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JAMB Support Ticket Portal: Resolve All JAMB Complaint

On this post, I will show you how to resolve issues on JAMB Support Ticket Portal. There is a wide range of issues you can resolve via JAMB Support Ticket. These include JAMB profile code issues and so on. Learn how to accurately lodge your JAMB complaint so as to get a quick solution.

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board -JAMB

Perfection, they say, is not obtainable in this side of life. Human beings are prone to all manner of mistakes and errors. These mistakes and errors normally give rise to unpleasant issues that require solution. The issues might be as a result of omissions or direct commissions.

Since JAMB candidates are no exceptions, they are also prone to omissions and mistakes. These omissions and mistakes that JAMB candidates make often lead to issues that can potentially jeopardize their admission chances. However, some of the issues that JAMB candidates often complain about are issues that crop up not because they made mistakes.

So it is possible to have JAMB-related issues purely as a result of deficiency in the system. But whatever be the complaint, it can be sorted out via JAMB Support Ticket.

What is JAMB Support Ticket?

JAMB Support Ticket is a form of electronic complaint system designed by JAMB to receive and resolve challenges faced by individual candidates. The Support Ticket can be tracked in real time and is free for every candidate on JAMB portal.

Issues You Can Resolve on JAMB Support Ticket Portal (JAMB Complaints)

So these are the issues you can resolve on JAMB Support Ticket Portal. It covers virtually all the JAMB complaints you may ever have…

1. Matriculation List Issue.

2. UTME and Direct Entry Registration Issues.

3. Examination Issues.

4. NIN Related Issues.

5. Issues that have to do with Admission.

6. Biometric Capture and Verification Issues.

7. Booking of Appointment.

8. JAMB Profile Code Issues.


10. Change of Course/Institution.

11. Correction of Data e.g name, e-mail address, etc.

12. General complaint/Enquiry.

13. Late Application.

14. Problems with OTP Code.

15. All Payment Issues.

16. Unaccredited CBT Center.

Note, however, that you can get a quicker response by using another channel if your issue has to do with NIN. If you have an issue like, “Your passport obtained from NIMC is not valid…” or any other issue with generating JAMB profile code, just send an email to

More so, Development Partners and Professional Test and Registration Centers can as well lodge their complaints on the JAMB Support Ticket portal.

How to Create JAMB Support Ticket

How to create JAMB Support Ticket Portal

I hope you have looked through the list 16 of issues you can resolve via the JAMB Support Ticket Portal? I hope it covers the challenge you are currently facing? If it does, then what you need to do next is to create a support ticket.

Support tickets are given speedy attention by JAMB. Actually, they are attended to within 24 – 48 hours, except on weekends of course.

In this section, I will show you how to create a JAMB Support Ticket in very simple steps.

1. Log on to the JAMB Support Ticket Portal through this link

2. Enter your JAMB email.

3. Enter your full names.

4. Enter your JAMB Phone number.

5. Select the nature of your complaint.

6. Enter the subject of your enquiry.

7. Then fill the message box. In the message box, you are expected to detail your complaint or enquiry. You can also attach a file or document to buttress your point if need be.

8. Click the Send button.

After sending your JAMB complaint or enquiry, remember to also write down your Ticket ID. And ensure that you fill a functional email in the complaint form. This is very important.

So JAMB will send you an email notification as soon as a response has been made on your ticket.

How to Track your Submitted JAMB Support Ticket

As I already pointed out, JAMB Support Tickets can be tracked in real time. You are, therefore, advised to start doing so shortly after submitting your ticket. All you need is to have your email address and Ticket ID handy.

Follow these steps to track your JAMB Support Ticket…

1. Log on to

2. Enter your JAMB e-facility profile email.

3. Enter your ticket ID.

4. Then click the Submit button.

That’s all there is to this subject matter. So just go ahead and do the needful.


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  1. Abdulhameed Hameedah

    Please 🙏 I created a support ticket about my admission status that am yet to be offered admission while I scored the required cut off mark what else can I still do for them to offer me admission

    • How did you know that you scored the required cut-off mark? Did you get the information about cut-off marks from your prospective departmental office or from a random blog on the Internet?

      If you are sure that you met the requirement for admission, go to your prospective school’s admission office with your documents and request to know what’s going on.

    • Please I raised a ticket for corrections of name but when I go to track the ticket I don’t see any response

  2. Good day Sir I laid my compliant on Sunday based on late application. I just logged in with my ticket I’d and am seeing my status closed pls what should I do?

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