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How to Prepare for Post-UTME Screening Examination and Score above 340

This post is basically for aspirants asking, how to prepare for post utme and pass excellently. Is post utme exam objective or theory. Is post utme harder than jamb? how to get post-utme past questions. Get answers to these questions and lots more.

Post UTME examination hall

If you desire to excellently pass the 2024/2025 Post-UTME Screening Examination of any school in Nigeria, you just stumbled upon the right post on the right website. In this tutorial, I will share with you some very proven exam success tips starting from preparation to the exam proper. I crave your indulgence to really take out time to read through this as it might prove to be the best article you would read before your Post-UTME Screening Examination.

The truth is that most tertiary institutions in Nigerian judge the candidates who aspire to pass through them using their performance in both JAMB examination and Post-UTME Screening Examinations. Some use the average while others calculate the aggregate as they deem fit.

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The implication of this is that for a candidate to gain admission into any tertiary institution (university, polytechnic or College of Education) in Nigeria, they must pass excellently well in both UTME and Post-UTME examinations.

I have discovered over the years that some candidates have less issue with passing JAMB than they do with scaling through Post-UTME. Every year, many of them would perform so well in JAMB but would be denied admission on account of their poor performance in Post-UTME.

In view of that, I would be sharing some very valuable tips and guides to help you prepare in such a way that you will score above 320 (on a scale of 1 to 400) or above 80 (on a scale of 1 to 100) regardless of your school of choice.

So if you are getting ready to sit for UNN Post-UTME, UNIZIK Post-UTME, UNIBEN Post-UTME, UNILAG Post-UTME, UNIPORT Post-UTME, FUNAI Post-UTME, LASU Post-UTME, UNILORIN Post-UTME, UNICAL Post-UTME, OAU Post-UTME, or any Post-UTME Screening Examination at all. This article is poised to provide you with all the study guide and tips you need to pass excellently and gain admission at last.

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Materials You Need To Prepare Well for Post-UTME Examinations

Because of the undeniable importance of having the right preparatory materials for any examination, I am going to take some time here to show you the materials you need in order to study right.

One of the worst mistakes many Post-UTME candidates make is studying extensively while using all the wrong materials. It can lead to frustration at the end of the day.

Below are the materials you need:

  • Post UTME Past Questions.
  • JAMB Past Questions.
  • Relevant Textbooks.

Post UTME Past Questions


The past examination questions of your school of choice is an indispensable too for adequate preparation. If you are preparing for an examination, wisdom demands that you should seek to know how the examiners have set their questions in the past as that goes a long way in determining how they would set their questions in the current year. Sometimes, some schools would even repeat the questions they have set in the past.

So the importance of purchasing the Post-UTME Screening Past Quèstions of your prospective school cannot be over-emphasized. SURE SUCCESS Series are the best Post-UTME Past Questions in Nigeria. There is one for your school of choice. Click on the provided link to find out where to buy the SURE SUCCESS Post-UTME Past Questions in your town. 

JAMB Past Questions

JAMB Past Questions Materials are also recommended considering the fact that the goal of Post-UTME Screening examinations is to confirm that the candidates really wrote their JAMB themselves without any form of malpractice. So both exams might have almost the same level of difficulty and most universities and polytechnics in Nigeria repeat previously asked JAMB questions in their post UTME. 

Relevant Textbooks

books stacked on each otherOne of the many mistakes that candidates make in the name of preparing for Post-UTME is completely ignoring their textbooks and relying solely on their past question booklets. While past questions are good as we have already pointed out, they cannot replace your textbooks.

Get very relevant and widely acclaimed textbooks, use them to study and understand the topics and the concepts behind them, then proceed to answer the questions that are set from the topics. If you do this, your preparation would be easy because you won’t have need to cram questions and answers as many are in the habit of doing. 

Having said all that, let’s proceed to see how best we can prepare for Post UTME Screening and score above 340.

How To Prepare For Post UTME Screening Examination and Score Above 340.

Now we have come to the main reason for this tutorial and we shall not hesitate to delve into it in details.

The following are the best ways to prepare for Post UTME and score above 340;

  1. Start reading as early as possible.
  2. Resolve to scale through.
  3. Prepare adequately.
  4. Study Post UTME past questions.
  5. Discover genuine websites and ask questions when necessary.
  6. Study with relevant materials.
  7. Pray.

Start Reading as Early as Possible.

One of the most unfortunate cultures of Nigerian students is waiting till it’s few weeks to their exams before they start studying or preparing. The same disease is also afflicting most admission seekers. They wait till JAMB is around the corner before they start preparing. And after JAMB, they relax again till they hear that Post UTME registration has started. So they use fire-brigade approach and end up not achieving much.

Listen my friend, it is not advisable for a candidate to relax after JAMB exam. And I say this regardless of your JAMB score. Why should you relax, when Post UTME will surely and soon be here? It is better to maintain the same tempo from your JAMB prep into your Post UTME prep. Otherwise, you will find yourself struggling to break inertia after a long period of relaxation.

So if you really want to pass your forthcoming Post UTME in flying colours, you MUST start studying and preparing as early as possible. Do not wait for your school to announce the release of their Post-UTME registration form before you start. If you had a reasonably high JAMB score, just start reading and preparing for Post-UTME already.

Resolve to Scale Through.

A lot of things in life answer to firm resolution and determination. There is a supply of energy and stamina that comes with determination. Your determination will give you the desire and appetite to study. In addition, your determination will give you staying-power in your place of study.

This implies that if you are not determined, you will not have the desire and passion to read. You will always find it difficult to read. So your resolution is everything. If you resolve to pass your Post-UTME excellently, nothing will stop you no matter how very competitive your school of choice is.

Prepare Adequately.

Adequate preparation is key to passing Post UTME excellently

In order to scale through a Post-UTME examination, you must also prepare adequately. This is true because Post-UTME screening is the final selection process for admission. And so the exam condition is designed to make it tougher.

Do your best to put in hours and hours of study daily. Create an effective study time-table taking into account your four UTME subject combination. Do your best to maintain it no matter the distractions or how busy you are. Now that I mentioned the word “Busy”, I want to advise some of you that are encumbered with a lot of stuffs.

You must remember that the opportunity for admission comes only once in a year. If you miss it, you lose one year. So minimize the distractions. If you are working or doing business, find ways to balance your business and your studies.

Study Post-UTME Past Questions.

SURE SUCCESS JAMB and Post-UTME Screening Past Questions and Answers Series

I have pointed this out before but I don’t mind repeating because it’s very important. Click the provided link to find outlets selling the SURE SUCCESS Post-UTME Past Questions for your prospective school. Buy and use it to prepare for excellent result.

SURE SUCCESS UNN Post UTME Screening Past Questions and Answers

Most schools repeat their Post UTME questions. So, it only wisdom that you should seek out and get the past questions.

Discover Genuine Websites and ask Questions when Necessary.

Don’t make yourself an island. Find genuine websites like this one and stay connected to it. You need to know all there is to know about how your prospective school conducts their Post UTME exercise.

You can also seek out for optimistic and positive-minded students who wrote the same post UTME in previous years and passed excellently. Such people will help to guide and encourage you where necessary; they can tell you the nature of the examination.

Study with Relevant Materials.

There is hardly enough time between when JAMB exam is written and when Post-UTME comes up. Wisdom requires that the candidate preparing for Post-UTME should not read amiss. It is advisable to seek out for the relevant materials for the subjects you will be tested on in your Post UTME. Read them thoroughly and prepare because you don’t have all the time.


Prayer is important for successI don’t need to write much to make you understand that in Nigeria where everything negative (system failure, mouse failure, power outage, etc) is possible, you need God. If you passed JAMB very well, I don’t need to remind you that the only obstacle between you and your admission is this Post-UTME. If you fail it, you would have wasted all the efforts you made to pass JAMB for this year.

So wisdom is to commit your efforts and preparations for your Post UTME screening examination into the hands of God. Ensure that you pray and pray through.

Wishing you the very best in your preparations and Post-UTME. May you gain admission at last.

Author’s Recommendation

Knowledge is an essential key to successful admission search. By going through this very informative post, I believe you have been exposed to how best to prepare for your Post UTME.

I know you may still have questions. If you do, feel free to use the comment section below. I will be there to attend to you as soon as possible.

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Best wishes…

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