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Since the release of JAMB 2023 UTME results, many candidates who have checked their results have been calling and asking questions. Most of their questions border on the possibility of gaining admission into their desired course given their UTME scores. Many of them also want to know what should be their next line of action.

I want to handle all those concerns here in the public. The idea is so that candidates can benefit both from the answers given to their question(s) and those given to others’ questions.

Here, you will get to know your chances of securing admission. I will tell you whether or not you need a change of course and institution. If you are yet to check your result, please see instructions on How to CHECK 2023 UTME Results Here.

Share Your 2023 JAMB Score, Course & School, Let's Guide You
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In your question, indicate your genuine JAMB score and your prospective course, among other concerns you may have, and will respond to you accordingly giving you guides based verified information like stipulated admission guidelines and requirements of the school.

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  1. Please sir i used wrong date of birth details in my post it me registration please will it affect my chance of admission and how can i correct it
    And also can gain admission with 182 jamb score to study metallurgical engineering in unn

    • Your chances of admission depend essentially on your UTME combination, your O’level subjects and grades, number of sittings and so on.

      The wrong date is UNLIKELY to affect you until you go for physical clearance.

  2. Sir pls I got 232in jamb,my Waec are good
    I want to study pharmacy in UNN,do I have any chance to get admitted after writting post utme??

  3. Good evening sir… Pls I got 206 in my post utme , pls sir what is my chances of getting admission in Unn.. I put philosophy

    • Please get back to me when you read this reply.

      I need to know when you wrote UNN post-utme. Which admission session are you talking about?

      What’s your JAMB score?

      If you supply the above information, we can predict your admission chances.

      • Sorry sir I made a mistake
        I mean I scored 206 in my jamb dis year…. And I put philosophy in Unn … Pls sir I want to know my chances


    • You cannot get merit admission to study medicine in UNN with a JAMB score of 227. You need to change the course.


    • sir my literature was cancelled
      and I want to study political science I hope it won’t affect me.

      • Literature is not listed as a compulsory O’level subject for Political Science. The compulsory O’level subjects for Political Science are English and Government, though you are required to get at least a pass in Mathematics.

        You can make up the remaining subjects from arts and social sciences subjects, and those MUST NOT include Literature.

  5. Good day sir, I scored 279 in this year jamb aspiring for med and surgery at UNN pls what is my chance of getting admission into the course

    • Your UTME score is not bad for Medicine.

      For now, we don’t know the route UNN will take to arrive at candidates’ aggregate.

      They may conduct written post utme screening as usual, or they may use O’level grade points.

      Whichever they choose, that’s what will further determine your admission chances.

      • Timothy Obinna Innocent

        Please sir I wrote jamb this year and I scored 230 I’ll like to know my chances of gaining admission into UNIZIK to study business administration

        • You’ve got a good chance considering the fact that Business Administration is not among the most competitive courses in UNIZIK.

          However, you must realize that there will still be screening and scoring of candidates’ O’level grade points. So the final determinant of your admission chances would be your aggregate score at the end of the screening exercise.

          Best wishes.

      • Sir,. I got 282 in my Jamb score. Are my eligible for writing POSTUME

  6. I scored 225 in jamb
    Can i study business admin in Uniben

  7. Please, sir I scored 166 in jamb what is possiblity of my admission to study mechanical engineering

  8. please does UNN accept two o level sitting for radiography

  9. Please sir I scored 191 in my Jamb with the hope of studying medlab in UNN which I know would not be possible. Pls advice me on a science course to go for with a lower Mark if I take UNN Post UTME

    • You made this comment under many posts on this website. I hope you will be able to locate this reply.

      If you see this reply, quickly respond.

      What’s your subject combination?

      Talking about “lower courses to go for” Do you want to buy JAMB Change of Course form?

  10. Will a score of 275, an indigine of the state secure me medicine and surgery in ATBU?

    • My brother, it depends on how competitive medicine and surgery is in ATBU this year. If a very high number of candidates applied for the course, the cut-off mark will be high, especially if most of those candidates performed well in JAMB.

      So remain hopeful as you await the ATBU online post utme screening exercise.

  11. Can I study radiography with a jamb score of 218

    • 1. It depends on how competitive Radiography is in your prospective institution (you didn’t mention that). That would determine how or low the cut off mark would be.

      2. Also depends on how intelligent you are and how hard you are going to work towards your post utme screening exam (i.e. if your prospective school conducts it).

      Finally, depends on whether or not you have connections

  12. i scored 249 in jamb can i get addmission in law in unn

    • Yes, you can.

      Your JAMB score is not bad at all.

      All you need to do is to work harder towards your UNN Post-UTME Screening examination.

      Target scoring above 300 in the screening test.

      By God’s grace, you will make it to Law merit list.

  13. Sir pls I scored 193 in jamb n m aspiring for nursing in IMSU what’s my chances pls sir I need ur reply

  14. Pls sir I really need your reply I got 193 in jamb and I want to study nursing in IMSU what’s my chances pls sir my o’level result are very okay credits including eng n maths

  15. i scored 358 in jamb as engineering candidate but thinking of changing to medicine & surgery

    • You scored 358!?


      You have a very high score. Don’t tamper with your JAMB registration details. Don’t change your course.

      It would be a big mistake if you do. Actually, you will waste the score.

      Because your current subject combination for engineering does not match that of medicine & surgery. So you can’t be admitted into medicine & surgery.

  16. Sir…I scored 284 in JAMB
    Do.I still have a chance in studying Medicine and Surgery in UNN ?

  17. Pls i got 285 in jamb, what my possibility of getting to study in UNN, and what am i expected to score in their post utme

    • The possibility of getting to study in UNN depends on your post UTME Score and how competitive your prospective course is.

      Focus on doing your best in Post UTME.

  18. Good evening sir. Pls I scored 232 in this year’s jamb. I put UNN as my first choice to study med and surgery. Pls what are my chances to gaining admission 2021/2022?

    • Your aggregate would be determined by your jamb score and post UTME Score.

      I don’t know what you are working towards scoring in your post UTME.

      But you can target scoring 350+

  19. Please sir don’t get angry am boarding u what is my chance to study nursing in unn with jamb score of 221 help me I am confused I appreciate your last comment thanks sir

    • You are qualified to write post-utme. Your admission chance will be judged by the average of your JAMB score and your Post-UTME score. I don’t know what you will score in Post-UTME. You can work hard to score above 350 and increase your chances.

  20. Amajeh Peace Ugbede

    I’m from kogi state. My jamb score is 253,applying for med. Lab. in UNN.Do i stand the chance of gaining admission?Moreover, what is the cut off mark of this course?

    • With a JAMB score of 253, you stand a very good chance of gaining admission into Med. Lab. But remember that post utme has not been written and your chances will depend ultimately on the aggregate of your JAMB and post-UTME scores.

      So start getting reading.

      Get Sure Success UNN Post UTME past questions and start preparing.

      Departmental cut-off marks for this year will be released several weeks after post utme exercise.

  21. I scored 198 in jamb
    Any hope of studying medicine in the university

    • Depending on the means through which you intend to eventually enter, there may or may not be hope of studying medicine especially if UNN is the school you have in mind.

      If you intend to gain admission on merit, there is no hope of studying medicine with your current JAMB score, even if you manage to score 400/400 in your post-UTME. That’s because Medicine is very competitive and the departmental cut-off mark is always above 300 (at least, in recent years).

      If you intend to get admitted through staff quota or any other quota, then there is hope of studying medicine so long as you are able to attain the minimum/general school cutoff mark after your post utme exam.

  22. Please do UNN accept two sitting for medical rehabilitation

  23. Sir there was a mistake made in spelling my name in my secondary certificate and I have uploaded it during the registration of Post jamb can it affect my admission??

    • Go to court and swear an affidavit just in case any challenge comes up tomorrow.

    • Good day sir, please I gave a lecturer my documents to help me secure admission into unn, my name is not in primary admission list.I got Ave of 261.5 and I want to study nursing Now I heard that shopping form will close on 28 of this month, and I don’t have all the hope that the lecturer will help me to gain admission,if I buy the shopping form and the lecturer helps me will it affect my admission.

      • If you buy the shopping form and end up also being helped by the lecturer, it won’t affect your admission in any way.

        One may work and the other won’t.

        But if both work, you can get double admission.

  24. Good day,
    I scored 225 in jamb 2020/2021 and I scored 213 in my post utme exam for medicine and surgery……. my aggregate score was 219….
    Is it possible for me to get admission this year???
    Or should I apply for a supplementary course…..
    Pls advise me on what to do??🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • It’s not possible to get admission into medicine and surgery ON MERIT with an aggregate score of 219.

      However, it is possible through some other means if you have what it takes.

      If you shop for supplementary admission, your chances of getting admitted are still not too high because of your low aggregate. That not withstanding, I advise you to prayerfully shop when the time comes.

      Best wishes.

  25. pls sir, had 266 in jamb what are my chances for political science? to be honest not too good in math

  26. i have 211 in jamb
    do i have a chance of studying computer science in UNN?

  27. Pls sir ,i scored 290 in Jamb,what do I need to score in Putme inorder to study Medsurg in Unn?plus my physics was cancelled in waec

  28. Sir my jamb CAPS don’t want to open.
    Now i don’t know if my 0level was uploaded successfully..
    And my admission status… If i put my jamb reg number, it will not load .. Help me

    • Are you sure that you are entering your login details well?

      If you are, try a different browser and ensure that network is strong where you are.

      Keep trying it if the challenge persists.

  29. Good day sir, pls I scored 230 in jamb what are my chances for pharmacy

  30. Sir please I scored 234 in jamb and this is my waec result: Maths- B3, English- C4, Physics- B3, Chemistry- C6, Biology- C5, F/maths- C6, Agric Science- A1, Data processing- E8 and Civic Education- A1. Please I want to study medicine and surgery in UNN, what are my chances of gaining admission?

    • Your chances are not very high considering how competitive medicine is in UNN and your low JAMB score. But you can still make it if you work real hard and pray.

    • Good day Sir, I’m Lucy from Akwa ibom state. I put in med lab science in UNN but I scored 208 in jamb. Do I have any chances of getting admitted in the university?

      • The truth is that once you score above 200 in JAMB, you have a chance of getting admission into the university because there a various means of getting admission.

        If we are talking about admission on merit, your chances of getting med lab science with a JAMB score of 208 is extremely low. You may have to work towards scoring 320+ in post utme to stand a good chance.

        So, work hard and pray.

  31. Sir please I scored 250 in my Jamb and I applied for medsurg unn what are my chances and what utme score should I be targeting?

  32. Pardon me to ask this question here. I sent a request to the Facebook group recommended in the sure success I bought recently but it has been pending for almost a week

  33. I score 196 in jamb what do you think is the score is need to get in utme to get admission for computer science

  34. Pls when will unn write post utme.

  35. Hello sir
    Please I’m asking on behalf of my cousin. He had 222 in jamb and applied for medicine and surgery in Unical.
    Do you think there’s a chance for him if he scores high in post utme

    • On merit basis, there may not be any chance for him.

      With some very low jamb scores, even a 100% score in post-utme cannot guarantee someone admission, especially into a course as competitive as medicine and surgery. This is because the cut-off marks are always so high that a high post-utme score can hardly make up for a low jamb score.

      I hope you got the point I’m trying to make.

  36. please sir I got 229 in jamb is it still possible to get admission to read medicine

  37. With a score of 194
    Animal husbandry➡a1
    From anambra
    How possible is it to gain admission at coou

    • How possible is it to gain admission into which course?

        • Your O’level result won’t be a problem.

          The problem is your JAMB score. It may not be enough to get you admission into pharmacy. You would need to score as much as 400 in the post utme to get a reasonable average.

        • Thanks alot Sir

        • Please sir…my name is Divine and I got 198 wanting to read international relations at university of nsukka.
          Will it be possible for me

        • If the score of 198 in Jamb gives a suggestion of your academic or mental capacity, then it will not be possible to score something high enough in the post utme to get you International Relations in UNN.

          If there were external factors that caused you to get 198 in JAMB, then work hard towards your post utme and get a very high score that would boost your aggregate. You might still make it.

      • Sir can I gain admission to study bio_chemistry with 188 in UNN

        • Since UNN JAMB cutoff mark is 180 and you scored 188, you CAN gain admission in the school now depending on your O’level result, post utme score and aggregate.

        • SIR Please I scored 232 in jamb for medical lab and during my post utme registration I mistakenly submitted the form with incomplete document I don’t know if it would complicate things , cause I don’t want to rewrite jamb but I put two sitting my waec and neco and neco is not out yet so I did awaiting

        • Using awaiting result during UNN Post UTME registration is not a problem.

          The school will still open the portal to give opportunity to those who filled awaiting result to update their records. So you need to know when that happens so that you don’t miss it.

          For now, focus on doing well in your post utme exam.

          Best wishes.

    • Please sir I scored 229 in jamb, are there any chances of me gaining admission to study medicine and surgery in UNN. If there are no chances, whIch other university can I apply for…?

  38. pls sir good evening Am Maryann from Enugu state I got 189 in my jamb and I want to study public administration do I have the chance of getting the course pls I need ur advice

    • Your JAMB score is very low. But the deed has been done already.

      If you sit for UNN post utme today, what do you project that you would score based on your level of preparation?

      Your chance depends on your answer to the above question.

    • Please sir my name is Favour and I got 228 in my jamb and I want to study nursing in the university of Enugu. Is that okay?

      • Which of the universities in Enugu did you refer to as “university of Enugu”?

        Regardless of the prospective school, a JAMB score of 228 is not “okay” for a nursing aspirant. A much higher score would have given you some advantage in the competition.

  39. Pls what are my chances of getting pharmacy in unizik as an indigene of anambra state with 280

  40. Sir,I got 270 in my JAMB.can I be admitted into UNN for pharmacy and I am from Anambra state.thank you sir.

  41. Okoroafor Stephanie

    Good morning Sir.
    I appreciate and commend your good works. More grace.
    I scored 270 in jamb for my prospective course which is Economics. I’m also an aspirant of UNN. I’m from Abia state.
    Im open and very eager to hear advices and tips- anything you would share that is going to be of help to not only I, but other aspirants like me.

    God bless you Sir.
    Thank you.

    • I’ve shared alot already on this page. You can scroll through the comments.

      Your JAMB score is just fine for your prospective course. Put in more efforts towards your post utme and you would be sure of admission by the grace of God.

  42. With 231 in JAMB, what are my changes of getting admission in UNN?
    I applied for Radiography.

    • The score is not too good for radiography which happens to be a competitive course in UNN. That not withstanding, you chances would still be largely determined by your performance in the forthcoming post utme screening exercise.

      • Sir I scored 257 in jamb, please what is chance of me studying pharmacy in unn

        • As it is currently, the answer to your question depends on two things:
          1.) whether or not UNN will conduct post utme exam for 2023.
          2.) how good your O’level result is.

          So if UNN conducts post utme, whether a jamb score of 257 will give you admission into pharmacy would depend on your post utme score and your eventual aggregate.

          Otherwise, it would depend on the points you are able to make from your O’level.

        • sir can I get admission with 242 for political science in unn

        • Yes, it’s possible.

          But it depends on how the post utme for this year is conducted.

          If post utme exam is written, it’d depend on your post-utme score and your aggregate.

          If O’level result is used, it’d depend on your grade points and your aggregate.

          So just stay hopeful.

      • Imy jamb score is 289, can I study medicine and surgery in UNN

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