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ADEQUATE PREPARATION : Your “Passport” to Unlimited Success in UNN Post-UTME Screening Examination

ADEQUATE PREPARATION : Your “Passport” to Unlimited Success in UNN Post-UTME Screening Examination

–>King Fu-tzu Confucius once said, “Success depends on previous preparation and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure.” My interactions, in recent times, with candidates who are going to participate in the forthcoming UNN PUTME Aptitude Test show that many of them are sincerely wishing, hoping and praying for the best. Some of them had scaled through the JAMB UTME in the past years but were stopped from actualizing their admission dreams because of poor performance in the post-utme screening examinations. Many of these candidates desire that this year will be the last year they would seek admission. Fortunately, they have scaled through the first hurdle (JAMB) and are hoping to go further to scale through the second hurdle which is the UNN post-UTME screening examinations.

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Everyone knows that UNN screening examinations are well organised and highly competitive with very standard questions to be answered in a limited time. If that is anything to go by, then ADEQUATE PREPARATION is not a suggestion for all serious-minded candidates, it’s a necessity. It’s very unfortunate, however, that most candidates are busy searching the internet and making countless calls in their bid to find out the UNN PUTME screening dates and the JAMB score that qualifies a candidate to sit for the exam i.e. the JAMB cut-off mark. Some even go as far as trying to find out departmental cut-off marks and what they must score in the yet-to-be-written Aptitude Test in order to guarantee their admission. If you are one of the candidates getting worked up about these issues, I want to let you know that it is very unnecessary. What you should be doing now is religiously studying your books as if the post-UTME screening exam is coming up next week. As a matter of fact, UNN is not yet doing anything about this year’s PUTME – JAMB cut-off mark has not been decided, the exam dates have not been fixed. When the time comes, the school senate will have to sit to decide on those things.

I prepared this article because of the many calls I get from candidates on a daily basis. These candidates call to ask questions whose answers don’t currently exist and by so doing they waste their time and mine also. Maybe I should give a general answer here even though I’ve done that in some of my previous posts. The school has not announced the JAMB cut-off mark for Post-UTME but would probably make the announcement about 2 weeks to the Post UTME exams. But based on what was used in previous years, If you scored 180 or above in your JAMB, you can go ahead and work towards the screening exam. If you don’t feel too sure, you can buy the JAMB Change of Institution form now that it is still on sale.

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Having said that, I want to remind you that if you want to increase your chances of getting admission this year, this is the best time to start preparing and really preparing well. Quality preparation is a must if you want to get that enviable score you desire. To perform excellently well in your UNN screening test, you have to take charge. You have to plan to pass and prepare to pass. Buy the SureSuccess UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook and other recommended text books, draw-up a study timetable, and start reading your books. As you read through the topics, do your best to solve the post-utme past questions in the SureSuccess Handbook. That will enable you to examine how much you have actually learnt per time.
Finally, run away from people who sow seeds of discouragement in you. Such are the people who tell you that you cannot gain admission in UNN without knowing someone there or without paying huge sums of money. They tell you that the school favours a particular tribe more than others but all those are lies. Please don’t subscribe to them. Trust in God and believe in your God-given ability. Prepare adequately, get a very good score and no one would deny you your merit admission..
It’s still yours sincerely, HD, wishing you the very best. You will surely succeed if you persist in hard work and prayers.
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HENRY DIVINE is a dynamic young man with a vision and passion to affect his generation, especially the youth. He is an author, a psychologist, a blogger and the Initiator/Coordinator of The Sure Success Project.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity henry divine but my question is will unn use jamb literature recommended texts or will they use their own? I look forword to your reply.

  2. please sir which other preparatory book is recomended for medical students(aspirants)

  3. pls sir,which other book can be recomended for preparation of a medical student(aspirant)

  4. Will unn use the jamb syllables 4 literature in putme dis yr? Or is there any peoms,drama,prose recommended 4 putme?, B4 i 4get God bless u 4 d good works and thank u Mr HD 4 everytin.

  5. Great piece! Thanks for the inspiring write up!
    God bless you for your good works!

  6. Thank u mr.HD for ur kindness

  7. nice one, I have the sure success handbook written by Henry Divine, I hope to start preparing as soon as possible, my success in jamb means that no one needs to tell me that hard work really pays. Looking toward to 250+ going for medical rehabilitation

  8. Thank u so much mr Hd for givin us this informations,may God bless u a million time.

  9. tnz Mr HD u are doing a great job I
    pray I u leave time 4 the success of
    of other thy Lord will perfect his work
    on ur life and ur family ……plz I have
    grap my own copy of SURE SUCCESS
    my question now is that can upper
    admission into MEDICAL
    at UNN……..

  10. pls sir,i heard that 60 questions are made to be answer and i want to know how many mark each queston carries,secondly what was the departmental cutoff mark for marketing last year

  11. God bless you Sir,I realy apreciate your benevolent and amiable altitude towards candidates seeking to have a great future through education at Unn.You are a Mentor.I pray for more of God's grace in your life to keep up the good work.Amen.Thanks once again.

  12. sir, will unn use dis year's jamb syllable 4 literature, i mean d recommended poems,drama e.t.c in d post ume exams.

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