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JAMB Statistics and Result Analysis for 2024

The JAMB Registrar has announced the release of the UTME results of candidates that participated in the just concluded JAMB examinations. This post is exclusively about JAMB Statistics and Result Analysis for 2024. You are going to get information on general performance of the candidates and highest scorers.

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board -JAMB


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) conducts her UTME exams on a yearly basis. UTME which stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations is the test used to assess and qualify candidates seeking admission into various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

So, every year JAMB releases the registration, result statistics and analysis to the public. This is meant for the consumption of the candidates, institutions and other stake holders.

Many candidates are continually querying the Internet for these statistics. Consequently, I would be dropping most of them here. Use the comment section to post further questions if you need to.

How Many Candidates Registered for JAMB 2024

The number of candidates that registered for the 2024 UTME is OVER 1,989,668. That is almost 2 million!

The implication of this is that admission in Nigeria has become extremely competitive considering the number of available tertiary institutions and their carrying capacity.

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JAMB 2024 Result Analysis

It will make a lot of sense if we analyze the results of candidates who sat for this year’s JAMB. Doing so will enable the concerned candidates to know where they stand and what to expect in the coming days. By what to expect, I mean their admission chances.

Let’s begin with the examination itself.

How Many Marks Does Each Subject Carry in JAMB

Each UTME subject carries a total of 100 marks.

As you already know, every candidate is expected to write four (4) UTME subjects. This would give a total of 400 marks for the entire exam.

What is JAMB Average Score 2024

As you already know, JAMB candidates are tested in four UTME subjects suitable for their prospective course. These four UTME subjects make up their JAMB subject combination.

However, the four UTME subjects are allotted different scores which sum up to 400. So JAMB marks every candidate’s script over 400. In other words, the highest possible score a candidate can obtain in JAMB is 400.

Therefore, JAMB average score can be worked out by simply dividing the total score by the number of subjects (which is 4).

What is the Highest JAMB Score 2024

The highest JAMB score in 2024 is 362 marks. The feat was achieved by Master Adebayo Eyimofe from Ekiti state who wrote his examination in Abuja.

Top 10 Highest JAMB Score 2024

The following are the top 10 highest JAMB scorers for 2024. Like I already said above, the highest scorer is an indigene of Ekiti state. The second is an Enugu state indigene.

  1. Adebayo Eyimofe – 362 points;
  2. Ugwu Chikelu – 359 points;
  3. Igbalaye Ebunoluwa – 357 points;
  4. Emmanuel Oluwanifemi – 357 points;
  5. Ozumba Samuel – 357 points;
  6. Olumide-Attah Ayomide – 355 points;
  7. Lawal Olaoluwa – 355 points;
  8. Dokun Jubril – 354 points;
  9. Amaku Anthony – 354 points;
  10. Aghulor Divine – 353 points.

How Many Students Scored Above 300 in JAMB 2024?

8,401 candidates scored above 300 and above in JAMB 2024. This represents 0.5% of the candidates that registered for the exam.

How Many Students Scored Above 250 in JAMB 2024?

77,070 scored 250 and above in JAMB 2024. This represents 4.2% of the total number of candidates that registered for the exam.

How Many Students Scored Above 200 in JAMB 2024?

439,974 candidates got above 200 in JAMB 2024. Considering that a total of 1,989,668 candidates registered for the exam, this represents 24% of the candidates and that is an abysmally poor performance.

How Many Students Scored Below 200 in JAMB 2024?

1,402,490, representing 76% of candidates that wrote JAMB in 2024 scored below 200. This means that 76 per cent of the candidates scored below average.

How Many Students Scored Above 190 in JAMB 2024?

Further analysis shows that 520,596 candidates scored 190 and above. This is still less than 50% of the entire population of candidates who sat for the examination.

How Many Students Scored Above 180 in JAMB 2024?

The number of candidates who scored 180 and above in JAMB 2024 is 704,991.

In previous years, 180 was used as pass mark for JAMB. But with the general poor performance recorded this year, the pass mark will definitely be lowered.

How Many Students Scored Above 170 in JAMB 2024

A whooping total of 934,103 UTME candidates scored 170 and above. This is just about 50% of the total number of candidates that registered for the exam.

Yet, the figure is not enough. This is because if 170 is used as general JAMB cut off mark, only about 900,000 candidates will write Post-UTME for admission into various schools nationwide.

How Many Students Scored Above 160 in JAMB 2024

On the final analysis, JAMB statistics shows that 1,192,057 candidates scored 160 and above.

This gives us an indication of what the national cut off mark for 2024 would be.

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Summary of 2024 JAMB Performance by Candidates

S/N JAMB Score Total Number of
1. 300 & above 8,401
2. 250 & above 77,070
3. 200 & above 439,974
4. Below 200 1,402,490

How Many Percent Passed JAMB 2024?

The minimum agreed marks for admission into Colleges of Education is 100 points. That for Polytechnics is also 100 points. However, the cut off mark for Universities is 140.

So if you are looking for, “How many people passed JAMB 2024?” You can work it out. The number of people that passed JAMB 2024 is simply the number that scored above 140 (the minimum cut off point). Of course, they are over 1.2 million.

How Many Percent Failed JAMB 2024?

More so, if you are looking for, “How many people failed JAMB 2024?” You can also work it out. The number of people that passed JAMB 2024 is the number that scored above 140. That is, over 1.2 million. It follows that the number that failed is roughly 500,000 candidates.

What Score is Fail in JAMB 2024?

A score below 100 is fail in JAMB 2024.

JAMB Statistics of Choices of Courses in Institution

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