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School Resumption Date in Nigeria 2024 | All 36 States & FCT

You are welcome to another very informative post on your favorite education website. Today, we are set to give you the much-needed information about school resumption date in Nigeria. So we shall inform you about the resumption date of both public and private schools in various states of the federation. Of course, we shall not forget the FCT for our readers in Abuja. The reason why this information is so pertinent right now is because the holidays are fast coming to an end. Both parents and their children need to prepare so as not to be taken unawares by the date of resumption.

School Resumption Date in Nigeria 2023

Reason for School Resumption Date in Nigeria

In the Nigerian Education system, students go through classes i.e. from lower classes to higher classes as they progress in their academic career. These classes are otherwise referred to as grades. Each class is made up of three terms: first, second and third terms. There is a break or holiday at the end of each term and the holiday following a third term ushers in a new session. The idea of holidays is to give the pupils and students time to relax their brains and maybe engage in other extracurricular activities.

The holiday after first term is the Christmas break; the holiday after second term is the Easter break. While the holiday after third term is called August or “summer” break.

An official resumption date marks the end of each break and the beginning of a new term or session.

Therefore, many parents and students always want to get information about school resumption date. So they ask questions like:

When will schools resume after Christmas break?

What is the resumption date for Second term in Nigeria?

And so on.

We are going to answer those questions shortly.

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The Recent Announcement of School Resumption Date in Nigeria

The Federal Ministry of Education has announced the 8th of January 2024 as the resumption date for the second term of the 2023/2024 academic session. This implies that all public primary and secondary schools are to resume on the above date.

But you would recall that public schools in Nigeria are either run directly by the federal government or by the state government. For example, the unity schools are run by the federal government while other public schools are run by the state government. Then there are also the private schools run by individual proprietors.

The implication of this is that the date set by the federal government may not be binding on all the schools in the country.

So we are to zero in on the states to know the resumption date set by the State Ministries of Education for their primary and secondary schools.

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School Resumption Date in Various States in Nigeria

Virtually all states in Nigeria run similar academic calendar. This means that the closing dates of their terms, the breaks and resumption dates align with those set by the federal government.

However, many states have their own uniqueness and peculiarity. So their own resumption dates vary slightly with that of other states.

But whatever the case my be, all students are to find out the resumption date set by their state ministry of education and begin to make preparations around it. It is not good for any serious student to miss out on any academic activity taking place on the first day or week of a new term.

Below is a list of all the states of the federation and the FCT. Click on your state of interest to find out the schools resumption date for the state. Note that the resumption date for some private schools may differ slightly.

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School Resumption Date Per State

So feel free to click any of the states above to find out their specific schools resumption date.

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Public Holidays in Nigeria in 2024

Parents and students must also take note of the public holidays that are within the year 2024. Some of these public holidays would hold during the term, while others will hold during breaks.

Below is a comprehensive list of the public holidays to expect in 2024:

  1. Sunday, January 1 – New Year’s Day
  2. Monday, January 2 – New Year’s Day Holiday
  3. Friday, April 7 – Good Friday
  4. Monday, April 10 – Easter Monday
  5. Saturday, April 22 – Eid-el Filtri
  6. Monday, April 24 – Eid-el Filtri
  7. Monday, May 1 – Labour Day
  8. Saturday, May 27 – Children’s Day
  9. Monday, June 12 – Democracy Day
  10. Thursday, June 29 – Eid el Kabir
  11. Friday, June 30 – Eid el Kabir
  12. Wednesday, September 27 – Eid el Maulud
  13. Sunday, October 1 – Independence Day (National Day)
  14. Monday, October 2 – Independence Day (National Day) Holiday
  15. Monday, December 25 – Christmas Day
  16. Tuesday, December 26 – Boxing Day

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