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JOSTUM Portal Login for Students –

You are welcome to another informative page on your favorite website, This post is exclusively about the JOSTUM Portal. So I’m going to give you all the information you need about the portal. Of course, this would include the meaning and what the portal is all about, how to login to JOSTUM student portal:, what you can do on the portal and so on. It promises to be an interesting read and you will surely be glad if you read through.

Recall that Former President Muhammadu Buhari approved a change of name for the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi in Benue State. The new name for the institution is Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University, Makurdi. That is JOSTUM.

JOSTUM -Joseph Sarwaun Tarka University Makurdi

What is JOSTUM Portal?

JOSTUM Portal is the web page under the Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University, Makurdi official website that provides access and links to other pages where prospective and returning students of the university can create accounts or log in to accomplish certain tasks pertaining to their academics.

The tasks that students of JOSTUM can perform on the portal include semester course registration, fees payment, checking of results, viewing of admission list or status, printing of transcript and so on. I am going to give you more details about the things you can do on JOSTUM student portal and how to do each one of them later on this post. So continue reading…

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JOSTUM Portal Login

JOSTUM Portal login is the first step to accessing the many features of the school portal. However, aspiring and returning students are expected to first create an account with JOSTUM by signing up at the online portal. Here, they can sign up for new accounts or opt to recover their account login details in case of forgetting. The students are, therefore, advised to save their login details in their Gmail account so as not to ever lose them.

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Parameters You Need to Login to JOSTUM Portal

The parameters you need to login to your JOSTUM portal account depend on your status. In other words, it depends on whether you are an aspirant, undergraduate, post-graduate or a staff. So…

  • an aspirant would require his JAMB registration number and password.
  • an undergraduate student would require his JOSTUM matriculation number and password.
  • a post-graduate student would require his PG registration number and password.
  • a staff would require his staff ID login details.

How to Login to JOSTUM Student Portal –

The JOSTUM portal is now open and accessible to all students of the university, both fresh and returning students. You will need your username, password and an active Internet connection to access your JOSTUM Student Portal account. So you don’t need to go to any cyber cafe or business center to access the portal. You can do it with your phone at the comfort of your home or hostel.

If you wish to login to your JOSTUM Student Portal account, you can follow the simple steps below to do so:

  1. Open Chrome or Firefox browsing app on your phone.
  2. Copy and paste the following link in the browser’s web address bar or just click:
  3. On that page that loads, enter your Username and Password. The username and password are the ones you used during registration.
  4. Finally, click on Login to access JOSTUM Student Portal.

Note that you can only following the above steps to login to your JOSTUM student portal if you already have an account. Otherwise, you will receive a prompt to create an account.

To create a new account, you will need to enter your JAMB registration number if you are a fresh student or your JOSTUM matric number if you have one. You also need a functional email address for your username and password verification.

Enter the required information and follow the prompt to create an account.

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What you Can Do on Your JOSTUM Student Portal Account

What you can do with your student portal account

As a student of JOSTUM, there are many things you can and should do on the JOSTUM Student portal. But first of all, you must successfully create an account on the portal.

After creating an account and logging into your JOSTUM student portal, you can do any of the following…

  • Change Password
  • Update Student Profile Details
  • Confirm Admission Status
  • Get Acceptance Fee Invoice
  • Pay Acceptance Fee
  • Reprint Acceptance Letter
  • Get School Fees Invoice
  • Pay School Fees
  • Reprint School Fees or View Previous School Fees
  • Apply for Hostel Accommodation
  • Register New Courses and Check Previous Courses Registered
  • Register Professional Exams
  • Generate Handbook
  • Pay Convocation Levy
  • Direct Entry Verification
  • View Results
  • View Clearance

You can also do the following applications on the JOSTUM Portal:

  • JUPEB Application
  • Post Graduate Application
  • Sandwich Program Application

Remember that you can do all of these by yourself without depending on business centers and cyber cafe attendants. All you need is a good smart phone with Internet connectivity and you are good to go. But if you are not sure that you can handle it, visit a business center.

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JOSTUM Admission Portal

The JOSTUM Admission Portal is a sub-page within the JOSTUM Portal specially designed for aspiring and prospective students of the university. There, they can check their admission status. The successful ones can also fill the necessary forms to update their records and continue to regularize their admission.

Candidates that use the JOSTUM Admission Portal are not yet undergraduate students of the university, and as such do not yet possess matriculation numbers. Therefore, they are to log in to the admission portal using their JAMB reg number. Here’s the link to JOSTUM Admission Portal.

JOSTUM School Fees Portal

Just like the Admission Portal, the JOSTUM School Fees Portal is sub-page within the JOSTUM Portal. However, the JOSTUM School Fees Portal is designed for newly admitted and returning students to pay their tuition and other sundry fees.

The students that use the JOSTUM School Fees Portal are the newly admitted and returning students of the university who already possess matriculation numbers. Therefore, they are to log in to the School Fees Portal using their Matric number. Here’s the link to JOSTUM School Fees Portal.

On the JOSTUM School Fees Portal, students can pay the following:

  • Acceptance fees
  • Tuition fees
  • Hostel accommodation fees
  • Convocation levy

And so on.

Categories in the JOSTUM Portal

The following are the categories in the JOSTUM portal and what you can do under different categories:

S/No Prospective Students Undergraduate Students Postgraduate Students JUPEB and Sandwich Applications
1. All application forms Pay acceptance fee Generate PG Application Invoice Register and Fill the form for JUPEB Application
2. Post UTME results Update student profile details Fill PG Application Form Register and Fill the form for Saandwich Application
3. Direct Entry Results Pay School Fees Check Postgraduate Screening Results Activate your Account
4. Confirm Admission Status Register courses Generate Invoice For PGC 601 and 701
5. Check semester results Access Postgraduate Portal
6. Apply for hostel accommodation

Other Information You Can Get From JOSTUM Portal

Apart from serving as a management system for students and a means by which the school interfaces with students, there are also several other information that you can get from the JOSTUM portal.

These include:

  • The University Registrar’s phone number and email address:
  • Student Affairs official phone number and email address:
  • ICT Resource Center official phone number and email address for Support Tickets and inquiries:
  • Bursary Department official phone number and email address.
  • Admission office phone number and email address:
  • Result Verification, Transcript and Records Office phone number and email address.

You can use the contact details to reach the appropriate office for inquiries, complaint or to resolve an issue.

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