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Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE

This is for BECE Candidates looking for Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE. The Physical and Health Education paper is compulsory for all candidates regardless of their school. So, here you will get genuine Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers for Physical and Health Education. Your duty now is to read through them as many times as possible and get ready to smash your paper.

Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE - Physical and Health Education

What are Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers for PHE?

Junior WAEC 2023 PHE Questions and Answers are the questions you should expect in your Physical and Health Education paper in 2023 BECE, together with their answers.

It is very important that every candidate preparing to sit for in the forthcoming 2023 BECE examination should catch a glimpse of these questions.

In so doing, they will know what to expect in the exam hall. Knowing exactly what to expect will boost their confidence and guarantee them a very high score.

Junior WAEC 2023 Physical and Health Education Questions and Answers Revealed!

On this page, we shall reveal Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers for all candidates taking the Physical and Health Education paper.

How lucky you are to stumble upon this important page!

The questions are genuine and the answers are accurate, and all are a product of our passion to see you excel in your BECE and proceed to Senior Secondary School.

In the following sections, you will read the PHE questions you are to expect in your 2023 Junior WAEC exam as well as their answers. You can use the comments section if you still need clarification over some of the questions. We will give you a more detailed explanation.

BECE is a very serious and important examination. You will answer 50 questions in BECE 2023 within 2 hours. So it’s important that you pay attention to the information revealed on this page.

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Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE – Physical and Health Education [Numbers 1 – 10]

junior waec candidates in bece hall

1. _____ is the activities engaged in during leisure hours to revitalize the body and brain.
A. Physical training        B. swimming
C. tennis                        D. recreation

2. _______ are physical exercise designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, agility, co-ordination of the body.
A. Hockey           B. swimming
C. football           D. gymnastics

3. The decathlon consists of _________ athletics events
A. 5       B. 7       C. 8        D. 10

4. ________ comprises some motor skills, which build and produce particular effects on particular part of the body.
A. volley ball            B. basketball
C. football               D. gymnastics

5. Swimming federation of Nigeria was found in _______ year.
A. 1958      B. 1960       C. 1950        D. 1968

6. ________ is the process of keeping the pool clean and hygiene at all times.
A. buoyancy          B. floating
C. pool hygiene    D. pool showering

7. Which of the following skill is not applicable to swimming?
A. fosbury  flop           B. front crawl
C. back stroke              D. butterfly stroke

8. The following are importance of gymnastics except _________
A. balance diet
B. muscular strength
C. physical fitness
D. proper use of leisure time

9. The period between conception and the birth of the baby is called __________
A. birth period
B. gestation period
C. placenta
D. all of the above

10. A swimmer that swims breasting the water is said to be using __________
A. back stroke             B. breast stroke
C. butterfly stroke       D. free style stroke

Answers to Question Number 1 – 10


Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE – Physical and Health Education [Numbers 11 – 20]

11. One of the following is odd.
A. Ludo              B. Jogging
C. Draught         D. Ayo game

12. The process of growing old and reaching the end of useful life is called _________
A. death           B. ageing
C. birth             D. dementia

13. Which one of these is not a benefit of contact sports?
A. It provides means of recreation
B. It promote violence
C. It improves mental alertness
D. It aids physical fitness and flexibility

14. The importance of balance diet are _______ except
A. it helps to maintain good health
B. it promotes growth and builds the body tissues
C. it provide needed energy for physical exercises
D. it help the environment clean

15. The exercise designed to strengthen up the body is _______
A. volley ball        B. basketball
C. football            D. gymnastics

16. _________ are the activities that are performed in water
A. aquatic sports         B. water sports
C. aquarium sports      D. oceanic sports

17. ________ are for both men and women events in combined event
A. decathlon            B. pentathlon
C. heptathlon          D. triathlon

18. Which of these is not a basic skill in contact sport?
A. Tackling            B. Swimming
C. Kicking             D. Dribbling

19. Activities performed without use of apparatus in gymnastics are called
A. floor activities
B. beam activities
C. rope activities
D. mat activities

20. Example of stunt activities is ______
A. cat spring         B. cartwheel
C. knee balance    D. crab balance

Answers to Question Number 11 – 20


Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE – Physical and Health Education [Numbers 21 – 30]

21. _______  are responsible for developing conditioning programmes in various sports
A. teaching
B. coaching
C. sport psychology
D. physical instructor

22. _______ is the medical attention and care given to the baby and the mother after delivery
A. pre-natal          B. post-natal
C. ante-natal         D. all of the above

23. The first menstrual cycle of a girl is called _______
A. menarche
B. sexual reproduction
C. menses
D. bleeding

24. The following are sport promoting agencies in Nigeria except _______
A. CDN         B. NFTT
C. NBFD        D. NSHA

25. ______ is a stroke on the back in which arms stroke alternately with recovery out of the water, and the leg using a flutter kick.
A. butterfly stroke
B. breast stroke
C. back stroke
D. all of the above

26. The following are the parts of school health programmes except _____
A. school vendors
B. visitors
C. the teachers
D. non-teaching staff

27. Which of these statements is not true about first aid programme?
A. arrest bleeding
B. prevent early fatigue
C. prevent worst condition
D. safe life
E. quicken recovery

28. ________ is the study of peoples in sport
A. sport science
B. sport management
C. sport psychology
D. sport medicine

29. Which of the following is not a branch of physical education?
A. games           B. aquatics
C. gymnastics    D. personality

30. The following are health implication of female genital mutilation except ________
A. infertility            B. infections
C. suffocation        D. death

Answers to Question Number 21 – 30


Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE – Physical and Health Education [Numbers 31 – 40]

31. Which of the following is not gymnastics equipment?
A. balancing beam
B. shin guard
C. ring
D. mat

32. One of the important roles of a child in the family is ________
A. beat their parents
B. to run errand for parents
C. disobey their parents
D. insult their parents

33. The pentathlon consists of _______ athletics events
A. 5       B. 7       C. 8        D. 10

34. Buoyancy in aquatics means _____
A. ability to swim
B. ability to float with confidence in water
C. ability to drive
D. ability to play in water

35. Combined events in athletics are ______________
A. decalon and octagon
B. pentathlon and decathlum
C. pentathlon and decathlon
D. octagon and decathlon

36. Gymnastics can be defined as activities performed _______ and  _______
A. floor and mat
B. floor and raised objects
C. ground and sand
D. raised object and poles

37. Which of this is not an agency for promoting health education in Nigeria
A. NAFDAC          B. NFF
C. NDLEA             D. NAHET

38. The following injuries can be sustained in gymnastics except _____
A. fracture            B. dislocation
C. drawn               D. strain

39. Physical education can be defined as the development of the whole body except ______
A. physically           B. mentally
C. spiritually            D. emotionally

40. Which official ensures that all competitors start the race at the same time?
A. Referee              B. Umpire
C. Track Judge        D. Starter

Answers to Question Number 31 – 40


Junior WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers PHE – Physical and Health Education [Numbers 41 – 50]

41. The following are the objectives of recreational activities except _______
A. to develop physical fitness
B. to reduce long life
C. to correct postural defects
D. to develop skills

42. Hurdle, 1500m, 800m, 400m race are for _________ events
A. track
B. field
C. track and field
D. all of the above

43. ________ is the responsibility of Federal Road Safety Corps of Nigeria.
A. to promote health of the nation
B. to control importation of drug
C. to provides safety on our road
D. all of the above

44. All physical activities that are performed in the water are called _______
A. canoeing              B. boating
C. aquatics                D. swimming

45. The ability to perform one’s work without undue fatique and still have enough energy for social life is _______
A. social fitness
B. emotional fitness
C. physical fitness
D. energy fitness

46. Poor officiating results to ______ in sport
A. fair play         B. violence
C. good play      D. rapport

47. _______ is the period when a person develops from child into an adult.
A. puberty           B. adult
C. older                D. teenage

48. The start of the monthly period (discharge) in girls mean that _________ can occur any time
A. breast              B. pregnancy
C. thin voice         D. menstruation

49. The proper removal of wastes from an environment is ________
A. sewage disposal
B. clean environment
C. open composite
D. refuse disposal

50. A series of exercises arranged into different stations as individual goes from one station to another is known as
A. interval training
B. weight training
C. circuit training
D. circular training

Answers to Question Number 41 – 50


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SECTION B: Theory Questions

Answer four questions only from this section.

1. Explain the following and give examples of each
i. Triathlon  ii. Heptathlon  iii. Pentathlon  iv. Decathlon

b.  Mention three value in Gymnastics
c. Explain two contribution that harding j. ekperigin contributed to Nigeria

2.  Define the following:  i. Gymnastics?    ii. career
B. State four safety precautions in gymnastics
C. Mention the four basic stroke in swimming and explain one

3. Mention four Nigeria heroes and heroines that contribute to Nigerian sports development
B. State three safety rules guiding combined events
C. Mention three relevance of family life education

4.  Define the following :   i. Family life education  ii. Family values     iii. Puberty
B. Mention three physical changes in boys and girls each
C. State four sports promoting agencies and bodies in Nigeria

5. What did these acronyms stand for?    i. FRSC              ii. NSHA              iii. NAHET
B. List four career opportunities in physical and health education and explain one
C. Mention three consequence of teenage pregnancy


So here you have the 50 Questions you can expect in your 2023 BECE PHE – Physical and Health Education examination. Read them again and again. Ensure that you get very familiar with each of them such that you can readily recognize them any time.

Remember that you can ask for more detailed explanation to any of the above questions in case you don’t fully understand it. Don’t be shy, just scroll down and use the comments section. Drop your questions and expect comprehensive answers as soon as possible.

More so, you can help us to reach others with this post by sharing it with friends on Social Media. Just scroll down to see the Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp buttons. Thank you so much!

See you on the next article.

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