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6 Strong Reasons Why you Must not Copy and Paste Other People’s Content on your Blog

They say that money is one commodity that no human being in this world can survive without. This statement is not difficult to understand especially if you have moved from the stage of dependency to being independent. Then you will understand that the goal of virtually every venture we undertake in life is to make money. The goal of schooling and acquiring education and all manner of degrees is to make money eventually. The goal of every business man and the employees is to make money.

6 Strong Reasons Why you Must not Copy and Paste Other People's Content on your Blog

This is because money is needed to pay the bills, money is needed for feeding, clothing and shelter. More so, without money, one cannot have access to quality education, healthcare and even entertainment.

Because of the many reasons given above and more, many people are very interested in the subject of money. Many are asking questions like: “How can I make money? How do I start earning money without an initial capital?” Most times, the people that ask these questions hear that they can make money online. They hear that it’s possible to make money on online platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Quora, Pinterest and so on. They excitedly jump at these platforms only to discover that the terms and conditions are beyond what they can meet in the short run especially without having any initial capital to invest.

Then they hear about blogging and the fact that you can start a free blog without spending a dime. They are excited at the idea, more so when they are told that all that is required is to make posts on your blog everyday.

Now hear me. If you are interested in becoming a blogger and making money via your blog(s), it’s a noble idea. My goal in this simple article is to let you in on a few things you need to know. It takes a lot more than just making posts on your blog to start earning profit. The blog itself must first of all be monetized. The articles on the blog must be original and the blog must be able to drive a lot of traffic if you must make some decent income on it.

Strong Reasons Why you Must not Copy and Paste Other People’s Content on your Blog

From all I have said so far, it’s already obvious that blogging is not for everyone. It is for creative and original people. The reason is because you cannot earn money as a blogger without first of all having your blog monetized. One of the most popular and reliable companies that offer monetization of content for publishers is Google Adsense. They have policies that the blogger who applies for monetization must meet before they give their approval. A major, very pronounced part of that policy is zero tolerance for plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

In case you are meeting the word, “Plagiarism” for the first time and wondering what it means, I will explain it briefly. Plagiarism is the act of copying another person’s (author) work (articles, ideas, expressions, etc) and using them as though you were the original owner. It is a gross violation of academic and creative integrity and can lead to legal  prosecution and incarceration.

So Plagiarism is very risky. You must know this as an intending blogger. If you are interested in blogging but are not a gifted writer, you can employ the services of a content writer who can deliver original articles to you at an agreed sum.

I will conclude this article by giving you 6 strong reasons why you should not copy and paste other people’s content on your blog.

Please read on.

It is against Google’s policy

Google policy is geared towards enriching the Internet with original content that are worth viewers’ time and resources. So they reward publishers who take the pain to come up with valuable contents that are original. Once a new article is posted in any blog on the Internet, Google Crawler will crawl the content and index it. In so doing, Google sees and recognizes the poster (blogger or publisher) as the original and sole owner of the content. If the same content (or even something very similar) is posted by someone else, Google flags it as a plagiarized content, and this can lead to very unpleasant issues with your blog.

Search Engines cannot rank your blog high

From all that we have discussed so far, the reason behind this should not be difficult to understand. Google, Bing and other search engines reward and promote original contents and frown at those who copy and paste other people’s works. That is where the concept of domain authority comes in. Blogs with rich and original contents are given higher numbers of domain authority and this is a testament to their relevance on the Internet. So if you do copy and paste, your blog will scarcely be served for queries on search engines and this will lead to abysmally low traffic and poor revenue, that is, if your blog is monetized at all.

Your blog cannot get high traffic

This is already partially discussed above. Many bloggers are guilty of this and they complain when the repercussion (very low traffic) sets in. If you want high quality traffic to your blog, if you want very low bounce rate on your blog, if you want your viewers to bookmark your blog and keep checking back for new updates, if you want recommendations and quality backlinks from other bloggers, BE ORIGINAL.

Google MAY not approve your blog for Adsense

This is as simple as that. Google cannot allow you to reap where you did not sow. They want to see what you are bringing to the table as far as the wealth of information and knowledge base of the Internet is concerned. So before you apply for Google Adsense monetization, ensure that your contents are original.

Your blog looks inferior to search engines

Search engines rate blogs that are constantly coming up with original contents and score them high. If you toe the lazy path of copying and pasting other people’s contents on your blog, you can never amount to anything reasonable as for as blogging is concerned.

Poor Revenue

This is like the summary of all that we have discussed. Listen my friend, nothing good comes easy. Blogging is all about work, work and more work. You are not going to make the huge money you dream about if you are not up and doing. You have to engage your creative and imaginative mind, you have to bring up well-researched articles that fill certain information gap in your niche. That’s the basic key.


I’m going to end it here.

I recognize the fact that there are other factors to consider if you must make huge financial returns from the business of blogging, but what I have given you above are the basics. They must be in place before others things can follow.

Thanks for reading to the end. If you found this article valuable, please use the share button to help us reach other people in your circle.

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