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How to Gain Admission Into UNN this Year Without Stress

This post will show you how to gain admission into UNN. How to study and pass UNN Post UTME excellently. Links to UNN departmental cut off marks for all courses. How to calculate UNN aggregate score for 2024. How to get UNN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. And lots more.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

If you really want to gain admission into University of Nigeria (UNN or UNEC) this year, you need to read this carefully to the end. You will be glad you did.

I want to start this article by letting you know that there is a peculiar problem of inadequate admission spaces for “prospective undergraduates” in Nigeria. The current statistics indicate that between 1.3 and about 1.7 million candidates sit for JAMB’s UTME exercise annually and this number is increasing geometrically.

Out of the huge number of university aspirants mentioned above, UNN receives an average of 75, 000 applications for admission. As few as between 7000 and 9000 candidates gain admission at the end of the day which is not really an encouraging percentage.

As a result of this high number of applications and the fact that there are few admission slots, the University of Nigeria (UNN) and many other foremost universities in Nigeria have devised a viable means of dealing with the excess applications they receive every year. This ‘means’ is what is referred to as Post UTME Screening.

About UNN Post UTME Screening Examinations

There is need to include this section into this article, not to instill fear prospective UNN students but to arm them with information so that will better prepare. Many candidates who have sought admission in UNN for several years will tell you that they had no problem scóring high in JAMB each year but the real challenge is passing UNN Post UTME screening examinations to secure an admission slot by merit. They obtain very high score in JAMB and perform relatively poorly in UNN Post UTME. The question is why?

The real essence of UNN Post UTME screening exam is to check and confirm if candidates who scored very high in JAMB really obtained those high scores genuinely without examination malpractice or runs. The next goal is to determine the candidates who will not be able to cope with university education and lay them aside considering the fact that the applications the school receives are normally in excess of the very limited available admission spaces.

Because of the reasons given above, UNN sets technical questions that “futurize” the education the candidates are currently receiving and not just questions from what their O’ level has taught them, and expects the candidates to attempt them under very strict conditions. By so doing, UNN is able to provisionally admit the best and screen out the rest.

Tips to Gaining Admission in UNN Without Stress

As prospective students of UNN, there are a lot of things you need to know and keep at the tip of your fingers which will help you in gaining admission into the Den of the Lions and Lionesses. The following should come in handy:

1. Make sure you do everything possible to score very high in your JAMB examinations. It might interest you to know that UNN takes the average of your JAMB score and Post-UTME score before considering you for admission. So ensure that you have scored high enough in JAMB.

2. Ensure that you are at least up to or above average academically. This is a very important point and of course, you are in the best position to ascertain your current academic strength.

3. As regards the UNN Post UTME examination, you are going to be expected to answer a total of sixty (60) questions on the same four subject combination you used in your JAMB and each subject would contain seventeen (17) questions to answer fifteen (15). The total time allowed for the whole exam (i.e. 15 questions × 4 subjects = 60 question) is one (1) hour (or 60 minutes). This implies that you are not expected to spend more than 1 minute on a question.

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4. You need to know that UNN has different cut-off marks for different states and also for different departments. So don’t be surprised if some candidates with lower Post-UTME score gain admission while those with higher scores are denied admission.

5. Try your best to lay your hands on UNN Post-UTME past questions (SURE SUCCESS) and practise as much as you can because as they always say “questions don finish.” This year’s Post-UTME examination will only be a repetition of what has been asked in the past.

Note that UNN now organizes her Post UTME screening exercise at the Nsukka campus only.

UNN Undergraduate Admissions Criteria

To become a student, one has to meet the following General Entry Requirements:

  • Age Limit:
    No person under the age of sixteen (16) years may be admitted to the University as a student.
  • Admission Requirements:
  1. University of Nigeria, Nsukka requires all candidates applying for admission into any of its courses to possess  five credit “O” level passes which must include a credit pass in English Language and a Science  subject in not more than two sittings.
  2. Entry requirement for Direct Entry must include UTME requirement for that particular course.

How to Gain Admission into UNN Without Stress

Like I already pointed out above, UNN is one of the top-rated federal universities in Nigeria and as such, one of the top 5 most sought after universities in Nigeria. In other words, UNN is usually one of the few universities that get the highest number of applications per year. As you would expect, gaining admission in UNN is not supposed an easy feat as can be seen in the overwhelming joy exuded by those who succeed and the pain and sadness expressed by those who fail.

The question is, what is the secret of those who have succeeded over the years? Are there some tips that we can  take cognizance of and apply for a successfully admission search this year? The answer is YES, and I will be sharing some with you in the next few paragraphs so that you can take advantage of them and actualize your admission dreams.

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So just keep reading…

1. Choose your prospective course wisely

Admission success or failure starts even before candidates begin to purchase JAMB form. And sadly, many don’t know this. You need to apply wisdom in your choice of choice and avoid bowing to peer pressure by choosing courses just because your friends are choosing them.

Choose a course according to your academic capacity and you have to do that with all sincerity. If you are just an average student, you must avoid choosing courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Law, Economics etc. This is because these courses are very competitive. This means that thousands of candidates apply for them yearly in excess of their admission quota or carrying capacity.

Like I said earlier, you have to be your own judge here. If you really need to gain admission this year as an average student, if you have written JAMB for several years and really want this year to be the last, simply choose a course that is not very competitive. The most important thing is to get admitted. When you get admitted, you can take the option of changing over to your dream course after 100 level (if you get the required CGPA) or take up your dream course as a second degree after graduation.

The point I’m making is that you don’t have to keep writing JAMB for the same course every year. Be wise enough to try other less competitive courses this year.

2. Right Subject Combination

This is one of the many reasons why some candidates are denied admission, despite having very high scores in JAMB and Post-UTME examinations. When you have made the choice of a prospective course, get yourself a current / updated JAMB brochure and consult with it while selecting your UTME subjects to be sure that your combination meets the UNN entry requirement.

Every course has its own specific entry requirements. If you miss out a subject or two required by your prospective course, you will be denied admission. See JAMB Subject Combination for All Courses [Full List]

3. UNN, like most federal schools, follows NUC Admission Policy

Many admission seekers ignorantly claim that the University of Nigeria, Nsukka only admits candidates from Enugu state and few other neighboring states and then discriminate against non-Igbo candidates from northern and western states. But that’s a lie. UNN strictly follows the Federal Government admission policy which states that institutions should admit candidates based on 45% Merit, 35% Catchment Area and 20% Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS). Examples of ELDS are Bauchi, Ebonyi, Benue, Kogi, etc.

In some cases, candidates from ELDS even stand a better chance of gaining admission in UNN than candidates from the host community (Nsukka). Take for example, for some courses, a candidate from an ELDS with an average score of 200 stands a better chance of admission into UNN than a candidate from Enugu or Anambra state with an average score of 235. On the basis of catchment areas, admission into UNN is not also easy for candidates from the South-East because majority of secondary school leavers from the area who seek to further their education usually choose UNN because of proximity and its great reputation.

This results in a large number of applicants competing for the few available admission spaces for catchment area, whereas the very few candidates from ELDS who choose UNN end up having more admission spaces than they can possibly fill. My advice? If you are from any of the ELD states, wisdom is to choose UNN.

4. UNN supplementary admission is even more competitive!

Someone may want to argue this but nothing can change the fact. That is the reason why I stressed so much on the need to make a choice of a prospective course wisely. Many candidates seeking admission in UNN believe that if they fail to gain admission into their first choice course when the merit admission list is released, they can simply apply for UNN supplementary admission via the shopping form and just get admitted into another course.

No, it doesn’t happen as easily as you are thinking. The truth is, as an average student, you stand a better chance of gaining admission on merit if you chose a less competitive course as first choice, than when you eventually choose the same course during supplementary admissions. The obvious reason is because some of the very brilliant ones with scores of above 270 that were not admitted into medicine (and the likes) will surely come back to jostle for the less competitive courses with you during supplementary admissions.

It is in the same supplementary admission list(s) that candidates will be admitted through Staff Request (staff quota). So, if you fail to get admitted in the first admission list and considering your score, you are not sure that you will be admitted in the supplementary admission list, don’t bother spending money on shopping form.

5. You will be judged with the average of your JAMB and Post-UTME Scores

Your average score of obtained by adding JAMB Score and Post UTME score and dividing the sum by 2. The implication of this is that your JAMB is as important as your Post-UTME score and vice versa. A poor performance in either of the two exams will surely impact your final average score and your admission chances.

6. Early preparation is essential

We live in a generation that is replete with all manner of distractions. Sadly, majority of the distractions are targeted at the youths and many of them fall for the distractors. Many just register for UTME exam and continue their normal lifestyle of playing video games, watching movies and TV soap operas, watching and discussing football matches and whiling away on various social media platforms.

But the really wise ones are the ones who know that apart from registering and making the right choices of institutions, courses and subject combination, there is also the need to give up unprofitable activities in order to create ample time for adequate preparation. Adequate preparation is a key essential to academic success. You have to start early enough and be consistent till you write your JAMB exam. Create a daily reading plan and be disciplined enough to keep to it.

7. Observe and keep to instructions on the Day of Exam

The importance of this point cannot be overemphasized as it goes a long way, not just in determining your performance in the exam, but also in determining whether your result will even be released at all. Listen carefully to the invigilators and supervisors for instructions. Abide religiously to the instructions. Remember the things you are warned not to do and avoid them, don’t forget to do the things you are asked to do before, during and after the exams.

8. Forget exam runs, expo

If you have built your academic civilization around examination malpractice, if you have trained yourself to cheat in every exam, if you are the type that patronizes every expo site on the Internet, I’m here to inform you that such things are not obtainable in UNN Post UTME examinations. In the past, UNN Post-UTME examination was conducted on the PPT mode and there was never a record of malpractice.

Now that it is computer based, the exam conditions are even more strict. Candidates are thoroughly checked into the such that no one is allowed to enter the exam hall with a phone. In fact, candidates are advised not to near the exam premises with their phones as seized phones will never be returned to the owners even after the exam and any untoward behaviour will be taken up by the security team. So some candidates will come for Post-UTME exam and go to cell from there.. Yes, it’s that serious. If you want to enter UNN, study and prepare very well.

9. Recognize the God factor

Scripture says for us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. It says that when we do that, every other thing shall be added to us. The admission you seek, the academic success you seek will come to you as addition if you put God first in everything you do. As a young person, remember you Creator now that you are a youth. Pursue righteousness in all you do because righteousness exalts… but sin is a reproach.


I have said enough already. But I wouldn’t close this article without using the opportunity give a general answer to some of the questions I receive in my inbox and through some of your calls.

Frequently Asked Questions About UNN Admission

What are UNN Requirements for Post UTME?

UNN requires that every candidate intending to sit for her Post UTME examination must:

  • score up to or above the stipulated UNN JAMB cut off mark for the year.
  • have made the school their first choice institution during JAMB registration.
  • register for the UNN Post UTME within the stipulated time.
  • appear at the examination venue one hour before the time.
  • come with the necessary registration slips.

How Many Questions are in UNN Post UTME?

Currently, there are a total of 68 questions in UNN Post UTME examinations. And the candidates are tested in their 4 UTME Subjects. That gives you 17 questions per subject. However, the candidates are instructed to attempt only 15 out of the 17 questions in each subject. So, at the end of the day, candidates answer just 60 questions in all.

How Many Percentage does UNN Post UTME Contribute in Admission?

UNN Post UTME Screening Examination contributes 50% to admission criteria. The implication is that UNN does not give points or scores with SSCE grades. They only take the average of candidates’ JAMB score and Post-UTME score to arrive at the aggregate.

Does University of Nigeria (UNN) accept NECO result for admission?

NECO result valid and recognized in Nigeria. You can use a  NECO result to again admission into any course in the  University of Nigeria as long as the 5 O’level subjects required by the course are passed at credit level.

Does UNN Accept Two Sittings For Admission?

YES, UNN accepts 2 sittings for most courses except courses under the faculty of medicine and dentistry. So if you are seeking admission in any medical or paramedical course in UNN and you did not credit the required O’level subjects in one sitting, you may wish to make more inquiries to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Can I combine WAEC and NECO results in UNN?

YES, it is possible to combine both WAEC and NECO results for admission into most courses in UNN but faculties like Medicine will not accept such combination.

Does UNN Accept Direct Entry?

There are two modes of undergraduate admission in UNN. They are: UTME and Direct Entry. So UNN accepts direct entry candidates for admission. Most of the times, successful direct entry candidates start from 200 level.

Does UNN accept University transfer students?

Yes, UNN accepts Inter-University Transfer students. Get details on How to Transfer from other universities to UNN including when to buy and process the form.

Can I defer my admission for any reason?

Yes, you can defer your admission for such reasons as ill health, financial challenge and so on. But your admission deferment has to follow due process which requires that you must complete your first year registration and obtain a matriculation number before proceeding with the deferment.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do your best to get a copy of SURE SUCCESS. The SURE SUCCESS UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook is a unique, all-in-one Post UTME and Direct Entry Screening Revision Material. It contains everything requisite for the actualization of your University Admission Dreams. This, of course, includes UNN Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers. To find out more about this amazing book and contact/address of the nearest sales agent in your town,  >>Click this Link<<.

Best wishes from yours sincerely, Henry Divine.

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