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You are welcome once again to my website Today, I would be introducing you to an amazing platform that has been making me money from the very comfort of my home. I would want you to also earn from the same platform. The name of this platform is CHYMALL. E-Commerce | Register, Login and Make Money Every 10 – 12 Days

The name of this platform is CHYMALL.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have heard the name. Some of you may have been introduced to the platform before now but you are yet to start earning from the platform maybe because you do not fully understand or are not fully persuaded. If you are the one I just described, please don’t wait any longer because CHYMALL.NET is actually a trusted e-commerce business that is duly registered in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and is protected under the EFCC Money Laundering Act. More so, the company is present in 17 countries around world with its Corporate Office for African Region located in Accra Ghana.

CHYMALL.NET is an online shopping mall like the eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Konga, Jumia etc. But the major difference between CHY Mall and other online shopping malls is that CHY Mall is designed to allow their subscribers to earn money from the platform as they buy and sell, while the other online shopping malls do not pay their subscribers a dime.

There are numerous colorful and exciting benefits available to all partners of CHY Mall. Subscribing to CHY Mall offers you the rare opportunity to:

  • Earn 5% profit every 10days for years without any referral.
  • Earn residual income between $20 – $600 everyday if you choose to invite others to the business.
  • Be part of a global business as CHY Mall is currently present in 17 countries of the world.
  • Own a home-based, online-based and/or part-time business for life with one-time subscription.
  • Win international trips, cars, laptops, etc.
  • Receive CHY Mall’s therapeutic Quantum energy products upon activating your registration.
  • Enjoy easy withdrawals of profits and trading capital at any point in time via Peer-to-peer, Bank transfer or Bitcoin.
  • Enjoy all inclusive compensation plan available to everyone – investors, networkers, customers, merchants, etc.


CHY Mall e-commerce allows members of its community (VIP subscribers) to buy products from its New Retail platform. By virtue of this purchase, they qualify to buy two more of the same product at a wholesale price of 60% less the retail price from the wholesale shop of the e-commerce. In other words, they are given 60% discount on the two additional products.

The two additional products bought at wholesale price are then featured on the e-commerce at 100% retail price and would be sold for you by the company within 10 ten days. Nonetheless, the company also gives you another option of shipping the products to you if choose not to sell the products on the CHY Mall platform.

In a situation whereby the products are sold for you by the company, your profit after tax or service charge deductions plus your trading capital will be automatically credited to your account. The profit after tax of each trade cycle (10 – 12 days) is 5% of your of your total investment (VIP Package plus trading capital).

Hence, to trade on CHY Mall would require two things; your VIP package registration and your trading capital as analyzed on the subsequent section below.


CHY Mall features 7 packages known as VIP levels as every member of the CHY Mall community is a VIP. There is one-time registration fee plus free product attached to each VIP package thus:

VIP1 – Free Anti-radiation phone sticker
VIP2 – Free Quantum beauty spray
VIP3 – Free Quantum energy eyeglasses
VIP4 – Free Quantum men’s pant
VIP5 – Free Quantum facial mask
VIP6 – Free Water Purification System
VIP7 – A collection of all the products in the preceding 6 VIP’s.

Note that the current exchange rate of Dollar to Naira in CHY Mall is 500.

💚 VIP 1

VIP 1 registration fee is $25 (NGN12,500).

Note: Trading is not feasible on this level. Partners here can only earn via referral bonuses.

💚 VIP 2

Sign up cost = $50 (NGN)
Trading Capital = $90 (NGN)
Total Registration Cost = $140 (NGN70,000)
Product = Slimming Patch, Quantum ring

Take Home Profits:
Every 10 – 12 days = $7 (NGN3,500)
Every month = $21 (NGN10,500)

💚 VIP 3

Sign up cost = $100 (NGN50,000)
Trading Capital = $180 (NGN90,000)
Total Registration Cost = $280 (NGN140,000)
Product = Fuel Saver, Beauty Tools

Take Home Profits:
Every 10 – 12 days = $14 (NGN7,000)
Every month = $42 (NGN21,000)

💚 VIP 4

Sign up cost = $300 (NGN150,000)
Trading Capital = $540 (NGN270,000)
Total Registration Cost = $840 (NGN420,000)
Product = Quantum Pendant

Take Home Profits:
Every 10 – 12 days = $42 (NG21,000)
Every month = $126 (NGN63,000)

💚 VIP 5

Sign up cost = $600 (NGN300,000)
Trading Capital = $1080 (NGN540,000)
Total Registration Cost = $1680 (NGN840,000)
Product = Foot Massager

Take Home Profits:
Every 10 – 12 days = $84 (NGN42,000)
Every month = #252 (NGN126,000)

💚 VIP 6

Sign up cost = $1,200 (NGN600,000)
Trading Capital = $2,160 (NGN1,080,000)
Total Registration Cost = $3,360 (NGN1,680,000)
Product = Water Purification System

Take Home Profits:
Every 10 – 12 days = $168 (NGN84,000)
Every month = $504 (NGN252,000)

💚 VIP 7

Sign up cost = $2,400 (NGN1,200,000)
Trading Capital = $4,320 (NGN2,160,000)
Total Registration Cost = $6,720 (NGN3,360,000)
Product = A collection of all the products in the preceding VIP’s.

Take Home Profits:
Every 10 – 12 days = $336 (NGN168,000)
Every month = $1,008 (NGN504,000)


To subscribe to CHY Mall, you need to register as a VIP MEMBER. But before then, you need to make up your mind on which of the above VIP packages to choose from depending on your financial capacity. To register, join our Whatsapp group via the link below. Please note that our Whatsapp group is exclusive for CHYMALL members in our team and for non-members who intend to join our team. Here’s the WhatsApp group link ==>>

Please DON’T JOIN the group if you don’t belong to our team or have plans/intentions of joining our team. If you are already a VIP member of CHY MALL, please locate your team on whatever platform they are and join them. This will allow for greater effectiveness both for our team and your team. Thanks for understanding.


Quantum Ring

Quantum Beauty Sprayer

Fuel Saver Card

Quantum Heart Pendant

Mobile Massager

Foot Massager

Quantum Face Shield



After you have registered on the platform by contacting us on Whatsapp via this link ==>> we have activated your account, the next thing to do is to LOGIN to your back office. You can do that by doing the following:


To download the CHYMALL app, use the following options:

  1. Download via Google Playstore, click ===>>> HERE
  2. Alternatively, click this link ===>>>
  3. Or scan the below QR Code

After downloading the app, run it by clicking on it from your Andriod Mobile for to load. Type your Username and Password, then click enter to go to your back office. Ensure to click on the “MINE” tab

Alternatively, you can login by using the web interface. Go to the URL ===>>> then type your username and password to have access to your back office. Ensure to click on the “PERSONAL CENTER” tab.


There are several other amazing profit streams in the CHY Mall New Retail e-commerce business that many prospective or intending VIP members are not intimated about. At best, only store profit is explained to most people but, as we shall soon see, there are more! The major reason why I want to expose these other profit streams here is because I believe that it is important for you to know and understand each of them and also learn how to strategically set up and position your account(s) to take full advantage of all the available profit streams. Currently, there are six different profit-making streams or compensation plan in the CHY Mall New Retail e-commerce business; and these are:

  1. Store Profit
  2. Direct Sharing Profit
  3. Chain Store Profit
  4. Service Profit
  5. Chain Service Profit
  6. Traditional E-Commerce Profit

Read on to see the full explanation of CHY Mall compensation plan.

CHY Mall Compensation Plan Fully Explained

I will try as much as possible to give you a full and comprehensive explanation of type of profit stream or compensation plan including what you need to do in order to start earning them.


Every VIP member of CHY Mall owns an online store. Store Profit is the profit you make when you buy quantum products from CHY Mall at wholesale price and instruct the company to sell them for you at New Retail price.

For some members, the store profit happens to be their first profit and their only source of profit in CHY Mall. For many other members, store profit is neither their first profit nor their only source of profit on the platform.

Let me explain better:

If you want to join CHY Mall business and your plan is to have only one VIP account (i.e. any of VIP2 – VIP6), then the store profit is going to be both your first profit and your only source of profit from the platform. This store profit drops into your account every 10 – 12 days until you decide to withdraw from the program (i.e. to withdraw your trading capital).

If you create more than just one account (multiple accounts) within the first 10 days of creating your first VIP account, you will get other types of profits before getting your first store profit. We shall cover those other types of profits later in this article. (Please continue reading)

Below are illustrations of the store profit using VIP3 and VIP 4:


The trading capital for the VIP3 package is $180 USD which is NGN90,000. We shall call this your initial investment as we take a look at the scenario:

Three operations on VIP 3 package (same applies to every other package you join with):

  • You buy 1 Quantum Fuel Saver Card at the New Retail price of $100.
  • This qualifies you to buy two more Quantum Fuel Saver Cards at wholesale price which is 60% off the New Retail price i.e. at $40 each. This implies that you buy TWO for $80.
  • The company sells the two Quantum Fuel Saver Cards for you at New Retail price for a total of $200.

So you invested $180 and got $200 after 10 – 12 days, plus one Quantum Fuel Saver Card. After one month, which is 3 rounds of trade, the new capital is $240 and you got 3 Quantum Fuel Saver Cards. That is, a $60 profit plus 3 Quantum Fuel Saving Cards.


The trading capital for VIP4 package is $540. As before, we shall call that your initial investment and now we will take a look a similar scenario:

The three operations:

  • You buy 1 Quantum Energy Pendant at the New Retail price of $300.
  • This qualifies you to buy two more Quantum Energy Pendants at wholesale price which is 60% off the New Retail price i.e. at $120 each. This implies that you buy TWO for $240.
  • The company sells the two Quantum Energy Pendants for you at New Retail price for a total of $600.

So you invested $540 and got $600 after 10 – 12 days, plus one Quantum Energy Pendant. After one month, which is 3 rounds of trade of trade, the new capital is $720 and you got 3 Quantum Energy Pendants. That is, a $180 profit plus 3 Quantum Energy Pendants.

2. Direct Sharing Profit

This is what is generally called referral bonus in network marketing parlance. In CHY Mall, Direct Sharing Profit is what you get when you sponsor or recommend someone to the company. It forms 20% of your point volume (PV).

If you haven’t been into network marketing, you certainly would be wondering what Point Volume (PV) means. PV represents a percentage of the money spent on buying a product in the company.

CHY Mall compensation plan is based on PV. Now, the PV value for each VIP level is equivalent to 80% of that VIP’s sign up cost. This means, for instance, that if you sponsor a VIP4 account which sign up cost is $300, it would generate for you a PV value of 80% of $300, which is $240 (80% x 300).

In this case, your Direct Sharing Profit is 20% of $240. The picture below summarizes the different PV values for the matching VIP packages.

3. Chain Store Profit:

This is a reward paid by CHY Mall to her VIP members when they begin to actively build networks in the system by sponsoring or referring others to the company. There are three levels of Chain Store Profit:

  • Gold level
  • Platinum level
  • Crown level

Gold Level Chain Store Profit

As soon as you begin to refer others to join that network, CHY Mall would begin to pay you a bonus equal to 3% of all the trades done by your direct referrals (Note that your direct referrals are known as your First Generation). So each time there is a trade by any of your First Generation referrals, you will earn 3% of the amount spent. This Chain Store profit is referred to as the Gold Level profit.

See below for a scenario with actual numbers and how much you could make for building a Network

This is an instant bonus of $100.20

Platinum Level Chain Store Profit

As you market the company more and your team grows bigger, it gets even sweeter. When you get 5 or more direct referrals (i.e. in your first generation) and those your direct referrals also refer others (i.e. your second generation), the company pays you an additional 2% from all the trades happening on your second-generation.

This is a massive $236.60 instantly for each round they trade provided that they trade all together on the same day; otherwise, the $236.60 will scatter throughout the round. This amazing Chain Store profit is known as the Platinum Level profit.

Crown Level Chain Store Profit

The CHY Mall Chain Store profit does not with the Platinum Level. As your team grows even more and your best performing team can make $200,000 or more in one month, the company automatically pays you an additional bonus by paying you 3% of the trading value of all your teams excluding your best and your worst teams. This Chain Store profit is known as the Crown Level profit. See illustration below:

This is an additional monthly bonus on top of the other bonuses that we have discussed so far.

One deduction to make from the above explanation of how the chain store profit is built is that it is important to build your network one generation at the time and move to the next generation as soon as you hit 5 direct referrals on a generation. This way, you will unlock more bonuses.

4. Service Profit

I’m sure you are already excited about CHY Mall compensation plan. That’s why CHY remains the best thing that will happen to anybody financially speaking.

Let me just continue with Service Profit.

Service profit is an additional profit or bonus on the weaker of your two legs. This means 12% of all transactions on your weaker leg are paid to you any day, any time. For instance, if on a given day your left leg generates $1000 while your right leg generates $1200, a bonus of $1000 x 12% = $120 will be paid to you as illustrated by the picture below.

5. Chain Service Profit – CSP:

We already know how the service profit is calculated. The Chain Service Profit is calculated based on your first-generation and second-generation service profit  as illustrated below:

And then depending on how high your CSP is, it can unlock other perks to make your Chain Service Profit even higher. There are so many different ways one can make money with CHY Mall.

6. Traditional E-Commerce Profit:

Even though most new partners come to CHY Mall for its New Retail concept, Partners can still make money with the traditional E-commerce by recommending or referring qualified manufacturers and commodities to CHY Mall Traditional EC Area. If the commodities are purchase by consumers, what you will get is illustrated in the picture below:

This is a $6000 profit. Now because CHY Mall is still so new, I haven’t yet met someone who has collected this bonus but slowly, members will get to it. And once again, this is just another way CHY Mall is using the social network to promote its platform; another very smart move for those in contact with excellent products that just need a platform to be marketed on.

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