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AFJP is a collaboration of The Federal Government and the State Governments through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), which aims to increase locally grown food supply, create employment opportunities in the agriculture sector and export food surplus using existing agreements.

The Enumerators are recruited to survey smallholder farms, collect farmers details, identify priority crops & livestock and map the size of the farms. Applicants will be trained and tested. Only successful applicants will be engaged. Enumerators will be compensated for successfully validated farmers and farms.

Kindly follow the next steps as indicated below:

  1. Training


  • Ensure you complete all the tasks as instructed. Note that the ODK is configured for training mode. The practice surveys carried out here will not qualify for payment. It is strictly for practice.
  1. Testing

This test takes about 15 minutes and the link opens only once. You are allowed to attempt the test two times. Our system will retain your highest score. Before you take the test, please ensure that you:

  • Have good Internet connection.
  • Are ready and will not be interrupted.
  • Have read all the training materials thoroughly and completed at least one survey.

Take the Test on the one-time link here. 

  1. Next Steps

After taking the test, the next step is the Engagement of selected applicants which will occur 72 hours after testing. Only selected candidates will receive an email notification of engagement. Once they have accepted the offer, they would be required to Onboard and connect with their Master Trainer. It is only after these steps are completed that you can now carry out surveys in the live environment that will qualify for payment.

Should you require support, do not hesitate to contact us on 07026458329 or

Thank you and Good Luck.


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