explanation.

BECE is a very serious and important examination. You will answer 60 questions in BECE English 2024 within 2 hours. So it’s important that you pay attention to the information revealed on this page.

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Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers [COMPREHENSION PASSAGE]

Carefully read the following passages and then answer the questions on it.

I shall always remember my old friend Jide. His father, Mazi Okeke Nnaebue was the clan head of the Ozalla Ugbor. Jide was the eldest of three sons and he and his brothers all worked on the father’s farm.
Mazi Okeke Nnaebue has about five hectares of farmland near the village. On this farm he grew yam, cassava, cocoyam and some vegetables. In addition he had about seven hectares of farmland several kilometers away from the village. There he has his cashews and palm plantations.

Jide worked hard on his father’s farm and when he was about twenty-five years old his parents helped him to marry. They lived together on his father’s compound until his first child was born. They later moved to another with the help of his father. Jide and his wife traded in processed cassava and grains. With time they installed a palm oil processing machine as well as a garri processing machine in their farm. Other farmers were attracted to his ”God’s Time Farm” for one thing or the other.

At the time of Mazi Okeke’s death, Jide had already laid a solid foundation for wealth. His father blessed him as he lay on his death bed saying: “My son, you are doing well. Continue to be a good son and a good husband and God will continue to bless you. You will reap whatever you sow”.


1. What is Jide’s father?
A. He is a trader and a farmer
B. He is a farmer and a village head
C. He is a trader and a village head
D. He is a politician and a farmer

2. How many hectares of farmland did Mazi Okeke Nnaebue cultivate?
A. Five             B. Seven
C. Fifteen        D. Twelve

3. What are the cash crops grown by Mazi Okeke Nnaebue?
A. Yam, cassava and vegetable
B. Cashew and palm vegetable
C. Grains and palm oil
D. Cocoa and groundnut

4. When did Jide move into his own house?
A. When he became mature
B. When he got married
C. After his first child
D. After the father’s death

5. What new thing did Jide introduce?
A. The use of machines
B. A combination of trading and farming
C. The system of mixed cropping
D. Trading in grains and cassava

6. Who owns God’s Time Farm?
A. Mazi Okeke Nnaebue and his sons
B. Maxi Okeke Nnaebue and Jide
C. Jide and his brothers
D. Jide and his sons

7. Jide’s father blessed him because he
A. is married            B. is the first
C. uses machines    D. is a good son

8. The word “wealth” in the passage could be replaced by the word
A. health            B. progress
C. riches             D. development

9 The word “reap” in the passage means
A. capture          B. reward
C. get                 D. harvest

10. What is the lesson from this passage?
A. There is need to be blessed by our father.
B. It pays to be hardworking.
C. It is better to combine trading and farming.
D. It is better to be a farmer and a village leader.

Answers to Junior WAEC 2024 COMPREHENSION Passage

1.B   2.D   3.B   4.C   5.A   6.D   7.D   8.C   9.D   10.B

Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers [LEXIS AND STRUCTURE]

Choose the right words for the blanks in the following passage from the list of options lettered A-D.

It is not easy to produce a school play. First of all a suitable play must be chosen and this depends upon the size of the -11- and the ability of the actors. The next step is to cast the actors who will play the various -12- in the play. When this has been done, the real business of -13- can begin. In beginning the actors merely read their -14- and do not move about at all. Then the actions are added until finally the play is acted by the actors in full -15- with all the -16- lighting and props just as it will be presented on the opening night.

On the opening night, there is much anxiety at the back stage. There is always a chance that some of the young actors will get -17- and miss their -18-. Perhaps the -19- who is there to help on just such an occasion may lose his place as he follows the -20- of the play.

At last the actors are dressed and -21-. In the body of the theatre the audience settle down as the curtain rises on the first scene. Slowly the -22- brighten and the producer anxiously watches the opening of the play from his place in the -23-. The members of the -24- glue their eyes to the -25-. A lot is actually involved in the production of a play.

11. Cast Drama Characters Performs
12. Scenes Acts Parts Pilots
13. Trials Rehearsals Training Attempts
14. Phrases Verses Lines Scenes
15. Clothes Costume Uniform Outfit
16. Scenery Screnes Plots Act
17. Home-sick Stage-struck Thunder-struck Stage-fright
18. Points Tips Cues Hints
19. Prompter Reminder Trainer Reader
20. Book Script Plan Layout
21. Set-up Put-up Taken-up Made-up
22. Lamp lights Night lights Foot lights Search lights
23. Flats Wings Corners Sides
24. audience Crowd Congregation Spectators
25. Play Actors drama Stage
Choose the option which is almost the same in meaning with the underlined words in questions 26-30.

26. Please, close the door as you go out.
A. shut          B. open
C. cross         D. start

27. John was rude to his teacher.
A. polite                    B. bold
C disrespectful          D. honest

28. The Red cross help the needy in every country.
A. aids           B. preserves
C. saves         D. rescues

29. Tochi found the missing money
A. discovered       B. revealed
C. his                    D. spent

30. Zalon has a large dog which protects his house.
A. manages         B. destroys
C. surrounds        D. guards

Use the appropriate option to complete questions 31-35.

31. Are you able to help him?
A. No, I do.           B. No, I don’t.
C. Yes, I am.          D. Yes, I can.

32. The PTA held a meeting yesterday.
A. aren’t they?     B. didn’t they?
C. didn’t it?          D. not so?

33. I have noticed that …. shoes are usually long and wide.
A. man’s          B. men’s
C. mens          D. mens’s

34. We need nobody to tell us that snakes….
A. are biting         B. bite
C. bites                D. have bite

35. The teachers in our school teach very well.
A. Did they?            B. Didn’t they?
C. Don’t they?         D. Isn’t it?

Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined words in question 36-49.

36. He is busy planting trees on the farm.
A. pruning            B. destroying
C. uprooting         D. sowing

37. These food supplies are adequate.
A. insufficient         B. scare
C. poor                  D. sowing

38. He is the best player in the team.
A. last               B. slowest
C. least             D. worst

39. Her conduct has brought great shame to her family.
A. respect           B. scandal
C. disgrace          D. contempt

40. These old exercise books are to be preserved.
A. condemned         B. removed
C. kept                     D. destroyed

From the alternatives choose the correct form of the verbs in the bracket in numbers 41-45

41. The tsetse fly (be) a blood sucking fly.
A. is                  B. being
C. was using     D. is using

42. Neki (use) the scissors now.
A. uses               B. had used
C. was using       D. is using

43. He has (take) his little brother to the hospital.
A. taken          B. take
C. taking         D. took

44. It was not their fault that the ball (break) the window.
A. broke         B. braked
C. breaks        D. was breaking

45. Susan was (lie) under the shade reading a book.
A. layed         B. lain
C. lying          D. lied

In question 46-50 identity which part of speech the word underlined in each sentence belongs.

46. She grows cassava on her farm.
A. adjective         B. verb
C. noun               D. pronoun

47. Who is there.
A. adjective         B. pronoun
C. adverb            D. noun

48. Our team won the march.
A. pronoun       B. verb
C. adverb          D. noun

49. We worked very quickly.
A. adjective       B. pronoun
C. verb              D. adverb

50. The old woman is very sick.
A. adjective        B. noun
C. verb               D. adverb

Answers to Junior WAEC 2024 LEXIS AND STRUCTURE Questions

11.A   12.C   13.B   14.C   15.B   16.A   17.D   18.C   19.A   20.B   21.D   22.C   23.B   24.A   25.D   26.A   27.C   28.A   29.A   30.D   31.C   32.B   33.B   34.B   35.C   36.C   37.A   38.D   39.A   40.D   41.A   42.D   43.A   44.A   45.C   46.C   47.B   48.B   49.A   50.A

Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers [LITERATURE IN ENGLISH]

Choose the most suitable option in the question 51-60.

51. The main function of literature is to educate and …..
A. question          B. entertain
C. blame              D. organize

52. Literature is sub-divided into …..
A. drama, fiction and songs
B. fiction, narrative and poetry
C. drama, songs and poetry
D. prose, poetry and drama

53. A poem without rhyme and metre is described as
A. blank verse          B. couplet
C. free verse             D. rhyming couplet

54. One of these is NOT a female writer
A. T. Meniru           B. I. Okoye
C. A. Atuegwu        D. M. Onyekwelu

55. A poem is sub-divided into
A. verse and stanzas
B. acts and scene
C. chapters and paragraphs
D. stanzas and paragraphs

56. The writer of the magic leaf is
A. Chinua Achebe
B. Wole Soyinka
C. Cyprian Ekwensi
D. Adaora Atuegwu

57. A play that ends happily is called
A. drama        B. comedy
C. tragedy      D. opera

58. The last six lines of a sonnet is called a/an
A. couplet          B. octave
C. quatrain         D. sextet

59. People watching a drama presentation are called
A. congregation         B. spectators
C. audience                D. pedestrians

60. The Nigerian Nobel Laureate is
A. Professor Chinua Achebe
B. Professor Ossie Enekwe
C. Dr. Emeka Anyaoku
D. Professor Wole Soyinka

Answers to Junior WAEC 2024 Literature in English Questions

51.B   52.D   53.A   54.D   55.A   56.D   57.B   58.D   59.C   60.D

Section B: Essay

Write an essay on: “The most interesting football match I have watched.”
Your essay should not be more than 150 words.


So here you have the 60 English Questions you can expect in your 2024 BECE English Language examination. Read them again and again. Ensure that you get very familiar with each of them such that you can readily recognize them any time.

Remember that you can ask for more detailed explanation to any of the above questions in case you don’t fully understand it. Don’t be shy, just scroll down and use the comments section. Drop your questions and expect comprehensive answers as soon as possible.

More so, you can help us to reach others in need of Junior WAEC 2024 English Questions and Answers by sharing this post with friends on Social Media. Just scroll down to see the Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp buttons. Thank you so much!

See you on the next article.

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