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See How to Get Admission If You Have Low JAMB / Post-UTME Score

What is the Hope of people with Low JAMB Score:

Good day to anyone reading this article. My name is Chimex. I’m a 2013 Graduate of UNN, part of the SureSuccess Project since 2011 and by God’s grace a former staff of ICT, UNEC. For the past 5 years we have been working and researching on how to make admission easy for JAMBITES to make sure they get admission in the right way and we don’t believe in paying to get admission in the SureSuccess Project. We believe in following the right way to get admission. Many of our students are already graduates working in various establishments, some are currently doing their NYSC while some are still in school.

Whatever you will read in the next few lines is part of what I wrote in my upcoming book “Getting Admission in One Sitting in a Nigerian University.” Thanks to Uncle Henry Divine for lending me his platform.


The journey to getting admission into a university in Nigeria starts from the day you filled your JAMB form. If you will agree with me, so many of you only had your first choice institution in mind while going to fill your JAMB form and decided the other choices that place you filled your JAMB form. Some of you allowed those operating cybercafé to choose other institutions and courses for you because your mind is already made up on the course you want to study. But you are supposed to sit down and quietly research on the courses and institutions you want to go to and make your decisions before going to buy JAMB form, but now, that is in the past.

THE JAMB: The JAMB Exam has come and gone, no need to write on how to prepare for JAMB since it’s a past tense. The result is out. Many people passed well and many candidates also failed. By God’s grace, the exam was also written in UNEC so I saw how the whole thing went. The truth is that JAMB actually favoured those who wrote the first week and the second week than those who wrote the final week. Those last set of people that wrote JAMB have a very poor result. To those who fall into this category, please don’t blame yourself that you are not intelligent. You are very intelligent. I had a clear example of a relative whose best subject was CRK but was given 32 in CRK. Most people that wrote JAMB the last week had at least 32 as a score in one of their subjects which really brought down their scores. People who JAMB favoured may tell you that you did not study well, your parents and relatives may even accuse you of not been serious with your books. Don’t mind them. They may never understand. I understand because I have so many students from Potters House Academy in Nsukka who are very intelligent but are victims of JAMB. If you are still crying that your score is bad, I have a student who scored 175 last year and this year, her center had a terrible issue that they did not even finish their exam, and they gave her 100 in JAMB this Year. Does it mean that she is a dullard?, NO! She is not..

Last year’s JAMB favoured art students more than science students, but the reverse is the case in this years JAMB. More Science students are favoured in this years’ JAMB. So don’t be surprised if you see scores like 250, 263 as cut off mark for law this year. So hopefully many schools will bring down their cut off mark this year. UNN is one of the top 5 universities people apply to in Nigeria, so you need to be careful when deciding your fate with UNN.


Oh Yes there is hope, If you can recall very well, when you were applying for JAMB you had 5 choices.
1. First Choice : Universities are what most people chose here
2. Prefered Choice: Universities including Affiliation
3. 2nd Choice : Polytechnics
4. 3rd Choice: College of Education
5. 4th Choice: National Diploma

There is a saying that “When you are not informed, you are deformed”. This is where you need to be informed and make the right choice. Do you know that JAMB gave you a platform to see the number of people that applied for a particular course in a particular school? Do you know that there are some courses in some schools that nobody chose? YES
If you go to JAMB Website, There is a link to where you can see the statistics of courses chosen by candidates, Use a PC to visit the link, That should guide you in your decision making towards your admission process. There are courses in UNN that only 2 people chose in JAMB. Why won’t they get admission if they score 200 in JAMB and POST UTME respectively? For instance, 11,146 chose medicine for UNN, if you scored 200 in JAMB, you don’t need a prophet to tell you to change your course. NO prayer can solve that type of case. In as much as I’m a Christian, I believe in realities. Unless it’s the president or senate that sent your name for admission and in some cases you still see them fail MBBS. So you need to act smart or another one year will pass you by.

Under preferred Institution, JAMB listed 127 Universities in Nigeria (Including affiliates ) as preferred Universities. For those who did not score up to 200 in JAMB or want to broaden their admission chances. Don’t joke with these preferred institution. Infact, so many of these preferred institutions will invite you for POST UTME whether you chose them or not. So it’s preferable not to use preferred institution as a first choice but rather as a preferred choice to increase your admission chances. I call it, ‘Not laying all eggs in one basket.’ The list of preferred institutions will be posted on SureSuccess.Ng shortly. Private Universities also fall under this. And recall that JAMB also introduced preferred choices of universities for the first time in 2016 JAMB.

AFFILIATION: You see, many aspirants are so ignorant of affiliation or affiliated schools that they miss opportunities there. For instance, many schools are affiliated to UNN, especially Colleges of Education. That does not mean that you are attending a college of education. No, you are attending a university but in a college of education setting because some of the courses there fall under education. At the end of the day, you will be awarded a Degree not an NCE. For instance, Nwafor Orizu College of Education is affiliated to UNN. It means they run two programmes there – NCE Programme and Degree Program. So when you see Nwafor Orizu College of Education under preferred, it will be written in bracket (Affiliated to University of Nigeria, Nsukka). I have a friend who wanted UNN so badly last 5 years and could not get it, she wanted to study Economics in UNN but could not get it. So I advised her to try Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe (Affiliated to UNN), She applied for Economics Education there, she came for the last convocation in UNN, because they all come to UNN for convocation. She got a Second Class Honours Upper Division in Economics Education Bearing University of Nigeria, Nsukka NOT Nwafor Orizu College of Education. She can boldly say she is a super lioness but did not attend lectures in Nsukka. By God’s grace, she will be going for NYSC 2016 Batch A. One thing about UNN affiliations is that they go for NYSC fast, not like some normal conventional universities where you wait for 5 sets above you to go for NYSC before you dream of going for NYSC. That is how my friend from one of those schools I don’t want to mention stayed extra 4 years at home waiting for sets above him to go for NYSC first. There are so many research and questions you need to ask before choosing a school. While checking the statistics for these affiliated schools, I discovered that so many of the courses there were not chosen by candidates. For instance, in Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe (Affiliated to UNN), nobody chose the following courses: Education Maths, Education Physics, Education Music, Home Economics and Education, Physical and health Education. For some other courses there, only few people applied. For instance, I have a sister who did not score so high in JAMB, I’m rooting for her to study Guidance and Counselling in Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe (Affiliated to UNN). I checked the statistics and discovered that only 5 people applied for the course, so why won’t she get admission if after 4 years she will still get UNN certificate. And so many of these affiliated Schools use 150 as cut off mark.

So much for you to know…

Am sorry for posting this late. Was writing my post graduate exams when I posted about this earlier and needed to tidy them up before writing this long epistle LOL

To be Continued.
I remain your Friend and Brother Chimex

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About Henry Divine

HENRY DIVINE is a dynamic young man with a vision and passion to affect his generation, especially the youth. He is an author, a psychologist, a blogger and the Initiator/Coordinator of The Sure Success Project.

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  1. Sir I got 175 can I apply for utme

  2. Sir… Were should i go and buy pre degree form .. Is it in school or cyber cafe`

    • Normally, the school offering pre-degree program would specify the process flow or modalities for application and registration, and the timeframe. So you have to be specific about the school you are interested in.

      Meanwhile, UNN does not offer pre-degree programs.

  3. I have an aggregate of 225 .
    Can I get admitted to study mechanical engineering

    • You can and will get admitted if the cut off mark for Mechanical engineering this year happens to be 225 or below.

      Otherwise, you may need to shop for supplementary admission after the release of merit list.

  4. Sir , is it true that the UNN cut-off mark for medicine 2019 was up to 320? And is it possible to score 400 in post UTME exans

    • The cutoff mark was 323.

      Get the past questions and see if you can answer all questions correctly. If you can, you can score 400.

  5. Pls sir I got 203 in my jamb And I want study law will be admitted in writing post utme in unn because is my dream school

    • If you are asking whether you are qualified to write UNN Post-UTME with a JAMB score of 203, the answer is Yes.

      But your chances of getting admitted into Law faculty is slim. You may need to change the course to something less competitive.

  6. Guday sir divine,pls is there any chance for psycology with189 as average, from enugu based in porthacourt,thanx.

  7. Anozie Hilary Chukwuebuka

    Pls I chose nursing with an aggregate of 276 any hope for me if no hope then what should I do

  8. Goodday Henry Divine
    I had 308 in my Jamb and 260 in the just released post-UTME result.
    Am going for medicine and surgery.
    My WAEC result was 3A 3B and 3C
    I had Unn as first choice.
    Any hope?

    • Concerning Medicine and Surgery, your chances of merit admission is very slim.
      But there is hope if you have what it takes to follow it up.

  9. Sir Henry….wot about scoring 231in jamb and later in postutme u scored 350…pls sir wot is the hope of admission

  10. Sir, in this sure success post utme and de screening exam past questions,DE questions _ are they of the same nature with ordinary post utme questions cos I’m a bit confused.

    I’m for direct entry

  11. Please, Sir I’m finding it very difficult uploading my certificates for the Post UTME form. I have scanned, converted to jpg and reduced to less than 100kb size yet the page keep refreshing.
    Please, I really need help, advice or whatever cos I have tried all possible I know.

    • Are you doing it yourself?

      If you are, you need to go to a registration centre so that an experienced attendant would help you to do it.

  12. Sir Henry , please i scored 192 in my jamb and i want to study med lab so please what will be my aiming score in post utme

  13. Sir I score 183in jamb and I want to study survey & geoinformatic , which score am I suppose to have in my post utme that will give the chance of getting admission to UNN

  14. Mr Henry, I’m a bit confused about the scoring of the UNN post utme. Many post online that the jamb score which is over 400 is multiplied by 0.6 and the post jamb score is multiplied by 0.4 to reach a total score over 400. For example Architecture had 226 as the cut off mark. I’m thinking over 400. Studying the past questions, I discovered there are 15 questions to each subject which brings it down to a total of 60. My jamb score; 254 X 0.6 = 152.4. Pls can you help me clarify how I’m going to beat the cut off with at least 250.

    Yet another question. Will I be admitted with two sittings? Because the brochure doesn’t say whether one or two. Thanks.

    • Thanks for writing @Mary.
      You must appreciate the fact that the information you have is incorrect. The school takes a simple average of your UTME and Post-UTME scores and with that, determine if you are qualified for admission.
      The UNN post utme questions are 60 in all (covering your four utme subjects) and marked over 400 just like JAMB.

      Also, remember that the cut-off mark you quoted is likely to be for a previous year (if at all it is correct) and has nothing to do with 2019 admissions.

      You can be admitted with two sittings into almost all courses apart from Medicine and Dentistry.

  15. I had a low jamb score of 214n aspiringfor med lab. Wat’s my probanility of gaining admissions into unn

    • Assuming you told me exactly what you would score in the forthcoming UNN Post-UTME, I would have been able to tell you the exact probability.

      What I’m saying is that post utme is still ahead, whether or not you will get admission depends on the extent to which you are able to augment your low JAMB score with a very high post utme score.

      So what towards it.

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