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UNN ADMISSIONS: The Tough Road to the Den (A Must Read For All UNN Aspirants)

I want to start this write-up by asking you a question. How would you feel to see yourself, with your school bag or notebook in hand, moving in and out of lecture halls?

I must use this medium to commend all the JAMB candidates especially UNN aspirants who have kept faith in God and are unwavering in their determination to continue the race though their UTME results were not so impressive. Honestly, God knows why its so and you must not relent in your efforts believing that all things are possible with God.
Many admission seekers seem not to be aware that the final lap of the journey to becoming undergraduate students has just begun. The final race has started with the last hurdle set before you all. The bitter truth is that it is mostly the best brains and the most prepared that will gain admission on merit in the next few months. The pertinent question is, “Would your name be in the primary admission list or would you wait for another one year to repeat the whole process?” Those who have been opportune to witness or follow the happenings in the corridors of UNN admission in previous years will agree with me that UNN admission lists can either make one throw his new iphone 12 into the fire all in jubilation (especially when you see your name on the list); or make one cry till blood comes out – I am a living witness to this.

So I just wanna make it clear here that our failure at times isn’t because we didn’t work for success, rather it’s because we didn’t work EXTRA HARD for success. The truth is that there are one or two things we need to do or avoid doing in order to make our dreams come true. Just see if you can learn something here:

1. Make SACRIFICES: when you sacrifice immediate and unprofitable pleasures for long-range goals, success is the result. You need to sacrifice some of the hours you, hitherto, spent on sleep, TV, idle chats, fruitless and incessant visitations, social media and so on.

2. READ extra hard this time: believe me, going in for an exam like UNN POST UTME Screening without adequate preparation is like undertaking the task of cutting down a tree with a blunt matchet. Study your way to excellence. Study your way to unlimited success. The truth is that you can get that course you desire, even on merit, if you work hard enough for it.

3. PRAYER is the Key: yes, prayer is an indispensable ingredient for every good success. Without prayer, soaked in pure faith in God, there is very little or nothing that you can accomplish in your academics and in your life. Remember, prayer is more than mere recitation or repetition of words. It is born out of a relationship with God. God delights in the success and prosperity of people who are in a genuine loving relationship with Him. Hope you got the message? OK.

Let me close by letting you know that UNN has not released any cut-off mark, be it JAMB cut-off mark or departmental cut-off mark. The date for the post-utme has not been fixed. Registration has not started. Infact, the school just resumed 2nd semester activities and has not yet started making plans for PUTME. Your job now as an aspirant is to continue your preparations.

For those asking for UNN SYLLABUS FOR PUTME, note today that UNN doesn’t make use of any syllabus for her post utme screening examinations and I don’t know if any other school does. Well, this is a bit of a problem especially for candidates aspiring for Law, Mass Comm., and so on because they write Literature in English. 

The good news is that the book SURE SUCCESS UNN ADMISSION PREPARATORY HANDBOOK is available and is designed to take you by the hand and guide you through the structure and style of questioning used by UNN examiners; and to grant you insight into UNN Admission Success Secrets. The novels and poems to read are well documented in the book and there are Quick Revision Aids for each subject. The book SureSuccess is truly an impeccable companion for candidates seeking admission in UNN and you can’t afford to prepare without it.

Click the link below to see a comprehensive list of the ‘nationwide’ distributors of SureSuccess. 

Call the marketer nearest to you today to place your order. 

I love you all, 

Alili Tochukwu Chidubem.

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