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NDLEA Meaning, NDLEA Ranks and Salary Structure

On this post, I will explain the meaning of NDLEA. After explaining NDLEA meaning, I will educate you on NDLEA ranks. Then you will see the NDLEA salary structure and payment scheme. So just read on to get these vital information.

NDLEA ranks. NDLEA meaning. NDLEA salary structure

NDLEA Meaning

NDLEA is a law enforcement agency under the auspices of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The agency is directly under the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Justice. It is saddled with the responsibility of eliminating the growing, processing, manufacturing, selling, exporting, and trafficking of hard drugs. So NDLEA has its presence in international airports, seaports and border crossings.

NDLEA also goes after narcotics and money laundering organizations.

What is the Full Meaning of NDLEA?

The full meaning of NDLEA is National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. It was established by Decree Number 48 of 1989.


From time to time, the NDLEA makes advertisement opportunity for nationwide job recruitment. Naturally, millions of Nigerians are always indicate interest in these opportunities. Of course we know it’s owing to the high rate of unemployment in the country.

But most people who want to apply for a job at NDLEA don’t know much about the agency. So they are eagerly in search for information concerning the Federal Government agency. Some of the information they always look for include

  • NDLEA ranks structure
  • NDLEA salary for graduates
  • The NDLEA training allowance

I will provide information about these queries so that you will be in a better position to make some decisions concerning NDLEA recruitment.

List of NDLEA Ranks in Nigeria

Before I give you the NDLEA ranks structure, I want you to be aware of the basis for the ranking. NDLEA ranks cum salary structure is based on the consolidated remuneration process of all Nigerian paramilitary agencies. This entails that a personnel’s rank and salary is on the basis of the qualification presented and subsequent recruitment level.

So before you talk about rank, you are to duly consider level. It is the personnel’s level that determines his rank. For example, NDLEA assign those who join the service with bachelor’s degree at level 8. While those who join with HND start at level 7.

Level 8 employees have higher ranks and salaries than their counterparts at level 7. The same applies to those who join the service with ND or SSCE.

Having said all that, I need to add just one more thing here before I move to the next section. The NDLEA ranks and salary structure is based on CONPASS. (CONPASS is the short for Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure.) But beyond CONPASS, NDLEA ensure that their personnel are promoted as and when due. They do this as a way of boosting the morale of the officers to ensure optimum performance.

There are two types of ranks in NDLEA. They are:
1. Commissioned NDLEA Officers Ranks
2. Non-commissioned NDLEA Officers Ranks

Let’s discuss each of them.

Commissioned Officers NDLEA Ranks

The commissioned officers are the highest ranking personnel of the agency. The agency recruits such officers after a thorough consideration of their academic qualifications. The ranks under the NDLEA commissioned officers start from the Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics and moves up to the Commander General of Narcotics. So the highest rank is the Commander General of Narcotics. However, officers attain this rank as an appointment from the President.

So here are the ranks from top to bottom:

  1. Commander General of Narcotics (CGN)
  2. Deputy Commander General of Narcotics (DCGN)
  3. Assistant Commander General of Narcotics (ACGN)
  4. Commander of Narcotics (CN)
  5. Deputy Commander of Narcotics (DCN)
  6. Assistant Commander of Narcotics (ACN)
  7. Chief Superintendent of Narcotics (CSN)
  8. Superintendent of Narcotics (SN)
  9. Deputy Superintendent of Narcotics (DSN)
  10. Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics I (ASN)
  11. Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II (ASN)

Non-Commissioned Officers NDLEA Ranks

This is the second category of ranks in NDLEA. However, they are lower ranks which are also given to officers on the basis of their qualification during recruitment. The ranks under this category are mostly for officers who join the agency WAEC, ND, HND and so on.

Below are the ranks under this category:

  1. Chief Narcotic Agent (CNA)
  2. Senior Narcotic Agent (SNA)
  3. Senior Narcotic Assistant I (SNA I)
  4. Narcotic Agent (NA)
  5. Narcotic Assistant 1 (NA I)
  6. Narcótic Assistant (NA)

Frequency of Promotion of Officers of NDLEA

Going by the CONPASS structure, all officers in paramilitary agencies like the NDLEA expect promotion to new ranks every 2 to 3 years. So all things being equal, officers get their promotion letters exactly 3 years after their last promotion.

However, as an agency with human face, NDLEA considers a few things before effecting the promotion of officers. Such factors include:
1. The overall conduct of the officers.
2. Number of years of service.
3. Achievements of the officers.
4. Recommendation.

So the factors above can either fast-track or delay the promotion of officers. However, the promotion of an NDLEA officer to the next higher rank results in the immediate increase to the next level of the salary structure.

NDLEA Monthly and Yearly Salary Structure

Recall that NDLEA is a paramilitary agency. And their salary structure is based on CONPASS. Below is the salary structure.

Rank Monthly Salary Range (₦)
Annual Salary Range (₦)
Grade 1 from Steps 1 to 10 46,320 to 47,565 410,667 to 451,057
Grade 2 from Steps 1 to 10 45,067 to 47,654 451,076 to 307,567
Grade 3 from Steps 1 to 10 48,854 to 49,553 322,067 to 492,748
Grade 4 from Steps 1 to 10 51,645 to 55,353 323,856 to 508,364
Grade 5 from Steps 1 to 10 54,746 to 59,756 324,545 to 510,380
Grade 6 from Steps 1 to 10 90,456 to 98,336 327,048 to 521,067
Grade 7 from Steps 1 to 10 110,743 to 130,293 382,508 to 536,278
Grade 8 from Steps 1 to 10 143,023 to 151,087 802,745 to 851,038
Grade 9 from Steps 1 to 10 151,739 to 179,050 902,568 to 987,523
Grade 10 from Steps 1 to 10 205,673 to 223,450 2,456,300 to 2,109,389
Grade 11 from Steps 1 to 10 220,384 to 256,749 2,564,739 to 2,653,738
Grade 12 from Steps 1 to 10 236,578 to 268,906 3,122,689 to 3,245,698
Grade 13 from Steps 1 to 10 307,826 to 378,008 3,389,087 to 4,217,890
Grade 14 from Steps 1 to 10 353,238 to 378,008 4,307,669 to 6,098,647
Grade 15 from Steps 1 to 10 425,906 to 501,657 4,807,688 to 6,856,550
Grade 16 from Steps 1 to 10 425,906 to 501,657 4,807,688 to N6,856,550

Other Welfare Packages for NDLEA Officers

More than the salary structure, officers of the NDLEA are also remunerated with other benefits and welfare packages. These serve to boost the morale of the officers to give their best service. Here are some of the benefits that accompany the service:

1. Health Insurance

This is one of the welfare packages officers of NDLEA enjoy. The agency enrolls them in the National Health Insurance Scheme. This scheme covers both them, their spouse and children.

2. Traveling Allowance

Travel allowance is also a benefit NDLEA officers enjoy but this benefit is mostly for the senior officers. Whenever they are to go on official duty to other states, they are sure of receiving a traveling allowance from the agency.

3. Housing Allowance

NDLEA officers also enjoy free accommodation within their place of assignment. If there is no accommodation available, they are paid a housing allowance that covers their accommodation cost.

NDLEA Training Allowance

More so, NDLEA organizes a mandatory 2 weeks training for their new recruits. There, the recruits receive lessons on the best practices and ways to protect themselves in the field. They are also given further orientation about the agency.

At the end of this training exercise, the new officers receive a training allowance as soon as they are registered with the Integrated Personal Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

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    • Any certificate or qualification not declared or tendered and accepted at the time of recruitment cannot be presented subsequently for career progression in the Agency.

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