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Profitable Entrepreneurship Jobs You Can Start As a Youth Corper Doing your NYSC in Nigeria

Profitable Entrepreneurship Jobs You Can Start As a Youth Corper Doing your NYSC in Nigeria. Learn things to do during NYSC to make money.


Profitable Entrepreneurship Jobs You Can Start As a Youth Corper Doing your NYSC in Nigeria

Profitable Entrepreneurship Jobs You Can Start As a Youth Corper Doing your NYSC in Nigeria

The Nigerian economy is on a persistent downward trend. The standard of living of many is way too low. Securing gainful employment after school has become a mirage and it keeps getting worse on a daily basis. These realities are visible to the blind and audible to the deaf, and it would amount to foolishness for any Nigerian undergraduate not to plan for their financial life after school.

It is my prayer that you’d meet this article in your undergraduate days (whether you are schooling in a University, Polytechnic or College of Education) so that you’d start planning and making preparations on how to take advantage of your NYSC year to start making money. But if you are just rounding off your tertiary education and have just been mobilized for Youth Service, I still congratulate you for meeting such an article in such a time in your life.

If you are seriously interested in gaining financial freedom regardless of your sex or gender, if you sincerely desire financial independence from your parents and uncles/aunties, if you want to sustain the capacity to buy what you need without disturbing anybody, then there are salient questions you should be asking by now.

By now, you should be asking questions about what exactly to do during NYSC, how to make money during NYSC year, what are the job opportunities available for corpers and so on. These very important questions should propel you into critical thinking. You should even think about how to make money in the NYSC orientation camp, are there businesses to do in the NYSC camp? What can I sell in NYSC camp and how do I sell them?

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The above questions, if well answered, will position you for an NYSC year of financial freedom and kick-start you on your journey to 7-digit earnings.

Listen my friend, many people before you have made the mistake of wasting their NYSC year. Many after you will make the same mistake and even worse. The essence of this article is to ensure that you don’t become part of that ugly statistics. Life, in general, is not a bed of roses; but life in Nigeria is far worse, life in Nigeria is hard! Waste of time and opportunities should not be found in your world as an individual.

In today’s post, I’m going to make a well-researched effort to answer your questions and give you viable and profitable business ideas that will keep you smiling to the bank throughout your NYSC year and beyond. So just tag along with me till the end. I will break this discussion into three essential parts.

  1. How to save money as a youth corper in Nigeria.
  2. Practical ways to make money at NYSC Orientation Camp.
  3. How to earn extra money during your NYSC year.

Let’s quickly start with the first.

How to Save Money as a Youth Corper in Nigeria

This segment is very very important and I hope you’d make something meaningful out of it. The truth is that money saved is money earned. Below are veritable ideas and strategies to help you to save money during your NYSC year.

1. Set a Monthly Savings Target

This is very important. Set a monthly savings target and discipline yourself to keep to the target. Decide on the percentage of your allowance you want to save every month. You can open a second bank account with a separate bank and request for their mobile apps. Make it a point of duty to always transfer your monthly savings as soon as your allowance drops into your account.

2. Understand the difference between needs and wants

The fact that you want something does not necessarily mean that you need it. The fact that it seems urgent does not mean that it is expedient. You must be able to differentiate between these. You want to buy expensive iPhones, laptops, shoes and stuffs like that. While that is not really bad in itself, you must ask and answer these questions for yourself: Do I need these stuffs now? Am I about to acquire an asset or a liability? Always apply the principle of scale of preference.

3. Tame your Appetite

Control the way you eat. Don’t eat anyhow and anywhere; and don’t eat everything you see. If possible, buy cooking utensils and food stuffs and cook most of your foods by yourself. This will save you a lot of money.

4. Do your best to be Independent

While it is good to be friendly and associate with people (building social capital), don’t let anyone take advantage of you. The example I want to give applies to male corpers but the principle cuts across. It is very common to find situations where male corpers contribute money and give to a female to go to the market and buy food stuffs and cook for all.

While there is joy in such communion, watch the effect on your pocket. The female is not a fool, she must keep some money away for herself. More so, both the foodstuffs and the food do not belong to you, so you have no exclusive right to them. Spend your money by yourself, buy stuffs by yourself, know the cost of things in the market. That would help your budgeting.

5. Discipline your Emotions

Be friendly with as many as have similar goals and life ambitions with you. But don’t lust after, fall in love or date anyone when you do not have marriage in view. Such relationships cost a lot to maintain. Imagine paying for someone else’s recharge card, hairdo, cloths, cosmetics, food, (the list continues) as a corper! You will end up not saving a dime for yourself, i.e. if you don’t end up borrowing.

6. Fight and Defeat Inferiority Complex

If have any trace of Inferiority Complex in you, please this is the time and age to fight it till you crush it. It is inferiority complex that would inspire a corper to start saving up his monthly allowance in order to buy an expensive iPhone, Phantom this or that, to replace his Android phone, just because the guy next door is brandishing such.

Inferiority complex would make you live a borrowed lifestyle. You want other corpers to rate you higher than necessary. You want to also go and eat in an expensive restaurant, eat the chicken and expensive ice cream just to impress someone. Please ditch such lifestyle, it doesn’t add anything to you.

Practical ways to make money at NYSC Orientation Camp

1. Undertake a Photography Business

The NYSC Orientation Camp experience is what corpers consider a once-in-a-lifetime experience and many always love to leave with memories they would cherish for a very long time, many want to snap pictures with their new friends most of whom are from different tribes, cultures and parts of the country. This makes this business idea one of the hottest on camp.

Yes, no matter the level of competition, you will surely have enough customers which would translate to enough money for you. This is because for every batch, NYSC Orientation Camps would always have thousands of corpers engaging in different activities which normally lasts for 3 long weeks. All you just need is a quality camera with high resolution, fast delivery and good human relational skills, and you will do well in this business.

Note, however, that this photography business is actually easier for non-corp members because corpers in their NYSC kit, are never allowed to market or be in the marketplace during camp activities. But there is always a way to get around every challenge. If you have your personal digital camera, you can take loads of pictures during different camp activities.

During leisure time, you can discuss with any of the registered photographers on camp and they would help you to print them outside the camp ground. Some would charge you a token for their service. With that, they would collect your memory card and get your pictures printed for you.

2. Sell Foods, Soft drinks and Beers

Foods and drinks are things that are naturally on demand wherever human being are gathered for a period of time. Selling of snacks, simple foods and drinks is another very hot business you can engage in if you want to make a fortune during your orientation camp.

Just like a glorified form of boarding house, the NYSC authorities will serve the corp members three meals per day for the 21 days (3 weeks) their would be in the Orientation Camp. But as you would expect, many people are very selective when it comes to food, and so many others with heavy appetite would never be satisfied with the size of meal, and still some others would always like to have in-between meals. So they will always want to go to the market and take something.

This market is normally called Mami Market. You can apply for and get a stand there, and be sure that you will make sales because the market also serves as a joint or meeting point for corpers trying to get to know each other or fall in love. Even non-corp members on camp use the market. So all the traffic in the market must translate into sales and profit for you.

3. Laundry Services

Because of differences in background and upbringing, you will find in the orientation camp, many corpers who would not be disposed to wash their own dirty kits by themselves. Such people will do everything possible to find someone who would help them to do their laundry. You can become that someone, you can wash for them for a fee.

Don’t bother about publicity. Just wash for one person and he will market you to his friends.

If you must do this business in camp, you must go prepared bearing in mind that you must iron the clothes you washed, and you are not allowed to go to camp with electric iron. So in order to successfully engage in this business, you will need to make use of the charcoal pressing iron in combination with a kerosene stove.

If you have these tools ready in camp, you will make more money from just from ironing clothes only because people who can wash their clothes will still bring them for you to iron.

How to Earn Extra Money During your NYSC Year

1. Freelance writing:

There are many well-established websites and blogs that are in need of constant inflow of articles. Such websites and blogs need skilled and creative writers and content developers. If you are one, you can, even from the comfort of your home, become a registered freelance writer and get paid for just writing.

There are many websites to get registered as a freelance writer. Two of the most popular ones are Fiverr and Upwork. Once you get registered, you will start getting orders from various blog owners and organizations and when you start delivering articles to them in record time, bank alerts will follow. The good thing about freelancing is that any interested corper can do it.

You are not bound or regulated by any employer or organization. Your own is just deliver articles within the stipulated deadlines and earn your money.

2. Bead making:

I know many corpers who supply big boutiques and fashion shops their well-crafted bead works. There is no limit to the wonders that can be created out of beads – necklaces, bangles, rings, bags, foot wears, flower vases –  and that is a very lucrative business that any interested corper can do at their own convenient and spare time. If you don’t have the skill, you can get trained for it. In fact, you should get trained for it.

If you can make great stuffs out of beads, try to package them well and start approaching high-profile shops in your PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) for business. Very soon, you will build your own company and start making the kind of money that will WOW you now and beyond your youth service year.

3. Do buying and selling:

As a corper, there are a lot of things you can trade on depending on what people around you need. You can buy and sell cosmetics, clothes, underwears, footwears, hair, and so on. You can even take this a step further buy looking for things that are abundant and cheap in your PPA and sending them to parts of the country where they are scarce and expensive. With a good arrangement, you can sell the goods there and make your cool money.

4. Manicure, Pedicure and Make-up:

This business is extremely relevant these days because so many women and girls want to wear beautiful make-up with perfect nails especially for their weekend outings. If you possess the required skills already, hit the social media and promote yourself. Print adverts and paste at strategic locations in your PPA and your CDS (Community Development Service) meeting venue. Always remember that there is a lot of competition nowadays among the manicure/pedicure/make-up artists, so always endeavor to make your works stand out and attract the potential clients.

5. Conduct Private Lesson:

You can conduct private classes for primary or secondary school students and charge them per hour or week or month.

6. Graphic design:

Now, let me talk to undergraduates who might be reading this now, and also to those who are still seeking admission. During your holidays or the periods of waiting for admission, you can learn a graphic design package like Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, or Adobe Illustrator and become a graphic designer. Those who have graduated already and waiting for their call-up letter can also learn this money-spinning skill.

You can get jobs directly or partner with programmers who design websites for companies and organizations. This may require that you work to create logos, banners, stickers, flyers, and other such things. You may also get contracts to design various business cards and brochures. If you posses the requisite graphics skills and a passion for designing, you can earn so much as a corper using your free time in the comfort of your lodge or home.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

Some of you may be hearing this for the first time. So let me do a little introduction. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission simply by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. Since most youths in Nigeria are on various social media platforms, this is one of the easiest businesses they can do during their NYSC year. It doesn’t require initial capital, it doesn’t cost anything to start apart from the same data you used to waste on social media. Just find a product you like, promote it to other people within and outside your online circle and earn a piece of profit for each sale that is made through your promotions.

8. Blogging:

These days, it is very easy to become a blogger. You may not necessarily need a laptop computer, once you have a smart phone, you are good to go. Hear me, blogging can give you a lot of money as a youth corper if you will pay a little attention to learn the basics. Apart from trying to earn while doing your NYSC program, you should be willing to learn and become a blogger to have something to show for the time and data you waste every day online.

If you have an area or subject or niche that interests you, if you are knowledgeable in such area – education, fashion, science, technology, medicine, fiction, news – then start a blog. You’ve got a great chance of your blog becoming popular and paying you a lot of money sooner than you can imagine. You can start a free blog on the WordPress or Blogspot platforms and start learning your way to financial independence. Learn Top 5 Ways to Make Serious Money from your Blog.

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Don’t forget. There’s always a business you can start regardless of your capital. With that your 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k, 60k, 70k, 80k, 90k, 100k, 110k, 120k, 130k, 140k, 150k, 160k, 170k, 180k, 190k, 200k. you can start and grow a business as long as you have the right mindset and information.

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