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How to Write Letter of Attestation [See Samples]

This article covers, among other concepts, What is attestation letter. Letter of Attestation of Good Character pdf. How to write an attestation letter, Navy. Sample Letter of Attestation of Good Character for Nigeria Airforce, NAF. Attestation letter sample. How to attest for someone. And lots more.

If you are searching for how to write a standard letter of attestation, you are on the right page. In this article, I am going to give you every information (as well as samples) you need in order to successfully write an attestation letter. We shall begin by understanding what attestation is all about.

What is a Letter of Attestation?

A letter of attestation is a letter that is written or signed to confirm a statement, action or behavior. The writer is certifying (attesting) that they personally witnessed or know someone or something to be true.

What is the Purpose of Attestation?

A formal attestation is usually required by institutions, companies, organizations, etc from reputable and worthy people in the society as a way of obtaining valid legal acknowledgment or verification that an individual, a document or a process is exactly what they are projected to be. It strengthens the institution’s or organizations decision to continue transaction with the individual for whom attestation was made.

Who can write a Letter of Attestation?

A letter of attestation can be written by:

  • The parents of the one being attested for.
  • The spiritual leader (Rev. Father or pastor) of the one being attested for.
  • A Traditional ruler or leader.
  • An Attorney.
  • A former employer.
  • Any other person higher than the one being attested for and who knows them very well.

In other words, letter of attestation may be obtained from a pastor, reverend or priest; a parent; a traditional leader; an attorney; a former employer or any other high ranking person who knows the one needing an attestation letter very well.

One may also get a Letter of Attestation from a Mosque, or a Letter of Attestation from Local Government Area, as the case may be.

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Types of Attestation Letter

There are different types of letter of attestation depending on whom it is written for. For example, we have Letter of Attestation for

  • A Newly Admitted Student
  • Immigration
  • Employment (for an Employee)
  • Scholarship
  • Contract
  • Nigerian Navy, Air force, Army, Police, NSCDC recruitment.

How to Write a Letter of Attestation

You may wish to know about a generally accepted or strict format for writing attestation letter. The truth is that there is no generally accepted sample but you must bear in mind that the letter has to be formal. The letter may also assume a semi-formal or informal format depending on the relationship between the sender and the addressee. Whatever the case, the basic steps below should be followed:

  • The sender’s address (including city and country).
  • Date of writing the letter.
  • The addressee’s contact information: name (if it is known) and address.
  • Salutation. Here, you have to write the name of the person the letter is directed to. In case you don’t know the name of the person, you may write “Dear sir/madam” or “To whom it may concern.” Both are very acceptable.
  • The subject matter of the letter. This has to be very simple and straight to the point.
  • The body of the letter. As you already know, the entire idea of an attestation letter is to give your opinion about somebody, something, a document, a process, etc, and confirm it. So you do that in the most explicit and concise form.
  • Conclusion. Here assure the addressee of your readiness and availability of entertain further questions if there is need.
  • Signature of the sender. This is very important as it endorses your attestation. After the signature, write your name and contact information: phone number, email.

What are the types of attestation Letter?

There are several types of attestation letter but we shall limit our discussion to the few already mentioned above.

Letter of Attestation for a Newly Admitted Student

Many candidates who have been offered provisional admission into tertiary institutions (Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education) are normally required by the school authorities to provide a letter of attestation of good behavior or character as part of the requirements for their clearance (see other requirements for clearance). Those who are not able to successfully go through the clearance process would not be able to obtain matric number. They cannot become fully admitted students of schools. The schools do this as a measure to check the tendencies of the students to showcase their bad, uncultured and sometimes, violent behaviors which may disrupt academic activities in the schools. Read 36+ Advice to the Newly Admitted Students on Campus.

Most of the times, the newly admitted students get a letter of attestation from their parents or religious leaders.

Below is a sample/format of how a good Attestation Letter for Student Admission should be written.

UNN Letter of Attestation

Letter of Attestation

Once written, the student is advised to convert their Attestation Letter to PDF and save in their email account for easy retrieval as and when needed.

Letter of Attestation for Immigration

Letter of attestation for immigration may be written to attest for someone getting ready to leave their native country for another. The attestation may be written by an attorney, a traditional ruler, a licensed pastor or any other renown functionary, and submitted at the embassy of the destination country.

Letter of Attestation for Employment

When someone is given an employment after job tests and interviews, they are required to get the right people (normally two persons) to write a letter of attestation for them. In the letter, the writer will state that they know the newly employed very well and can vouch to their good character and ask the company to go ahead with the employment so as to afford the employee the opportunity to show their worth.

Letter of Attestation for Scholarship

For the purpose of scholarships, a letter of attestation may be regarded as the same or very similar to a letter of recommendation. The author of the letter will vouch that the person for whom it is written has impeccable character and is suitably qualifies and deserving of the scholarship.

Letter of Attestation for Contract

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Letter of Attestation for Nigerian Navy, Air force, Army, Police, NSCDC Recruitment

Those working towards getting recruitment and those who have already been recruited into the Nigerian Navy, Air force, Army, Police or NSCDC are always required to write a letter of attestation of good character/behaviour. If you have need to attest for someone, I will give you a good sample of attestation letter. You can choose to modify this format as you like to suite your preferences.

The Director of Enlistment and Recruitment,
Nigerian Navy, Air force, Army,
Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC),
Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Sir,

Letter of Attestation of Good Character

I am writing to attest to the ability of the under-listed to serve as an officer in the Nigerian Air force, Navy, Army, Police, NSCDC.

Name: James Brown
Reference Number: 124…../DSSC…..2024

I have known James Brown for over 30 years in my capacity of the guardian and mentor. He is a natural leader with impeccable qualities. He is also a good follower and can stick to orders. More than all that, he recognizes the importance of deferring to superior.

James is an easy-going fellow but at the same time, he is disciplined and principled. He is a good time manager and understands the value of every second. With these rare qualities, he will do his best to keep the military running smoothly.

He desires to be part of the system, and with all I know about him, the system will benefit greatly having him onboard. I believe he has the potential and that’s why I recommend that you accept his application for commission.

Please accept my assurance of high regards and consideration.

Hilary Brown
Senior officer,
Nigerian Customs Services.

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